This blog is a personal blog, written by me and me alone. Everything that I put on 'Did someone say nail polish?' is 100% my opinion, my view on the subject, expressing my taste and life style and I'm not trying to offend or buy anyone with it. I receive nothing for the swatching, reviewing or sharing my opinion with you nor do I suffer any other influence when sharing my opinion on the matters. 

If anything is not purchased by me, I make that clear in the entry, also when I get items from any other source. But that does not change my writing on the matter! I always say what I think of the product, colour, application and so on, because I do not wish to insult my readers with lies. If I get the chance to review products, I will gladly do so and I will tell my honest opinion on it.
However, no matter what my subjective opinion on the products will be, I will always dedicate the same amount of time and work to all the products. Meaning, if I don't like the colour, that doesn't mean I'll take less photos or with weaker light. If it's possible I review all the products with numerous photos, close ups and different angles, lighting and sharpness of pictures to take the most out of a polish, also videos, if glitter or holographic polish is the matter. So in the end it's always up to you, dear reader.

Thank you for stopping by,