Sunday, 7 September 2014

New In ~ A Haul Post

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It is a beautiful day here in Ljubljana and I had a great family gathering for most of it, it was fun! And I am totally going jogging after I finish this post. :) 

These are the things I got in August. I am really happy with them, I finally got a few things from I really wanted to buy for a while ago, and a few surprises I bought on a whim.

Let's start with my orders, yes?

I made two orders there last month. First one because of the nice offers, I got Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in Desire, becuase I adore the Rush shade they send me for a review. From Makeup Revolution I also got nail polish in Are You Still Available?, because the swatch Nihrida made really stole my heart and I wanted to see if the brush is the same in every bottle. Alas it is. 
I Heart Make Up Wow Gloss No Need To Panic I bought on a whim, because I Heart Make Up lipstick really convinced me to buy more make up made by them. And it is a great lip gloss, more like a liquid lipstick (I generally dislike sheer glosses), I just wish it would be a tad bit less pink and more purple. Still, it is a great, really nice wearable colour. 
Barry M Liquid Eyeliner (shade is simply called 03) was my substitute purchase for Beauty UK Blue Lagoon that was out of stock ATM of choosing my items. It is a matte eyeliner, so I said I need it anyways. And it is utterly gorgeous. It does smudge easier, comparing to Beauty UK, but nevertheless. It is a matte cobalt blue eyeliner, that looks gorgeous on the eyes, I got tons of compliments wearing it. 
Konad Matte Topcoat was on sale and as my Essence matte TC is turning into a toothpaste, I decided to get it. Hopefully I will be able to stamp with it too.

Aaand then I got an email that Beauty UK Blue Lagoon was back in stock (the page has this option, that they notify you when the item you desire comes back in stock, quite neat). And I couldn't resist, even with Barry M eyeliner romance I was having at that moment. And I do no regret buying them both, not one bit. Blue Lagoon is more vibrant and it stays on the eyes just as permanently as its sisters. 
I decided on a whim to get the Beauty UK Posh Pout Sugar Plum Fairy tinted lip balm, because I am trying to get something for the lips that I could wear to work without too much correcting over the day. Still, I kind of felt like I just bought an overpriced lip balm. So it is quite ridiculous how much I love this product. It gives a bit of colour, actually more than I expected, it is moisturising, and insanely easy to apply and re-apply. The colour actually stays on for quite a while. Total love. I am discovering the usefulness and beauty of the subtle lip shade. 

And some swatches. Barry M and Beauty UK eyeliners are insanely inaccurate. All the gals that have H&M Blue My Mind nail polish shade, you know, the vibrant blue creme? Both are in that vein of blue, with Blue Lagoon being a bit more deeper blue, less pastel comparing to Barry M. The rest of swatches are accurate, that's why I am posting them.

I did a quick comparison for you of Makeup Revolution Liquid Blush in Rush and Desire, from top to bottom: Rush, Desire, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner (totally inaccurate!) and I heart Makeup Wow lipgloss in No Need to Panic.

Natural daylight:
Beauty UK Posh Pout in Sugar Plum Fairy and Beauty UK Blue Lagoon (again inaccurate, it is by far more deep and vibrant blue).

A shot of both Vivid Blush Lacquer. See how it looks like Desire (on the right) is more used than Rush? I already thought my bottle is a dud, because I pumped it for two days, every days for a couple of minutes, and nothing happened. Then all of the sudden it jumped to one quarter of the bottle and the product came out without a problem. As I do not use a lot of it (even with regular use, as you need just the tiniest blob of blush), I do not mind, but it did surprise me, like the bottle had air inside or something. Anyway. I adore Desire, it is less pink blush and a lot more wearable. I am buying a lot of blushers for someone who thinks two to three are more than enough for one person. :) But I love how good these are, they stay on the cheeks the entire day. Ever since I got my stippling brush to apply them they are pure magic.

I also got three sets of water decals and stickers from Born Pretty Store, I am already making some manis with them, swatches will follow.

I couldn't resist, I needed to buy the Balea Mango Mambo Bodylotion, even though I have waaaay too many body lotions at home. I adore mango and this lotion is actually really good, it smells divine. 

Radenska Naturelle is a water spray refreshener for the face, when I saw it in store I was so curious I needed to buy it, plus, I thought I will need it regularly, as I worked outside whole day and I expected a very hot August (ha ha. hahahaha. ha). It is actually a lovely thing, very refreshing. 

And that is it. If you want any special reviews, let me know in  the comments!

What is the favourite thing you got in August?

Thank you for reading and commenting, have a lovely start of the new week!