Monday, 17 June 2013

Still breathing ... oh, and Big Universo Hydrargyrus on the nails

Hey my dear people. I was sure I will get back to regular blogging after I return from Hong Kong and Vienna and yet, here I am, writing one post per month still. It is interesting, how I was obsessed with blogging every day first year and a half, and now I often forget about it completely for days. Life got in the way, so I do not feel bad about it at all, just find it interesting. And on a hot day like today, when I am waiting for sundown, so it will cool off enough to go jogging, and then back to studying (yes, I am still a week away from finishing the exam period), I thought it will be a good thing to get through my unposted pictures. Big Universo looked pretty good on swatches, so here it is. 
I am cheating a bit with the title, on my nails it's actually Bourjois Turquoise something polish, but my camera cannot capture the right shade, so I gave up.Plus, a week ago two of my nails snapped very painfully right in the nailbed, so I do not like the shape of my nails at all ATM, since I cannot really shape them, until they grow a bit.

It can't be really seen on my photos, but this polish is quite the chameleon. Actually ... it reminds me of snakeskin of some awesome snake that can change colour depending on light that is hitting it. Very cool indeed. One of the amazing Brazil polishes. This was three coats, great formula and brush.

Thank you for reading and commenting!