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Friday, 7 December 2012

Wednesday is day for Hard Rock in school

Wow, what a silly title. But I wanted to combine the names of gorgeous polishes I have on my nails. Zoya Wednesday and Essie School of Hard Rocks. I finally had some time to do a decent accent mani and I really like how this turned out. I did the stripes with help of striping tapes Born Pretty Store sent me for a review, I love how thin and sharp-edged they are! The code you see on the right side of your monitor is still active for 10% discount! :) Here's my today's creation.

Three coats for Wednesday, but today I have a bad day for polishing my nails, I did tons of mistakes, so it could be a two coater. It's a part of Zoya Beach Collection for Summer 2012 and is also the only one I got from this part of Summer collection (and got all but one from the shimmery side). 

I really like how this turned out. They managed to put the dusty factor in turquoise shade of Wednesday, which makes it a gorgeous colour indeed. School of Hard Rocks fits wonderfully with it.

Do you like it?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Born Pretty Store Review ~ Nail Art Striping Tape Set

Hello everybody! Today I have for you a set of manicures done with my favourite nail art ever - the stripes! I usually use scotch tape but the trouble with it is that the stripes are usually not of the same thickness and that it is hard for me to cut them very thin. So Nail Art Striping Tape Design Lines Set was my first choice when Born Pretty Store contacted me about the review. And I was really happy they were willing to send them to me. 

The people at Born Pretty Store are really nice, everything went smoothly and I received the package under 14 days, which was quite a surprise, very fast shipping!

The set contains 12 coloured rolls of tape. The official Born Pretty Store site says they are self-adhesive and come in colours Gold, Pink, White, Deep green, Red, Deep blue, Pink, Silver, Brown, Light blue, Green and Purple. 

While I agree, they are self-adhesive, the colours I received were holographic-silver, white, purple, green, golden yellow, copper gold, royal blue, pink, silver, red, brown and black. Not a terrible difference, but still, if that matters to you ... I actually think the choice of colours I received is great, so I'm not complaining. 

I will show you three manicures I did with the tapes and then tell you my thoughts on the product.

I had small owls helping me with the swatches. I didn't want to hold polish bottles, because they're not the main theme in the review. They are quite adorable as well. :)  

What I liked about the product: 
  • You can see on the first mani the main use I got from these tapes. Stripes of layered nail art, I love this so much! And I think these are perfect for the job! They stick to the nail easily and firm, not allowing any bypassing of the polish that often happens on the edges when using scotch tape.
  • They are very easy to cut up, the whole process is very fast, you don't have to take special care of the thickness of the tape.
  • Although they stick to the nail firmly, they do not lift up the base polish even if you don't 'dirty' the adhesive part of the tape.
  • The colours are lovely and vivid, I especially love black, white, green, red and blue. 
  • When you wish to use the tapes as a part of the manicure you can apply them very easy with tweezers. You can also rereplace them when necessary.
  • The tapes last about three days without taping off, which is much longer than I expected them to.
  • They are cute and handy for storage.
  • There is a lot of tape on one role, the set will last you a liftetime even with regular use.
  • They are really cheap. 12 rolls for 8.99$!! Extra plus: if you don't wish to get 12 rolls, you can buy them separately for 1.90$. Free shipping as well!

What I disliked about the product:
  • The colours can bleed when top coat is applied. You can see that especially on my last manicure, the blue one bled like crazy. I put them to the test, had all the colours on a piece of paper and applied three different top coats on them. But not one of them bled on the paper. Make of that what you will, on the nail some of them bleed, you have to take care which top coat you use if you do not wish to ruin the colour.
  • Top coat has to be used if you want them to remain on the nails for longer period of time. They will not bleed with no top coat put on them, but they will last only until the first shower, then the edges will start to lift. So you have to decide, depending what you prefer and how long you wish to have them on the nails.
  • The thickness of the tape is not consistent on some of the rolls, so they can tear unwillingly. Honestly, it doesn't bother me much, it didn't happen often and there is tons of product on the roll anyway, but I thought I should mention it. 

The main minus is definitively the bleeding part. I shan't be using these on the nail but for the tape manicure most of the time, so I don't hold that against them, but if you are buying them for the colours, you will probably need to find a top coat that won't bleed them.  
I honestly think this is a must product for all that love scotch tape manis if you wish to create thin, crisp lines. I love how easier and faster it is with these babies. 

And if you want to buy them, here is a code that will make the low prices even lower: SSL91!

 I recommend you check the rest of the page as well, they have some pretty cool stuff. Striping Tape Set is definitively a win, I love the thin lines I can create with it. 

Have you shopped at Born Pretty Store? What did you get and can recommend?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.    

Saturday, 4 August 2012

My Awesome Beauty Competition mani

Hei everyone! How are you doing on this very hot day? I'm doing my nails ATM and I remembered I wanted to mention Sophie's competition early enough for you to participate too (in case you haven't yet). Well, you still have today and tomorrow until 10 am. And that is enough time, btw! Here's the deal. In case any of you don't know Sophie: she owns My Awesome Beauty blog.  A beautiful blog with a beautiful author, her blog is versatile, fun and holds incredible photographs. I do recommend you visit it! Nail wise she does awesome designs with great colour combinations. I always wanted to recreate them, but you know how I am with time and my nail art ... until the competition started. You have to recreate one of the two patterns, but with your own ideas. I got hooked immediately and searched for inspiration. That's how I finally discovered that the designs are actually very user-friendly and that they don't take much time, so they're in my nail art book now! 

In short: my inspiration was the Eye of Sauron, that's why it is in the background of the pictures. Beyu 209 with Essie flakies on top represent the lava of Mount Doom, the gold is for the One Ring and the orange Finger Paint seemed a better combination than the predictable red or yellow for the eye. So I mixed them in an orange colour. ;)  I played with the pictures a bit before I sent them, here you'll see them separated.

Really wonky position of my fingers, Finger Paints bottles are not nice for holding. 

I liked the result, I didn't get tired of this mani until it looked to tired so I basically had to remove it. It's a bit blingy, but I wanted that. And yes, it's another geek inspiration for me, but frankly when you walk into my room, Tolkien is pretty much the first thing you notice. That and nail polish. So they're bound to come together every once in a while. And btw, yes, that's an actual poster of the Eye, my BF thought I photoshoped it, I didn't. :P 

Enter the competition! You have enough time and the prizes are wonderful! Good luck to all of you and Sophie, thanks for the chance!

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Black&white challenge inspired mani

Heya darlings! How are you doing? I'm just about to work with colour and eggs, yes, we're late again, as every year. :) Still, it's a fun tradition we have at home. Hope you're having nice holidays, if you celebrate them!

You probably noticed (or not), that I'm trying at least once a month to do a mani I saw on blogs and loved it. To push my nail art trying a bit on the move. This time I was inspired by many manicures, all hidden in the Black and White Challenge some girls did. I was kindly invited to the challenge too, but had to say no, as my lack of time isn't getting any better. These girls really showed me black and white can work as a combination. In general I dislike it, it's one of my least favourite combinations with black. But this time, after seeing some really amazing work at Nail Crazy, My Little Vanities, Taya and Nail Buff, to name a few, I said, hey, let's try this.

I had a Hema Metallic in my untrieds, I've already shown you the blue and the green one, and this one was standing there for way too  long. As I did stripes with the other two, I did stripes with black one too. 

Hema Metallic black (it doesn't have a name, just a bunch of numbers) is more of a silverish foil, as it turns out, but I liked it still, I love foil finish. :) I did scotch tape stripes with H&M White and that was it. Two easy coats of each. Still ... black&white isn't really up my alley so I removed this the next day. I like the pattern, so I must try something similar with black&red ... or green. Or blue. Or orange ... yeah, you get it. :)

What do you think? Do you like themed challenges? 

Thank you for reading & have a lovely Sunday!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brucci's Stephanie wears stripes // my spring mani

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm really tired, I slept for two hours. I had an exam today. I'm so so glad it's done. I don't know if I passed, but just the feeling of having something put behind you, not nagging you constantly is so good, you know what I mean?

I did this mani for the first day of Spring. I wanted something really bright and springy and green on my nails. Stephanie's Go Lime was still on my untrieds table. I think Kris sent it to me in our first swap. I do take my time for some varnish. But this time it really called my name and I really felt like wearing it. After that I had an idea of doing some stripes. You know, my usual stripes, I've done it before, especially with greens. I love this combination. This time I did two fingers, with stripes going different ways. Just for fun. 

And here is my newest crush in bathing suit department. I'm really getting obsessed with green in every way. They look so awesome to me. But since they're Lisca they are also fairly expensive. So if I lose the planned weight, I plan to treat myself with them. :) I took the picture because I saw my colour combination is quite similar to the bathing suit colour combo. :)

And Brucci Stephanie's Go Lime alone. I love Brucci, their colours and formula are awesome. And I love this type of colours! I already did a comparison with it and my other Shrek/lime green colours, if you're interested.

What do you think about the mani? Any clothes lemming you have and can share? :)

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 7

Hello! It's Sunday, but it's not the end of the weekend for me, woohoo! Two extra free days! And it feels goood! :P It's the last day of the challenge ... I hope you had fun with it, or at least found it a little bit interesting. :) As for my part ... I loved how it pushed me to do more art work. I did serious stamping for the first time, i did dot manicure for the first time and I had tons of fun making up new manis and combinations. So it's a good thing! The only thing I had problem with was the time. I just don't have so much time as I used to for blogging, it sucks. But I love a good reason for thinking up new ideas, so the challenge has been awesome. And challenging with a colour I don't normally wear. At all, let alone for so many combinations. Pink is out of the box for me. Or going inside the box when I'm mostly out of it? Haha xD Anyway ... this was a pink that actually grew on me, but I need a serious break from pink now. :D But i discovered some awesome combos. My favourite mani of the week was the one with Deborah Milano layering, I'll do that one again for sure. And the flakies, of course, but what else is new.

I loved my flakie mani (day 6) so much, I decided I'll built from that. I mattefied it with Essence Matt Top Coat and then I decided I'll do some serious scotch taping. And I went to my favourite accent finger style, diagonal stripes. Of course I failed miserabily at attempt to make them all at the same angle, but I like it anyway. :) The top colour is Catrice Plum Play With Me. I don't recommend it for this kind of work, it needs two coats to be opaque enough and the coats need to be really thick, which can result, as you can see on my ring finger, in bubbling. Still, hell, I like it!

Mattefied flakies. I don't normally like it, but I wanted them to really pop out on this rather bright base colour, and matte TC makes them more yellow. :)

What do you think about this combination? Which of the manicures of this challenge did you like the most?

Thank you for reading & don't forget to check the others too. Ladies, it's been fun! :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 4

Hey guys! Today I'll be quick, I don't have much time, I'm working on another project, I'm really excited about it, I'm planing to show it to you too. :) So now our fourth day of pink challenge. I'm glad you liked my yesterday's mani, I liked it too! But this one just might be my favourite, I loved how it turned out.

I layered Deborah Milano Pret a Porter Purple Batik over my base colour Give Pink A Chance (Finger Paints) and I used simple scotch tape design on my ring finger. I think it turned out pretty sweet. :) I love the glass flecked almost duo chrome look Purple Batik gives to the whole mani. 

Like I said, I like it! How about you?

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check other creations in this challenge: