Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Jade, the new devil

So ... my dear people. I open my 'list' of swatches, and I can't decide what to post. I remember in the beginning, when I had to wait to change my mani in order to have a material for a new post, haha, good old days. I chose this combo since I posted the blue sister yesterday, and thought it's time for the other gorgeous O.P.I. creme from Hong Kong collection. 

Jade Is The New Black is amazing. Another dusty one. I love cremes, but when they are dusty, i effing worship them. I wanted this for so long, and it did not disappoint.

Two easy, flawless coats. Great formula, I also love how squishy it feels on the nails. 

Later on I added, just for fun, Confetti Tazmanian Devil. You know, one of those colourful glitters I was very fed up of seeing back then when I decided to put it on. To see what the hype is all about. And then I fell in love with it and we lived happily ever after. The end.

See the teeny tine glitter mixed with the big colourful glitter? I adorrrre it!! Can anyone tell me of a glitter varnish that has only this type of tiny glitter in it? Please do, I want it! Anyway, this is one coat only of Confetti Tazmanian Devil, it's very easy to apply and I think it looks marvellous on Jade Is The New Black.

I wore this for five days, my nail growth was already showing and I had tip wear, but I just couldn't remove it. It didn't chip either, so that's a major plus!

What's your favourite layering polish? Do you love dusty cremes and cremes in general?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Suzi and Lynn are connecting the dots

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? I'm tired as hell but happy! I passed a bitch of an exam today and I'm so relieved! I have a few minutes before I run to my dance classes (after two whole weeks!) so  I decided I'll show you another beauty. Well, two of them. This is a mani I wore to my three days of fun times with Tolkien society back in the beginning of March and it was a mani i didn't get sick of, until it chipped off my nails. 

Lynnderella Connect the Dots was a wonderful birthday present from my swap buddy. In case any of you still don't know who she is, My Lucid Bubble is her blog and she's awesome. It's a fact, just like gravity.
O.P.I. Suzi Says Feng Shui is probably my favourite O.P.I. to wear. At least ATM and for a few months. I've worn it several times now and that happens so rarely with all my untrieds, it's really saying something. It's a perfect blue for me right now. 
So naturally I put them together for a few days away from everything nail polish related. I don't know if it's just me, but I always dread being stuck in a place without anything to change my polish and being so sick of what's on my nails it makes me want to scratch it off. Ever get that feeling? So I always search for something awesome and this certainly was an awesome combination.

When I love a mani as much as I loved this one I always feel I don't do it justice with the photos. Connect the Dots is without a doubt the most unique glitter I've ever seen and wore in my life. It's incredible. The pictures are with two coats of CtD, except on my little finger where there's only one. This is insane. All the different sized glitter, hexs, little stripes ... and the tiniest shimmer, visible to naked eye even if very gently. It's amazing. I loved it so so much. I can't wait to layer it over green, muahaha!

Two pictures of Suzi Says Feng Shui alone

This one is a part of O.P.I. Hong Kong Collection for Spring 2010 and it was a lemming of mine. A smaller one, but still. The big wish from this collection was Jade is the new black, of course. And although I freakishly adore that one too Suzi says Feng Shui kinda stole the crown from it. Blue over green, Ulmiel, really?!?! I actually wouldn't mind having both orange colours from this collection either ... all in all a great one done by O.P.I. This dusty blue is a stunner for sure. I'm not sure about my photos, my camera kills the dustiness a bit and forgive me for the reflection, but it's the most colour accurate I could get them. Two really easy coats, the formula is perfect.

A win win mani for me. I didn't grow tired of it. At all. Thanks, Kris! For both of them, actually! :) 

Do you have any Lynnderellas? Do you get the hype around them or are you not as impressed by them? Oh, what's your favourite blue? :)

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Paket petek

Hey people! How are you doing on this beautiful day? I have another Paket petek for ya, a bit later than planned, I started writing this in the afternoon but then my BF came and we went out for lunch. :)

First package came from Lativa. I got an email few weeks ago about Deborah Milano Pret a Porter It's evergreen, if I can swap for it. The lovely Sanita told me she can get me BeYu 209 (INCI 31) and of course I was more than happy to do a swap with her. What landed in my mailbox left me speechless. A giant package for a little BeYu? Nope, tons more inside!

Beyu 209 with 4 other beauties, Ados topper, that has this awesome shimmer, shifting from gold to green, Wet'n'Wild Cost is no issue, Nail System blue duochrome (yay, another Nail System!) and Hot Topic Birthday, colorful glitter. :) Two yummy chocolates and this package is officially a perfect surprise. Sanita, thank you so SO much for this package! :) Remember, if you ever need another Deborah Milano or any other polish from my neck of the woods, don't hesitate to write. :)

Another package came today. Nihrida was giving away one of her gorgeous ebay buys, a wonderful owl ring, and she decided to send it to me. I always drool all over her choices of jewellery (and make up and nails for that matter), and ever since I lost my favourite ring (a snake, I'm not sure if I ever showed it on blog) I was looking for another to like as much. And this owl ring is right what I wished for. I wore it today and it is *so* awesome.
But not only that! In the same post Nihrida shows one of her many talents with this gorgeous crochet bracelet. I joked in the comment, saying that the black&red one I can resist, but I'd definitively come and steal a green one. And guess what was the first thing I saw in the package. <3 

On this picture I wanted to show the flower, the bracelet, the ring and make the duochrome in polish visible. Cute, Ulmiel, cute. *cynic grin*

Nihrida, thank you so much for this wonderful surprise! I love them both! :)

Oh, as for the flower extra on the pictures - I went out today to take the pictures and this gorgeous softly purple thing with beautiful blossoms was growing on our garden. I was so surprised. It is the first year it grows here and we didn't plant it. Our garden is quite like the garden of the Weasley family (Harry Potter fans, hello!), we have trees, but no flowers that we put there on purpose. And now this gorgeous little being is growing right next to our extremely ugly concrete holder for clothesline. Like nature was bothered by it so much she tried to make it look better a bit. <3 So I said hello today to the lovely creature, I hope it doesn't fade any time soon. Extra photos:

 Don't you just love the lawn mower in the background? Oh, the ugly concrete holder I'm talking about is also here!

Beautiful. <3

Thank you again, ladies! :* 

And what was in the last package you got? :)

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Brucci's Stephanie wears stripes // my spring mani

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm really tired, I slept for two hours. I had an exam today. I'm so so glad it's done. I don't know if I passed, but just the feeling of having something put behind you, not nagging you constantly is so good, you know what I mean?

I did this mani for the first day of Spring. I wanted something really bright and springy and green on my nails. Stephanie's Go Lime was still on my untrieds table. I think Kris sent it to me in our first swap. I do take my time for some varnish. But this time it really called my name and I really felt like wearing it. After that I had an idea of doing some stripes. You know, my usual stripes, I've done it before, especially with greens. I love this combination. This time I did two fingers, with stripes going different ways. Just for fun. 

And here is my newest crush in bathing suit department. I'm really getting obsessed with green in every way. They look so awesome to me. But since they're Lisca they are also fairly expensive. So if I lose the planned weight, I plan to treat myself with them. :) I took the picture because I saw my colour combination is quite similar to the bathing suit colour combo. :)

And Brucci Stephanie's Go Lime alone. I love Brucci, their colours and formula are awesome. And I love this type of colours! I already did a comparison with it and my other Shrek/lime green colours, if you're interested.

What do you think about the mani? Any clothes lemming you have and can share? :)

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Kiko Magnetic nail polish 706 (Deep Green) (try 1) and my Kikos

Evening, people! How are you doing? Thank you for all the lovely comments you posted on the last posts! I'm having tea break ATM, so I decided to show you the result of me playing with magnetic polish this morning. Or rather afternoon, as I woke up from an entire night of studying and was trying to ... you know, turn my brain on again. 

As everyone already knows, this is the year of magnetic nail polish and flakies. Can I get an invisible high five over here for that?  Now, I went insane over magnetic nail polish with the Alessandro Go Magic! Magnetic nail polish some time ago so when the collections came out this year, I almost felt nostalgic with all the buzz around them. I think some companies did a marvellous job with the shades. Sadly they are still on the expensive side, but I'm guessing they are also expensiver to make, so that seems reasonable. Anyway. When I saw that Kiko is also jumping on the magnetic waggon, I had to get me a few shades. You probably figured out already I'm quite the fan of Kiko, their polish is one of the best out there. Sadly we don't have them in Slovenia, but I am lucky enough to have a good friend in Spain that visits Madrid on regular basis and she was kind enough to buy me two shades from Magnetic LE. Out of 8 lovely shades, I'd love to have 4, but since my make up budget is down to a minimum lately, I picked two and the magnet. Today I'm showing you the green one.

Now, maybe it wasn't the best day to play with the polish as I haven't done the best of jobs, and I successfully forgot all the tricks you have to pay attention to when dealing with magnetic nail polish (Kiko gives a couple of advices, Scrangie did an amazing post on advices), the main one being not holding the magnet still and not shaking the bottle enough. My nails are very curvy and I wanted to get the pattern on the edges and thus failed miserably even on the centre of the nails. Oh well, we live and learn!

As you can see, my ring finger is almost completely pattern-less. Sucks. But it is a way to show you how awesome the colour alone is on this baby. :) I also had to fix 5 nails, I think. Hate that. The formula is excellent though, the brush hugs the nail perfectly and so the application isn't troublesome at all and makes the handling with the magnet much easier. Magnet itself is great too, so all in all I'm really happy about the purchase. One bottle costs 4,90€ and the magnet costs 1,90€. I think it's a fair price for the great product, I think it's actually on the cheaper side of magnetic polish on the market. Martina, thank you for getting them for me. :*

One day I also put all my Kikos in one line. I didn't have the Magnetic ones yet, so they're shot separately. Wanna see them? I'll take that as a yes.

I had 4 more, but I gave them away or put them in my swap container. It's quite amazing, how many of them are colour inaccurate on the photos. They are so gorgeous, but so hard to photograph. For instance, the baby blue on the photos is actually this amazing turquoise that I've given up hope on showing to you, because it keeps on coming out so painfully wrong. Oh well. They're still gorgeous. I wish we had them in Slovenia.

How are you with Kiko polish and magnetic polish in general?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Lora Cosmetics number 14

I bet you know what colour I'm talking about right from the title, don't you? Well, let's be honest, Lora Cosmetics doesn't tell you much either. This is the base colour I used for China Glaze Ring In The Red. I told you in that post I need to show you the base colour and this is how long it took me. In between I had to study, had my birthday, went to an awesome, awesome concert ... life happens, nails get polished but photos not published, you know how it goes. ;) This shall be a quick post too, the books are calling me back to work.

Lora Cosmetics is this teeny tiny bottle of a gorgeous red colour my BF found for me in the middle of Budapest. I've never heard of the brand before, this is also the only colour I got from it, by insistance of my dear.

The varnish is very nicely pigmented but the brush is horrible, hence my bad application. It also stinks to the sky and beyond. The smell was awful, I'm thinking Kleancolor awful. But the colour is wonderful. It dries brighter than the colour in the bottle, but I don't mind that, it's a nice one. It also costed 67 cents, not too shabby.

Have you ever heard of this brand before? 

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 9 March 2012

A pinch of China Glaze glitters

Two in a row! My studying isn't going anywhere today, so I took another break. I don't know where do we get the idea that breaks help with studying from. Sure, after a relatively short period of time you need to take at least a 10 minute break, but if I can't focus on studying to begin with, how will break help then? Hm ... well, it's the only thing I could do anyway, I felt like I'm reading something in Japanese. 

I have three glitters from China Glaze for ya. I'm loving the glitters China Glaze put out in the last few months, I'm wearing Tinsel Town right now and I can't get over how awesome it looks. It took me long enough to try it on, didn't it?

So lets start with my favourite of the three, the already mentioned Tinsel Town. It's a part of Let it Snow Holiday 2011 collection and at first I didn't think I'll get any of them. Now I have 4 and three of them are on my top list of colours. Funny how that happens.

A video of how insanely sparkly this is.

It's the same type of glitter as It's Alive, hence my love for it. I also adore the blackened silver it is. It's SO freaking awesome. I remember calling this one on YGN not my thing or something like that. I feel like I should apologize to my bottle of Tinsel Town. This baby is amazing. Three easy coats, two will do on shorter nails, for me two was almost enough, but I wanted it to be perfect. The formula is good, much better than on It's Alive but thicker than on Ring in the Red (the red version of this glitter). Two coats of TC for smoother finish. Love it!

Ring In The Red. The red sister of It's Alive and Tinsel Town. I think I actually layered it over a red ... hum ... I need to check that. Anyway. Gorgeous little thing, isn't it? It's like taking Ruby Pumps and ask yourself: how can I make this beauty even better? And then you make Ring In The Red and say: yes, that's how. I'm deleting Ruby Pumps off my WL because of this gorgeousness. Come on. Just look at it. Two coats layered over a red I need to find alone and show it to ya soon. Great formula, really easy to work with. 

Some Like It Haute from Eye Candy 3D Glitters collection that was inspired by Marlyn Monroe. I love Some Like It Hot movie (and i hate jazz, go figure), so I knew I'll want this one. Is really beautiful, even if my pictures turned out rather bad. Polish looks lumpy, I don't know why though, and it looks like the tip of my little finger isn't covered even if it was. It takes two to three coats, depending on the nail lenght and it's an enormous TC eater. Still, a cool glitter.

Did you get any of these? How do you like glitter in general?

Thank you for reading!

Paket petek

Hello people! How are you doing? It's been a while, I know. First I hid in the middle of nowhere and had a blast for three days there with my favourite Tolkien society and then the study time hit me with full force. I forget which day it is because of that, I almost missed Paket petek again. This particular haul post should be posted last week but I didn't find the time on Friday, since there was loads of stuff to do before departure. 

I got another package from Kris, this one even more special to me than usually ... it contained the three polishes I was missing from Going Green collection by Nubar. Now I have them all. I felt strangely completed when I unwrapped them. :) And they are stunning! The second big deal was my early birthday present Kris surprised me with! One of Lynnderella's glitters, OMG! Connect the dots is simply amazing! Throw in a couple of flakies and a gorgeous olive green in there too and you got yourself one very happy Ulmiel.

 LtR: Lynnderella Connect the Dots, Jessica Victorian Crush, Finger Paints Asylum and Twisted, Nubar Earth, Conserve and Wildlife.

I had to do a close up of this bottle, it's insane.

Kris, your packages are always so amazing. Thank you SO much!

The second package I received as a reward from my favourite beauty forum. :) I was immensely happy to receive two eyeshadows and Derma E testers, I've been longing to try their products for months now. I already tried the scrub and let me tell you, it's perfection. Seriously. Not kidding. Max Factor creme eyeshadow left me disappointed though, the colours don't blend together at all. So from now on I'll use them separately. I already have an idea for the bluish one, and I think it's going to be awesome! :D

And just for fun, another thing I bought today. A gorgeous lip cream I just couldn't say no to when seeing it in store. It's beautiful, pigmented and has a little brush, not a sponge for application. Make Up Factory Creamy Lip Color in number 50. I really want 55 too ... not that these numbers tell you anything at all, do they ...

 Oh, another random thing. Wanna see the earrings I made on our meeting? 
I am getting insanely obsessed with green. 

What was in the last package you received? Or/and what was your latest guilty pleasure buy? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting! :*

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Black with something extra

Hello my dear people! A big welcome to all my new readers! Forgive me, please, for not replying to your comments in a while now, I really honestly do appreciate and am happy to recieve every single one of them, it's the lack of time that gives me troubles. I wanted to point that out, I don't wish for any of you to think I take comments for granted, because I don't, k? :) 
Today another three. My pictures are piling up and, well, that's always a good reason to keep my posts loaded with different shades. Or would you prefer the standard 'one post one polish' deal I usually do?

Well, I probably mentioned somewhere in the past year and a half that I love black polish. No matter how big and obsessive and true my love for green is, there's something incredibly awesome in black polish I never get tired of. What I love even more are blacks with a twist. Black base with shimmer, glitter, or whatever. Pure love.

Let's start with my favourite of the three, China Glaze Haunting, from Haunting Collection for Halloween 2011. Yes, I may have only two out of this collection, but these two I love. It's Alive is on my favourites list of last year and I'm considering it to be my favourite glitter ever. Haunting just may be my perfect black with a twist. The silver glitter in it positions so great in the formula it looks like a night star on the nails. I was a fan of these type of black glitters since the beginning and I needed a silver one perfect like Haunting is. It needs only two coats, has perfect formula and I seriously loved wearing it. It also allows me to delete another one from WL, since I don't need Orly Goth if I have this beauty.

Next is Kiko 06, that dear Stefanie sent me. This particular beauty is a part of Kiko Frozen LE, a LE I was very sorry to miss, because I saw some great colours in there. The black one, number 06, immediately reminded me of Zoya Raven, but I feared it will leave a frost finish. Luckily it didn't, the silver shimmer fits perfectly with the black base. It's not a dupe of Raven, I gather from online swatches, but I think it just might be close enough for me. Then again, I love Raven for the name itself too, so yeah ... like there is such a thing as too much black polish! Kiko Frozen 06 needs only two coats for full opacity, formula is superb as usually with Kiko. The fine shimmer could get brush-stroky, but you don't need a lot of work for it not to. 

And the third one, layered over Kiko Frozen 06, Orly Androgynie, from Orly Holiday Soireé collection 2011. *sigh* There is so much about this one already said on blogsphere so I'll try to make it short and simple. The obvious turn-on on Androgynie is the bottle, the hexagons glue to the glass, making this baby look ah-mazing. On the nails, not so much. The hexagons are very hard to capture and believe me, I tried. I even laid the bottle so the glitter would slide to one end of the bottle, where I could grab it with the brush. Nada. The thing is ... Androgyine is actually a very nice black with a twist. It's a black jelly with the goldish specks of fine glitter that really pop out and looks awesome. It's the potential that stays in the bottle that makes us all go, i think, a bit 'meh, whatever'. Too bad, since it is a lovely shade. This is all the hexs I could catch in two coats of otherwise good formula.

I even did a silly little video to show you how everything in this soup just loves gravity.

So yeah. I love black polish, yes. It never gets old. How about you? Any of you out there that weren't so much into the hexs in Androgynie and loved it as it is?

Thank you for reading!