Monday, 29 October 2012

Zoya ~ Kimber

Hi there! As seen in my previous post, I got my Zoya mode on. The response surprised me a bit, thanks for the lovely feedback! :) You asked for Tru, Lotus and Kimber, and they will be shown ASAP. As it happens, I wore Zoya Kimber right after Skylar (the first one I tried but didn't have time to make photos of it, believe it or not, probably the first time since I'm blogging). Kimber was chosen by my BF, to my great surprise. He usually prefers dark reds and vampy colours. 

Kimber is a warm pink base with golden shimmer, similar to China Glaze Ahoy!, also in the fact that in the artificial light it warms to pink red, that I adore. They also turn too pink in my lightbox. But yes, Kimber is a perfect nail polish for these winter days in October, to make them a bit brighter. I love Autumn, so I hope lady Winter will give us a few weeks more of it. I did natural light photos in extremely gloomy weather, sorry about that. The details are gone, but the base colour is accurate.

The formula on this baby is superb, very easy application. Three coats, I dislike VNL, as you know. Kimber is a part of Zoya Surf Collection for Summer 2012. I got 5 out of 6 in the Surf collection. Whoop! I love wearing Kimber, it's a cheerful colour, very rich too. If you're interested in comparison with Ahoy!, let me know in comments. :)

Do you like these kind of colours? Which ones were your pick in Surf collection?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Paket Petek (a late one)

Good evening, my dear people! I'm finally having a spare moment for my little chunk of internet. This week has officially been the most insane week of my life. All together I've been at home in the entire week for about 7 hours, if you don't count 4-5 hours of sleep I got per night. Really hectic. Today I've finished it off with a pleasant event, our art meeting, where me and a friend of mine introduced our project for the 'competition' (lack of a better word, I'm afraid) and I'm really proud of what we've done. I'll also show it on the blog, since it's make up related, but I won't even estimate when, because well ... time is flying lately. :)

I planned to post this yesterday, being Friday and all, but of course didn't get the chance, so here it is, a day later. An awesome package. 

Zoya, baby!! And the blissful dilemma: which one should I wear first, or second or third ... my favourite 'hard choice' to make. ;)  I love Zoya polish, really. 

What was in the package you received lately?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sinful Colors ~ Big Daddy

We continue weekly program later than planned, but with a real treat. This year's colour that grew most on me comparing to last year is most certainly orange. Over more than one year ago I wouldn't even think of wearing orange, thinking it is one of unwearable colours for me. Ha! So much for that! I absolutely love orange now. My first crush was obviously Orange Marmalade. And this year I craved orange even more. Since my swap buddy, Ms. My Lucid Bubble, knew that, she surprised me with a great great juicy colour in one of the packages. Yum!

A really great orange jelly that I need to wear soon again. ATM I'm sporting a poisonous green, which is also a totally delicious colour, but I think Big Daddy shall be next, it is just too awesome. For some reason I saw  a lot of red in this colour on other swatches when I googled the colour. It is not read, it is a bright bright orange that can make you thirsty for orange juice, no kidding! As it seems it's also a dupe for O.P.I. A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find.
The formula and brush were great. This is a jelly, so it needs three coats for good opacity on my short nails, I'm thinking I'd need four on longer ones. Don't care, love the colour!

Which colour you disliked before but warmed up to it eventually?

Thank you for reading & have a great Sunday tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Catrice ~ Welcome to the Jungle

And now I can't get Guns N' Roses out of my head, naturally. You know what, I'm going to look up the song on youtube, it's decent that I play it in the background with this polish. The original video too, when Axl was still the high-cheekboned perfection.
Anyway ... a random question. Do you ever feel like drinking coffee in the middle of the night? I do, all the time. The latest I drunk it was 4 a.m.. I'm a big coffee fan, although I love tea too. And I don't think it has any affect on me. Well, when I drank 6-7 cups per day for a long period of time my stomach started to hurt, that's why I cut the dose. Sad face. 
Oh, I'm not a morning person either.

End of randomness! Catrice Welcome to the jungle! What a gorgeous, gorgeous polish! I can't believe it took me so long to wear it, sheesh, it's amazing! It's a part of Catrice Papagena LE, but i think I'm a star from regular assortment is a decent dupe. 

Excellent formula, the application was great, very easy and the colour is simply amazing. Two coats on the pictures. Not a bad thing about this baby. Love it.

What's your favourite Catrice nail polish? 

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Revlon ~ Mistletoe

Heya everyone. Hope your Saturday is better than mine! :) I decided to post a little gem that's been waiting for its moment of fame for far too long. In the past few weeks it has been ALL about Revlon with me. I've read about its products before and I have some polish by Revlon that I adore (Royal, my darling, my love) ... but I never really paid attention to their make up. Now I'm in love and wanting more. Three words, people. Colorburst Lip Butters. Ah. I shall have them, oh yes, I shall. We don't have them in Slovenia and in Paris they cost the unbelievable 16€. You see, I got one by luck, and I adore it (Sugar Frosting, a nude everyday colour). But instead of bringing more Revlon here, we're actually losing some of the places (or perhaps even all) that sell them. That surely means sale on all Revlon products right now, but it also means less Revlon in the future. I bought one of the best lipstick I have on sale and also one of the best lip liners, all by Revlon and I've been rocking them both since I got them. So you see, Revlon phase going on here! That's why I want to show you another beauty, that doesn't get a lot of love on nail blogshpere (or I'm missing the love somehow). It's a beautiful green with great formula and easy application. Mistletoe!

I like the part shade - part sun photos. :) My index fingernail was so short here it actually hurt. Now it's much better. As you can see, Mistletoe appears a bit glassfleck-y with its rich shimmer. It is also a great shade of green. The name would suggest some sort of standard Christmasy green, but it's not and I prefer this shade of green much more. Hm, what would you call this shade of green? I'm bad with colour description the moment they get tricky, I'm afraid.
Two easy coats, it's really a polish you can grab when you don't know what to wear or you don't feel like putting up with a tricky formula or brush. Lovely one, Revlon!

What is your favourite Revlon product? Do share. :D 

Thank you for reading & have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Comparison: China Glaze Fast Track vs. Catrice Clay-ton My Hero

How I thought these two were similar I still do not know. Scrangie said Fast Track reminds her of Essence Irreplaceable and in my head Essence and Catrice are close enough not to own them both. As you will see in the pictures, they are not really similar. Actually, they're not very close either. My skin had a rough time when I made this comparison. Luckily now it's much much better, thanks to my hand cremes and oils. It was dried up and I got a major cut on my pinky, like a paper cut, only a bit thicker and longer, it hurt like a papercut though. I was able to cut it out from the pictures, so I'll spare you the view. ;)

Clay-ton My Hero is a taupe with golden shimmer, while Fast Track is beige with golden glass flecks. I suck at describing colours, but I guess that's close enough. :) Naturally they don't look at all similar, I guess the concept of making could be, although I think China Glaze wanted the golden glass flecks to really pop out, whine Clay-ton My Hero is very work appropriate with shyer shimmer. 
Two coats of Catrice, three of China Glaze, both polishes have a wonderful formula and wonderful brushes.  I like them both, I was on the verge of giving Clayton away, but there is something awesome on it that I really like. So I kept it. Glad to know I don't have any dupes of it! :)

Do you have any of the two? Which one do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 8 October 2012

China Glaze ~ Fast Track mattefied

Hello mah peeps! Whoa, I think this is the weirdest hello so far on this blog. :D I am full as a hobbit, and that's saying something! But I have a dance practise in the evening and I'm also happy as a hobbit for it. Sure, after that I'm working my butt off the entire night, but details details! No matter. It is a good day! :) 

Today we continue with China Glaze and the seriously spectacular collection that is The Hunger Games Capitol Colors. Fast Track wasn't really my first choice in this collection but I was very happy when I saw it in the package. The golden glass flecks looked ah-mazing! I thought it will be an excellent neutral work-college-appropriate colour and I was right. Plus, the golden twist is very nice and does bring a bit of bling to the whole look. The next day I mattefied it and I loved the result even more.

A friend of mine told me that Essence Matt top coat isn't available anymore. And I'm using mine surprisingly often! :/ Sucks, really, I love how strong the matte effect is with this one. Oh, on Fast Track it looks even more yummy because the golden flecks keep a bit of glow even when mattefied. I think it looks awesome. :) 

The original finish:

The golden glassflecks are quite strongly visible, they give a very nice twist to the nude base colour. I think it looks beautiful. Still, I prefer the matte version. :)

Do you have any suggestion on wallet-friendly substitute for Essence matt top coat? 

Thank you for reading & have a great week!

Friday, 5 October 2012

China Glaze ~ Smoke and Ashes

Good evening! How are you on this Friday night? It's all about work with my Friday, so I'll be brief tonight. I have another beauty from China Glaze The Hunger Games Capital Colors and this one is one of those that you just have to see IRL to appreciate the beauty of it. It's easily one of my favourite polishes made by China Glaze, it is a fantastic colour. And yet, it looks somewhat boring on the pictures. Pity. Trust me, it looks stunning on the nails in real life. I give you Smoke and ashes.

Like I said, pictures don't do Smoke and Ashes justice. It's a black base with greenish glass flecks that are very visible in real life. It actually does give an ashy impression, or maybe it's just my brain, trying to fit the name to the colour. The formula is amazing too, it could almost be a one coater, perhaps it is if you're a bit careful with the application. Not a bad thing about this one. I absolutely love it.

Where do you stand with black polish and black polish with something extra? :)

Thank you for reading & have a great weekend!

Monday, 1 October 2012

China Glaze ~ Agro

Hello dear people! First of all, thank you for all your lovely comments on our trailer in the last post. It means a lot, because I know how much work and energy from people that are dear to me went into this project and it always feels good when others appreciate it too. :) 

Today I have another from China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colors Collection. Naturally, being green, I wore Agro first. Green is still the love of my nail polish life and I knew from the swatches that Agro is a stunning shade of green. I got the pictures in various lightning: indoors, direct sunlight, lightbox, outside off direct sunlight. Just to show you it's gorgeous in every case. ;)

Two easy coats, the application is wonderful on this baby. I worried there would be brush strokes, but there are none, extra points for China Glaze! It's really a perfect, very rich olive green colour. I adore Agro.

Green is probably the colour I'm obsessed with the longest. Before I had red and purple phases, but green phase is now probably already twice as long and I still love it. Which colour obsessed you the longest? :)

Thank you for reading!