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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color (guest post)

Hey guys! I have a guest post for you today, the theme is How to pick the right nail colour. Honestly, I have had tons of troubles, picking a colour, many many times, since the choice in my stash is pretty big. First world problem, eh? ;)


How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color
With the multitude of hues, shades, finishes and textures available at, and for your fingertips, choosing any one color, let alone one that suits your style can be daunting. I've spent far too many hours staring at the wall of nail lacquers, overwhelmed and unable to decide. With a little help, you can make the best choice for your nails in less time, so you get out of the cosmetics aisle and on to bigger and brighter things.

Detox Your Nails
Before you pick your polish, consider which nail lacquers contain a ton of scary and toxic chemicals that pose major health risks over time. While healthier options are not always readily available, when you can, try and buy brands that are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (also known as DBP). Nontoxic brands are easy to find, even at your local drug store. Additionally, acetone, the nasty smelling ingredient in polish removers can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. Non-acetone products are usually located beside acetone versions. Non-acetone products require a little more work, but your lungs will thank you!

Balancing Act
Whether you have a special event or are spending a day at work, you can make a chic statement by counter balancing the palate of your manicure with your outfit. Match a bright ensemble with neutral nails or a subdued one with a candy color. A classic example that easily transitions from day to night: pairing your black suit or little black dress with bright, super glossy nails will give you a stunning but subtle pop of color. You can pair your accessories to match, if you're feeling ambitious.

Monochrome Moxie
Although some experts and fashionistas advise against all over color coordination, there are occasions where matchy-matchy is the smart choice. Be perfectly paired by choosing a polish in the same color family, a shade darker or lighter than your outfit. The slight difference will create depth, while making you look entirely put together.

Go for Gold
Metallic shades add instant market value to your manicure, and because of the variety of metals to choose from, it's easy to find one that suits your skin tone. Consult your jewelry box to decide which sparkle makes you dazzle. If you tend to wear primarily silver, gold or even copper, stick with those tones on your nails, as they tend to be the most flattering for your skin. If you like sterling silver and turquoise, get funky and paint one nail to match that beautiful sea-toned stone.

Make your Mood
Feeling playful? Paint your nails in rainbow colors − a different color for each nail. Vampy and brooding? Try out a rich dark purple, deep red, chocolate brown or go all the way with daring blacks. Dark colors can make a powerful statement, but are best suited for short, very neat nails. Conversely, if you are feeling blue, pick out a sunny orange or yellow shade to chase away the rain cloud hanging over your head.

Ultimately, choosing the right nail color should be fun. Don't over think it! Be bold, and play around a bit. If you have time, take yourself on a date to the drugstore and sample the shades. Choose a few you know work well with your style and take a chance on one crazy color. Mix and match until you find what's best for your palate and skin tone. Follow these simple tips and your nails will be the envy of the salon.

Mimi Foster owns her own salon and loves to write articles on fashion, shopping, technology, and earning her project management degree online.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Guest post: 7 Interesting Ways Fabric can be used instead of Furniture

Hello everybody! I have another guest post for you! I like guest posts because they bring variety on this blog and i think today's theme is so interesting and inovative! The author of the article is Martina Simon, thank you for making it for my blog!

                                                                   *          *        *
7 Interesting Ways Fabric can be used instead of Furniture

We love to find new and interesting ways to decorate our homes. From floor coverings to wall hangings, we enjoy choosing and using fabrics to enhance our space and complement our room’s decor. Choosing the right furniture to go in a room that’s not too big and fits the space perfectly is important.
Fabric is available in a wide choice of colours and patterns with something that will suit everyone. The perfect way to finish off a room is to find the right pattern and colour fabric and use it for a piece of furniture.
Here are some great ideas from Volga Linen on how to use fabrics instead of furniture.

Floor coverings
Image Source
Ever since the days that people have covered their earthen floor with fresh green rushes, we have used some kind of floor coverings. Although laminate might now be considered yesterday’s news, all kinds of rugs are still in use made from hand-tufted wool rugs to soft alpaca fur. Available in a huge range of patterns and colours, everyone can find something to match their colour scheme.

Image Source
The latest styles of sofas have included a mix of patterned and plain fabric in a choice of colours. More casual seating such as beanbags and chair-shaped beanbags offer extra choice of seating arrangements. Rattan furniture offers practicality with smart looks.

Image Source
Fabric can be used on canvases as pictures to join your colour scheme together and it can be used on items such as photo frames. The use of scatter cushions, bolster cushions and pillows can also help to bring colour to a neutral room.

Image Source
Storage pockets can be bought or made in colour scheme-matched fabric to use as wall storage, door storage or sofa arm storage.

Hiding Storage
Image Source
Curtains are not only useful to cover windows, but they can be used instead of doors to cover storage units. They can be matched to the decor of the room and offer a simple way to conceal your belongings.

Redesign Old Furniture
Image Source
Use fabric to redesign your old furniture and give it a new lease of life. You can use throws to give an old sofa a facelift, the seats of old wooden chairs can be re-covered and a scratched table can be polished and decorated with a cloth runner. You can also re-cover an old headboard with fabric to match a newly decorated room. Using quilting squares to make your own bedspread to cover your bed offers a personal touch to your bedroom.

Show off Your Craft Skills
Image Source
Use your craft hobbies to create beautiful objects for your home. You could embroider a sampler or a tapestry, make rag rugs for your floors, make some decoupage pictures or use some of your own art. You choose the colours and the fabrics to match your room decor and the space will be uniquely yours.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Guest Post at Polish Chest

Hei everyone!

Today I'll be extra short. I have prepared a guest post for Danny at Polish Chest and I invite you to check it out here, as well as her wonderful blog. :)

Have a great evening!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Guest post: Freshen Up With Fashion

Hello my dear people! It's been a hell of a week, I tell you, but it was worth it, today I passed an exam with a nice mark. :) And imagine my surprise when I check this little corner of internet of mine to find there is 1000 of you here! Thank you for all your support, darlings. This calls for a giveaway as soon as i find the time to fetch a couple of beauties for you. Perhaps I shall wait for my trip to Spain, to get you some international beauties too!

But here is one of guest posts I've been mentioning before. When Jackie Clark contacted me with a suggestion of doing a fashion post dedicated for women battling a cancer I was immediately for it. Few of you know that in the beginning of the year my family went through hell and agony of waiting for positive or negative results on breast cancer diagnosis for my mum. No words can describe the fear that threat brings. And no words can describe the burden these women carry with them to the doctors office as they walk in. And when they walk out, looking as they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, you feel an instant urge to hug them, even if you are a complete stranger to them. We were lucky, after two nerve wrecking examinations the results came back negative. But I feel every single person that struggles with the threat or the actual beast of the cancer is a warrior and we should honour and respect them for the battle they are in, I most certainly do. 

The guest post of today concerns the fashion tips for these ladies and the point behind it is wonderful. Bottom line that is important - cancer or not, you're beautiful. And if you love make up half as much as I do, dig in, play with colours, explore the options of it, go out shopping, spend that money on the shoes you want ... I think all of us that read this blog can agree - shopping can make you so happy, and so does make up. It's the little things. Even the things you dislike on you can be so nicely hidden or wrapped in a beautiful accessory. I googled a bit the fashion and just look at all the options here, all the choices for scarfs, hats etc. From my experience the hair loss with chemotherapy is one of the hardest thing our warriors cope with. Well, I always say, give the enemy the finger and make the weakness your strong point. 

I feel inadequate to the theme, since it's impossible to know what these people need to go through. But I feel enormous respect for your battle. Keep fighting, keep winning! 

And now for the article. The author is doing an outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer.  I'd also like to point out another thing she said in her email, that really is the point of my previous words and I liked it a lot so I'm going to copy it to this post too. She wants all the women that are struggling with the disease to think “YES I have cancer--but I am no less beautiful than I was before my diagnosis.” And that's the very important point that these ladies have to remember, in case they've forgotten it!

Freshen Up With Fashion
by Jackie Clark

Cancer shouldn’t have control over a woman’s confidence. With a creative wardrobe enhancement, cancer patients can retain their confidence. You don’t have to be a runway fashion model or even overhaul your closet to enjoy the latest trends.

A trendy blouse with shorts or capris in the spring can do the trick. Maybe try a stylin’ sweater with leggings in the fall to give you a leg up. Don’t forget jewelry either! Whether your style is subtle and understated or bold and wild, a woman can feel powerful and confident in how they dress.

“Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative” with fashion. Every woman deserves to feel like her best, no matter the circumstances. Every figure can be dressed up and enhanced with the latest fashion. The right styles can eliminate focus on unwanted parts of the body and make anyone appear beautiful. Emphasize positive attributes with the right style and no one will be the wiser!

A splash of makeup may also boost a woman’s confidence. A little face powder to even out skin tone and a sprinkle of bronzer can brighten up any look, giving your confidence an extra boost. Finish it off with a touch of lip gloss. By keeping your makeup light and natural, you won’t feel as if you have a mask on. Let your natural beauty shine through!

Whether you are undergoing chemotherapy or need to consult with mesothelioma doctors, you can stand strong despite your diagnosis and treatment. If anyone deserves a little pampering, it’s a woman juggling cancer treatment and her normal, every day life. Incorporating fashion and makeup tips into your daily routine boost your confidence, making you feel like yourself again.

Anyone who is battling cancer is obviously very strong on the inside. Dressing up, hair styling, and make up application simply show the world your inner strength on the outside.  Beauty and confidence empower cancer patients to continue the fight.

Thank you, Jackie, for the article, and thank you everyone for reading it!

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Guest Post: Nail polish through History

Hello people! How are you doing? I'm flooded with work, right now I'm having a small break, and I *really* need to post this, I cannot believe it took me so long! Lately I keep forgetting stuff about blog, I'll need to start some sort of planner, seriously! 

I was contacted by Izzy Woods a couple of weeks ago, she's a freelance writer and super nice!  I guess she can also read minds a bit, because she completely nailed it with combination of history and nail polish (I only asked for the article to be in some sort of connection with nail polish, I didn't propose a theme). I'm a huge fan of history, and, well, obviously nail polish. ;) So I thank her for the article, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did, even if you're not a fan of history, it sums up the main years for nail polish nicely. :)


Nail Polish and Manicures - a History

From henna to flappers and barber shops to Hollywood, a history of nail art and fashion around the world.

3000 BC – The first known instance of nail art, in China, using enamel to tint nails pink.

1300 BC – Ancient Egyptians use nail color as a marker of social status. Queen Nefertiti goes for ruby red, and Cleopatra likes crimson, but lower class women are only allowed pale shades. Henna is also used to tint nails.

600 BC – Chinese royalty use gold and silver to enhance their nails. Non-royals use mashed up flowers combined with adhesives such as gelatin, egg white or gum Arabic to colour their nails pink or red. Longer fingernails denote higher social standing.

1500 – Nail art is born in the Inca civilisation, where nails are decorated with pictures of eagles. Pretty awesome.

1800s – In Europe, nails are not just colored, they're also scented with oils and buffed with a special cloth.

1830 – Orange wood sticks are first used for cuticle care in Europe.

1880s – First nail salons appear in the US.

1878 – Vaseline petroleum jelly patented. One of its uses is for giving nails a healthy shine.

1900s – In Edwardian Britain, manicuring becomes a profession in its own right (rather than being done by doctors). It becomes a popular profession for working women, usually employed by a barber's shop, and initially the main customers are men. The service includes trimming, filing, shaping, removing stains and polishing. Essential products: castile soap, Borax, nail bleach, nail powder or polish, nail cream, cold cream, styptic pencil, and tincture of benzoin (used as an antiseptic). Cocoa butter, vaseline or olive oil may be massaged into the nails to add shine. The tips of nails are whitened and polished with products such as Graf's Hyglo nail polish paste, a clear varnish applied with a camel-hair brush.

1917 – Cutex introduces a new cuticle remover, which softens and removes surplus cuticle without any soaking or cutting required. Meanwhile Cutex Nail White remove stains, and Cutex Nail Polish – applied just by rubbing onto nails with the palm of the hand – gives a shimmering finish. There's also Cutex Nail Cake and Cutex Nail Paste. Full manicure set available for just 14c.

1920s – Colored nail polish becomes popular, inspired by the availability of a wider range of automobile colors. Only part of the nail is painted – the tips and nail-bed half-moon are left bare. In Paris, the French manicure takes off.

1923 – Q Tips invented by Leo Gerstenzang, a Polish-born American.

1930s– Long fingernails are in vogue, with scarlet shades favored for fingernails and pink for toes.

1932 – Revlon is founded, in the midst of the Great Depression, by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and chemist Charles Lachman – the source of the 'l' in the middle of Revlon. They develop a revolutionary new type of nail polish, using pigments instead of dyes to produce a more opaque effect.

1937 – Revlon's new range of opaque shades becomes available in department stores and drug stores.

1945 – Revlon launches its first full color advertising campaign, based on matching lipsticks and nail polishes with exotic and eyecatching names, such as Fatal Apple, Sweet Talk and Paint the Town Pink. Following World War II, the 'flapper' look takes off, based on a statement look by Coco Chanel: dark eyes, red lips, red nails.

1950s – Color films have a big impact on cosmetics. Towards the end of the decade, titanium is added top products to tone down brightness, creating paler frosted effects.

1955 – Revlon becomes a public company, opening priced at $12 per share but rising to $30 per share in eight weeks.

1960s – The Cover Girl brand, aimed at teens, is launched in grocery stores. Pastels are in fashion – partly because parents are less likely to object.

1979 – Beginnings of the Goth movement. Black nail polish has its heyday.

1990s – Magazine freebies become widespread, with nail varnishes a hot favorite.

2000s – Revlon moves away from fashion models to movie stars to front its campaigns. Goodbye Cindy Crawford, hello Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Julianne Moore and Halle Berry. Oh, and Elle MacPherson, even though she's a model.

2003 – Water-based polish invented. This is more eco-friendly and free from all the chemicals in most varnishes.

2006 – Some makers agree to stop using dibutyl phthalate, which has been linked to testicular problems in humans and lab animals.

Thank you again, Isabel!

And you, thank you for reading, do share your thoughts in the comments. :) 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Guest post: "How To Grow Healthy Nails"

Hello darlings. Today I have for you something different, for the first time on Did someone say nail polish? a guest post is published. A while ago I was contacted by super nice Aleya, asking me if I'd be interested in publishing a blog post in the blogger outreach program their Manhattan beauty school-Hair Design Institute is having (I recommend visiting the sites, I loooove some of the pictures and the work they've done on them!).  As I love to interact with you lovely people, I of course loved the idea, especially when we agreed to do a nail care related post. Because I strongly believe that just like a healthy skin is base for a good make up (no matter what high end brand you're using), healthy nails are base for a good manicure. 

The idea behind this is that you now ask questions about anything nail related, since they're in the profession of beauty, they can give also give you a more professional answer about it. So here's the post Aleya prepared for you guys and then we chat some more.

How To Grow Healthy Nails

One thing that most women have in common is that they like to have beautiful healthy nails. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and our nails become or appear to be unhealthy and inevitably break. Here are easy to follow tips on growing healthy nails:

Wear Gloves
Everyone skips putting on gloves from time to time when doing dishes. However, the chemicals in your washing detergent can be very harmful to your nails as well as your skin so you should make a conscious effort to always protect your nails by wearing gloves.

Don’t Bite Your Nails
Whatever your reason is for biting them, just stop. 

Your Nails Are Not Tools
Want to open a soda can? Maybe peel a price tag off something? Be sure to use a pen, knife or scissor instead of your nails. When you use your nail as a tool, you’re putting pressure on it and bending it backwards. You’re nail will have no option but to eventually break.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles
Your cuticles are very important! They keep bacteria out of your nail matrix so that they remain healthy. If you want your nails to look clean, simply push them back.

Just like your skin needs care, so do your nails. Apply moisturizer to your hands and use it to massage your nails and cuticles. This will get the blood flow going and will help you grow longer, healthier nails.

Polish Properly
When applying nail polish, first use a base coat, then apply two thin coats of nail polish and finally apply the top coat. Thin coats of polish will help make your nail polish last longer.

Take Your Vitamins
This is especially important if you don’t follow a healthy diet. You can even find over the counter vitamins that help to promote the growth of nails.

For the most part, your nails should be doing most of the work.

Aleya Bamdad writes the beauty blog for a cosmetology school that has branches in New York and Florida.


If you have any questions you'd like to ask, let me know in the comments! I think the tips are a nice general sum up of basically all the secrets you need to follow in order to keep your nails healthy (I would only add that two thin coats of polish are not always enough). So if you have anything to add or ask more specifically, don't hesitate to write a comment, e-mail is of course also at your service  (did.someone.say.nailpolish (at) gmail dot com).

Thank you for reading!