Friday, 31 December 2010

My top 5 of 2010

Hey people. Me again. I'm getting this out in the last moments, I'm about to hit the showers and tomorrow I'm gonna have a hectic day, preparing for NY party, so i better write it down now. Jette Fromm tagged me with my top 5 of 2010, check her top 5 too! :)  

Here it is, for 5th to first place. I payed attention about this being all 2010 collections, although I discovered this year some of really the best polish ever, from previous collections.

5. I had to do a tie, I'm sorry. MAC Bad Fairy  from Venomous Villains is one baddass polish, and I can't choose between her and Orly's Meet Me Under The Mistletoe from Orly's Holiday Collection. So they share the fifth place. And this is by far the best I could do to shrink the number. ;)

4. O.P.I. Nevermore from Go Goth! Halloween Collection. I cheated, I know, it's actually Ink, but it did came out this year! :P

3. Violet Sparkle from Nubar Sparkle Collection for Spring 2010.

2. Verde from Nubar Venetian Glass Fall Collection 2010.

1. And, of course, you probably saw this one coming. From the Cosmic FX Orly's 2010 Fall Collection, Space Cadet!

This is it. It was hard for me to choose, even in this year my crushes were also Who The Shrek Are You?, Halley's Comet, Fire Sparkle and so on. And some of my biggest lemmings come from this year, but I just didn't have the opportunity or/and money to buy them. Like quite a few bottles from BB Couture's Ladybug collection and Infamous Lovers, where I want like entire set. :)
One thing did surprise me. No China Glaze in my top 5? What? I worship China Glaze, right now it's my number 1 brand, from all the gems I discovered lately! But I have to admit, their collection from this year weren't my cup of tea, with the exception of the Holiday collection, where I still have three polishes to try out, and I do suspect Jolly Holly would have made it to the list.

Saying all this, I must mention a few of my biggest crushes this year, that are found in earlier collections, but I discovered them in this one. In no particular order:
China Glaze: DV8, Watermelon Rind, Wagon Trail. (2009 OMG, 2009 Summer Days, 2008 Rodeo Diva)
Kinetics: Magnificent (2008 Pure Elegance)
O.P.I.: Yoga-ta Get This Blue, DS Glamour (2008 India, no collection that I know of)
SpaRitual: Mood (2008 Inspired)
Illamasqua: Rampage (I don't know when it was released, Scrangie first mentions it in may 2009)
Magnetic: Spectacular (Spect.) Stone (I don't think Magnetic gets out in collections)
Zoya: Rea, Suvi, Midori (both 2008 Downtown, 2009 Oh-La-La).

And bazillion more. I'm sure I forgot quite a few of them. But there you have it. A sneak peak into my nail polish favourites. :) 

And now I must tag, haha! I tag Lalica, Biba, Nail Crazy, AmyGrace, Alluring_mum, Taya, Sonidlo and everybody else on my blogroll, because I'm tooootally curious about your top five! Come on! :) And if you're not a blogger or don't have time for posting it, write it down in the comments. :)) 

All that is left for me to do now, as I'm already typing this away on the last day of 2010, is that I wish you  
a happy new year, may it be succesful, full of love, laughter and joy, may your expectations be reached and surpassed and let us all have the best nail polish year! 

Thank you for reading, have a great new year's party!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nubar - Verde

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm a bit under the weather, sore throat and other stuff, it's not the best day of my life, but yeah ... my BF took me for a fatty fat cheesburger that always helps and I bought my foribbiden candy - Dickmanns. Dick as in German 'fat', not as in English ... anyway. :P I adore this sweet, although it has like bazillion calories, especially if you're like me and eat entire set all by yourself. Oh well.

I must also thank all my wonderful followers. At the end of the year, around 3 months after I started blogging, I have 90 followers! I'm even more excited because this means I can get started on preparations for my first giveaway, for 100 followers! :D I cannot wait! Me and Tevta have discussed it, and I think you guys are gonna love it!

But until then I have another Nubar to show you, and this is one of my favourite like ever. Verde!

This one reminds me of one of my favourite poets, combined with one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. Federico García Lorca and the beautiful city of Granada in southern Spain. The poem I kept quouting in my mind while I wore this beauty. Well, the first verse at least.

ROMANCE SONÁMBULO                                     MESEČNA ROMANCA
Verde que te quiero verde.                         Zeleno, ki te hočem zeleno.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas.                       Zeleni veter. Zelene veje.
El barco sobre la mar                                 Ladja na morju
y el caballo en la montańa.                          in konj na planini.
Con la sombra en la cintura,                         S senco ob pasu
ella sueńa en su baranda                              ona sanja na balkonu,
verde carne, pelo verde,                              polti zelene, las zelenih,
con ojos de fría plata.                                  z očmi od hladnega srebra.
Verde que te quiero verde.                            Zeleno, ki te hočem zeleno.
Bajo la luna gitana,                                      Pod ciganskim mesecem           
las cosas la están mirando                            stvari jo motrijo
y ella no puede mirarlas.                               in ona jih ne more motriti.

(F. García Lorca, Antología poética,              (Prevod: Alojz Gradnik)            
Edición de Radae Juárez, 1996)                  

Green, lo I love you green;
green wind, green branches;
the ship on the sea
and the horse on the mountain.
With a shadow around her waist
she dreams on her balcony,
green flesh, hair of green,
and eyes of cold silver.
Green, lo I love you green.
Under the gypsy moon
all things are watching her
but she cannot see them.

(Translation: John Care)

This is just the first strophe, and I love it. Antología poética I bought in Granada, when my Spanish was still decent enough that I hoped I could read poetry in Spanish fluently. But anyway, I loooove this poem! It's so intimate, I love it. 

So yeah, besides the point that this is a gorgeous colour, it reminds me of something really awesome. A win win situation. :) This was 2 coats, and of course no trouble whatsoever. Perfect polish. With one problem: the base colour is blue based and it stained my nails after only two days. So I recommend a base coat. I must buy one, really ... The removal is a bit tricky, because of tiny glitter that creates glass specked finish can get on your skin. But no biggie. I stil love it, one of the best colours EVER!

What do you think about Verde? And Lorca, poetry in general? Do you like reading it? :)

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Nubar - Fire Sparkle

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I'm kinda in a hurry, a friend of mine is celebrating his birthday today, and we're going out, but I want to post another Nubar before I go get ready. Fire Sparkle is my second big lemming from the Nubar's Sparkle Collection, right after Violet Sparkle so obviously it came second in the row of trying them out. It was my Christmas manicure and my nails are too long and claw-like, so I'm not terribly happy about my swatches, I'll try to reswatch it on the lenght I'm wearing now that suits me much better. Pictures!

The blurry ones are sparkle check, as usual. This is insanely sparkly, I wish I had sunlight for swatching this babies! But Murphy says the sun will disappear right on time to swatch the rest of Sparkle collection. :P I hope not though, we had pretty sunny days lately. Cold as hell, but sunny!
Anyway, this is a part of Nubar Spring Collection 2010, which surprised me a bit, because we don't usually get such a bold collection for Spring! Totally awesome, Nubar! I applied three coats, for 100% opacity. Fire Sparkle is tons smoother than Violet Sparkle! I applied one coat of SV on top and it was already totally smooth. Cool! I have nothing more to say about this. It's a beauty and I think you should have it if you're into sparkles and red polish. Personally I cherish every sparkly/glittery red that isn't a wannabe Ruby Pumps. 

What do you think about Fire Sparkle? :)

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Hey guys! How are you doing, do you have your NY resolutions written down already? ;) Yesterday, at around 10 p.m. I got an insane urge to change my mani. Seriously bad urge to put on someting really bright, kinda like "not me" colour, it was like a nervous twitch or, you know, when something itches so badly, it doesn't go away no matter how many times you scratch it. 
As a disturbing amount of nail polish already went on and off my nails yesterday (having sunny weather I wanted to swatch a couple of beauties that look their best on the sunlight), I tried to make it go away. Most of the time I manage to keep myself from changing colour in very late hours (because sometimes I get an idea for mani around midnight and that's just not cool) but yesterday I couldn't. I went through the stash and realized it's the Bad Landing urge. I was just about to put it on, when I saw this beatuy in China Glaze box. Orange Marmalade, baby. 

 Sunlight picture from today.

Added later, sunlight and natural light, that's why the different nail lenght:

This is an insanely cool shade! From 2009 Summer Collection called Summer Days, the same collection gave me Watermelon Rind and I cannot get over how cool both look like, the glass flecked finish is totally awesome. As I thought Summer Days is a 'one bottle only' collection for me, Orange Marmalade made me go see the swatches again and I think that I wouldn't mind having Grape Juice too, perhaps also Cherry Pie, since I'm loving this finish so much. And Orange Marmalade was the one that was a tooootal pass for me. Orange polish. Me? No freaking way! And now I think I can officially stop calling myself non-orange polish fan. First it was DS Tapestery, than Bad Landing with lots of orange in it, and now Orange Marmalade and a sudden crush for Life Preserver orange shade from Anchors Away. I'm done. Orange is officially on! :)

Mind you, this is pretty sheer. I have 3 coats on, because I wanted to hid my nail line completely and yet I can still see it a bit. But you can easily get away with 2 coats, especially if you don't care about VNL. But, noting the sheerness of the polish, I must also say it dries unbelievably fast. When I applied all 3 coats, it was probably well over 10 pm, around 10.30 for sure, since I was choosing the shade and so on.  I did not add a TC! And I finished watching something and took a shower and later on went to bed and this morning I woke up smudge free! There is not one smudge on my mani! The proof is the sunlight picture that I took this morning! This is Orange Marmalade in three coats, applied at 10.30 pm! It's my go-to nail polish from now on! Not to mention nothing shows on it! No tip wear whatsover after one day of wearing, showering, making lunch, making coffee all the time! I'm loving it!

And I bet you're still thinking: what the hell is with bright orange in the middle of the winter?! Well, what can I say. You say left, I say turn around for 180 degrees and dance the cha cha. I don't know. I really felt like wearing something bright. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

What do you think? What's on your nails today, are you craving something bright or are in winter colours?

Thank you for reading!

PS: I hope there are some Monty Python fans out there, otherwise you may find my entry even weirder than usual. ;)

7 Q, 7 A, 7 blogs

Hey! Nail crazy tagged me a couple of day ago for another game! And I always like to play, so here we go ...

7 things I have to do before I die:
- finish my studies
- see Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard performing live
- get on my own
- work my belly into a flat little thing that is not right now
- see whales. lots of them, live and close
- read tons of books. i always feel i'm not reading enough
- visit all the countries on my list. Which is half of the world, I'd say

7 things I say all the time
- wrong! or that's so wrong!
- damn (not very polite, I know, but I never said I'm a lady :P)
- ja valda / means: yeah, suuure, with big pile of sarcasm
- kaj? / means what? because I either don't hear people talking to me or my mother is shouting something from other rooms in the house

- darling
- i'm hungry
- i'm going to do my nails now

7 things I am good at
- naming the polish shades from the top of my head. If I had such a good memory for other stuff ...
- eating
- making salad
- making tea and coffee
- swimming
- fantasizing
- organizing stuff, if i don't panic

7 flaws
- really impatient

- quite moody 
- when i want something, i'm not keen on letting go at all, even if it's really not happening
- i can be really sarcastic and cynical
- i eat too much
- always late
- i sleep for too long

7 qualities 
ok, this one is really hard, i feel very arrogant writing this 

- i really care deeply for people around me 
- i love to laugh and make people laugh
- i'm not competitory (it can be a problem at my college)
- sympathetic
for more you should ask people that know me, I guess. :)

7 blogs /bloggers/ to answer the same

- Kaneli
- Biba
- Lalica
- Sonidlo
and eveyone who'd like to answer! :)

Monday, 27 December 2010

Nubar - Violet Sparkle

Hello people! How are you doing? I hope you're having a good start of the week. Since I talked so much in my previous posts, let's keep this one short and simple, what do you say? It's the first Nubar, and I couldn't resist the violet temptation. Although, I must say, as gorgeous as it is on the nails, it has been a complete nightmare to photograph. It's impossible. Never had my camera failed to bring the accurate shade of purple, but this one made it go crazy, it kept going blue. Really light blue, and it's not! It's a total intense, dark purple, that glitters in dark purple and magenta pink. No signs of blue! This is the best I could do, after checking all the options on the camera and doing million photos on just about every lighting I could find. Alas no sun. I'm showing you here basically only the glitter intensity, I don't see the point in showing you pictures that are not colour accurate.

 The closest I got to the real colour.

 Big on glitter!

 You can see how insanely sparkly this gets.

Even when not blurry it's still sparkly.

And this is Milka purple that it's painfully not accurate. I found that from other swatches on the internet The Hungry Asian's is the best: Violet Sparkle real colour. Can you see the colour difference? Insane! I swear it's the first time this happened and I'm really not happy about it. All the other purples behaved very nicely, even the ones with the same intensity of the colour. So maybe it's the glitter that makes my camera crazy? I don't know.

But anyway, Violet Sparkle is to die for. I absolutely adore it. A waitress  where me and a friend of mine were having coffee acutally demanded that I write her down the name of the polish, she was so impressed with the colour and sparkles. If that's not a compliment for a nail polish I don't know what it is. :)

This was three coats, of course, and I still think it's impressive that glitter-only polish is opaque in three coats. I put two coats of SV on top, to make it smooth. It is glitter, so with removal I really recommend foil technique and no reusal of the pads. I did that and regreted it, since the tiny glitter then gets on your skin and it's quite hard to get it off. Oh, btw, correction pens really help with glitter that is stuck under you nail or at the very edges!

That's all for now, folks! I hope you like it and I'm sorry for bad colour accuracy. It's a first, and I'll really try hard to make it the last one too!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

SpaRitual - Can You Dig It? second try and BB Couture Spring Collection sneak peak (tnx Lextard!)

Ok, darlings, I've tore the one extra long post into two. I didn't liked the length of it and I'm sure you wouldn't either. It's mostly pictures, yes, but still, I felt it was a bit much.


I wasn't happy with my Can You Dig It swatches, because the base colour disappeared completely, and I think that the ones with smaller nails (or better application moves) can pull it out, so here you have it. One coat + two coats swatch, with such a horrible application I feel like I owe SpaRitual a letter of apology for posting these.

And now a sneak peak of new BB Couture Collection called Wild West that Lextard posted on her blog and kindly allowed us to repost the pictures! She has really nice pictures and an awesome blog altogether so don't forget to check her out (although I'm sure you already did :))!

left to right top row: Pistol Packin' Mama, Laced Corset, Wrangler
left to right bottom row: Frontier Woman, Saloon Girl, Belle Starr
left to right top row: Outlaw, Posse, Sundance
left to right bottom row: Gunfighter, Rustler, Bandito

Being a big BB Couture fan these news made my day! The pictures are not really colour accurate, as Lextard warns us, buuut as we all know, BB Couture is into the details and I can't wait to see the swatches! I have to get Laced Corset, if not for anything else, for the name. And the green, doh! I'm still not sure about the men part of the collection, from the bottles only Outlaw and Posse look promising. But we'll see!

What do you think about Can You Dig It, looks better now? And about BB Couture new collection?

Have a nice Saturday evening & thank you for reading!

New polish project! Sparkle away!

Hello people! How was your Christmas eve? I hope you had tons of fun. We have such a hangoverish weather in Ljubljana, I feel like sleeping and nothing else. I slept for so long, I dare not even write the hour of my awakening. ;) 
Anyway, as I drink my last sips of coffee and think about making another cup, I can tell you a bit more about Latvia project that I've mentioned in one of the posts already. As said, I'm thinking about taking a break from it, and that's just bottles before the entire set (the ones that we gave away are obviously not included for I never even opened them). Frankly, I'm a bit sick of blue colour and that's basically all that is left. And I'm so sick of it, not even my blue holographic China Glaze doesn't look too appealing to me right now. That's some sort of crime, isn't it? Let's see what's left of P:L.

From L to R: China Glaze 2NITE, OPI Holiday Glow, OPI Russian Navy Suede, Kinetics Sinful, Kinetics Blackout.

You already got a sneak peak of Sinful and I know it's a gorgeous colour, and Blackout is on my WL of Kinetcis, so I'll get to them soon, I guarantee it, but I am in total sparkle mood lately, and this next "project" has Sparkles with a big S. I don't know why I call them projects, probably because it's always a big pile of polish that I got at once and so I see them as "special groups" or something. 
But anyway, about the Lativa project. I got to know a few brands that I've never even heard of them, like Kinetics, or just knew them breafly, like SpaRitual, or changed my opinion on a brand, like Jessica, or got my heart broken like with Nubar's Indigo Illusion. I got some of my major lemmings, like DS glamour, DS tapestery, DS extravagance, China Glaze's gorgeous Wagon trail, China Glaze's Watermelon Rind ... and of course put quite a few on my WL, since they're not mine, they're Tevta's. :D 

The ones, that really pop out for me are SpaRitual's Mood, that is just supreme, O.P.I.'s Glacier Bay Blues and DS glamour, Kinetics Magnificent and My Blue Heaven and Nubar's Teal Glitter. If I only needed to list my top of the tops. The biggest surprise for me is Kinetcis. I really love their brush and the colours are just stunning. Although I had some problems with SpaRitual brush some colours took my breath away and I still have quite a few on my WL. So all in all a very nice score with these babies.

Oh, before I forget - if you wish to see any of the upper five shades, let me know and I will swatch them. It is not a problem! I promise I'll do the layering Sinful + Midnight Blue Glitter, as said on the MBG post, and I will get around them sooner or later, but if you're wondering about certain shade now, let me know. :) 

To the next project after the click. Sparkles!!!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas, nail polish lovers!

Hey everybody! This is going to be really short, but I wanted to wish all my wonderful readers and co-bloggers very happy holidays, may they be blessed! And even if you don't celebrate, take this opportunity to be with your loved ones and if you can't for some reason, remember, you need to love yourself too. :) 

A not so good picture, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Have a wonderful celebration!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Orly's Precious and China Glaze's Anchors Away Spring Collections

Hey again! I've been going through my nail blog list (that is even longer than that on my blogroll), looking at your gorgeous swatches, reading the news, and saw a post on BodyAndSoul about Orly spring collection!  Truth be told, I got so into Tronica mood I almost forgot for a moment that basically all brands are launching a Spring collection. ;) So lets have a lil' chat about both Spring Collections, what say you?

I grew very fond of Orly in the past few weeks. Their brush is awesome, colours also, I already have quite a few lemmings on my WL ... and how couldn't I love the brand that gave us Space Cadet and Meet Me Under The Mistletoe? :) So seeing their new shades got me really excited. Especially because of the manner they did it. We can actually see the colours, because of very realistic polish drops and the bottles. 

As I was googling for more info, I found only pictures, but no release date yet, sorry to say. I think the name of the collection is quite suitable for this choice of colours. Very gentle, girly, if we don't include dark blue and teal, I dare say. Of course only teal and dark blue interest me. :) Perhaps also mint one. So Sapphire Silk, Royal Velvet and maybe Ancient Jade. 

I'm dying to get teal colour! I don't know why I haven't grabbed Peacock from AA or Ski Teal We Drop from OPI ... teal always slipped off my radar and lately I'm totaly craving it. If Orly is doing teal, I'm very gladly grabbing it with both hands. I just hope they arrive soon. ;) Note on Royal Velvet: bottle looks dangerously close to Health & Wealth And Happines from SpaRitual, for those who already have it, it may be a dupe alert. For me, if Orly does a dupe from that gorgeous colour, even better, since their brush suits me better. 

And CG's Anchors Away after the click :)

Kinetics - Magnificent

Hello darlings! How are you on this blah day? I won't even complain about my headache, because I do it in every other entry and you probably already get the picture. Luckily the painkiller is slowly kicking in. Other than that is has been a hard week so far, quite a few bad news from the family, although it had it's moments. Right now I'm really not in a festive mood, I hope that changes. But I don't want to put you down, so lets move on to the nail polish! Another from Project Lativa, another from Kinetics and another kickass polish. I'm in love with Kinetics, really, so far it has turned out to be an amazing brand.

Magnificent is probably one of the best in the Latvia project, it looks and feels like a good mixture of With Abandon from Color Club and Wagon Trail by China Glaze. It has the similar idea as W.A. and similar shimmer/micro glitter as Wagon Trail. In the bottle it doesn't look too promising, since it's really goldish, but on nails it turns out to be this kickass darkish polish with sparkles that really got me mesmerized, like really, sometimes I felt like an idiot, staring at my nails. 
Again, the little glitter was extremely hard to capture, I tried my best, did tons of photos and it did pop out on a few. But you need to enlarge the pictures to see it, I left them big for that reason.

Oh, and before we go to Magnificent, I have to show you what I found completely by accident! I'm so in love with this ring I have to share it with you! I was buying a present for a friend of mine and saw this cameo brooch. I must admit, I'm a huge cameo jewellery fan, I adore it. OK, I don't like all the motifs, but the classical ones I adore. And when I saw it I just had to ask if they had other cameo jewellery too. And luckily I had this really cool shop assistant there to help me and showed me everything with the cameo motif in the shop. The earrings (my weak spot!) were only in this amber colour, but the ring stole my heart and just had to go with me. So the first picture is the ring, not the nails, and then I'll really give you nail swatches. :) 

Like I said, it's better if you enlarge them, to see the details more clearly. This is a two coater that dries extremely fast, I didn't even used Seche Vite. I'm avoiding SV, if it's possible, because it sometimes makes the manicure look worse, since it's already so thick. But to Magnificent - I have nothing to complain about. The brush is a perfection for my nails, wider and flatter as it is, the colour really magnificent (sorry for the lame play of words). I'll try to make a comparison with With Abandon and Wagon Trail, because I'm curious about how close did I get with the hunch. 

What do you think, am I close? Do you like Magnificent? 

Thank you for reading, have a nice evening!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nubar - Green/Silver Glitter (over SpaRitual Surreal)

Hello darlings! How are you? I'm super good, my headache finally ceased and I got two awesome Lily Lolo mineral eyeshadows today, so yeah, new make up people! :D Can't wait to try them on! You can all probably almost feel the buzz and tension over the blogosphere about China Glaze's Tronica. I was just thinking, while answering your lovely comments, that they really should forbid by law to make holographic polish only in limited edition. Really, nail polish world will go insane on February, I can already imagine it. Prices on ebay will be so high, I'll probably laugh my ass off again, just looking at them. Oh well ... maybe we can hope CG makes it more available. Should we try to bribe them or something? ;) Just kidding!

People, I'm thinking about stopping with Lativa project for a while and move on to the next one. I'll post some pictures of the few left (5 or something), and I'll hear you out about it, if you'll wish to see the rest (or one or two specific) I'll post them, of course, but otherwise I'm much more in the mood for sparkles lately, and there aren't any left in Lativa project polish box and there is TONS of sparkle in my next project box. ;) More about that a few posts later on, what do you say? Speaking of sparkles ... this one is amazing. Nubar's Green/Silver Glitter isn't only green or silver, it's TONS of colours, even holo particles, it has e-very-thing! Awesome! You have no idea how hard it was for me not to post 20 pictures of this baby. 

 Holo particles!! But not sparkly enough ...

 Uh, boring front picture that only proves how much can a camera kill the glitter. And yet, I see a few sparkles! Still not sparkly enough, nope ...

 It's holo, baby! And glitter and and and ...

 ... and boom! Glitter, sparkles, of all colours, wiiii!

Ok, how sparkly can this get anyway?
 Sparkle check, lightbox, you may need to enlarge this, just to see how crazy it is.

Another sparkle check blurry pic, this time in yellow artifical light, just because I love all the colours it pulled out. Again, maybe you should enlarge it.

Come to think of it - perhaps it's best if you enlarge all the pictures. The glitter details are amazing! And still, you know photo takes a bit of sparkle awesomness from the polish, I should film the sparkle play. It's a stunner, it is. Love it! Very playful polish, I'd say! 

Technical details: one coat over SpaRitual Surreal, with the exception of my ring finger, there are two coats, and you can see it's basically opaque with two coats. It dries extremely fast, is a bliss to work with, no trouble whatsoever and a perfect glitter polish. I love it. Still, I think Teal Glitter is even more awesome, but what's not to love on Green/Silver Glitter? 

How do you like it? :)

Thank you for reading!

 PS: China Glaze blog released the names of Tronica polish, here they are:

  • Techno Teal – Turquoise Holographic
  • Virtual Violet – Violet Holographic
  • Electra Magnenta – Magenta Holographic
  • Gamer Glam – Purple Holographic
  • High Def -  Blue Holographic
  • Hologram -  Silver Holographic
  • Hyper Haute – Rasberry Holographic
  • 3D Fantasy – Peachy Pink Holographic
  • Digital Dawn – Dusty Rose Holographic
  • Cyberspace – Taupe Holographic
  • Mega Bite – Gold Holographic
  • Laser Lime – Lime Green Holographic
Well, I'd kill for some swatches. From the names, I'd love to grabe Techno Teal, Virtual Violet, Electra Magenta, Gamer Glam, High Def, Hyper Haute, probably Cyberspace and perhaps even Laser Lime. Yeah, sure. In a limited edition collection. Great job, Ulmiel. 

Monday, 20 December 2010

China Glaze goes holo! Again! (new info!)

This is going around blogosphere for a few days now, so I'm sure you already know it, but since i posted crackle collection, i decided, I'll post this one too. 12 holographic colours, people!! 

Futuristic and edgy, the China Glaze Tronica Specialty Collection is a holographic 3D selection of evolutionary and fun nail colors. These 12 colors are fashion forward, high-tech, bold, sleek and sure to change the face of the nail world! With names such as “Hyper Haute” and “Gamer Glam”, China Glaze combines the two worlds of innovative technology and high fashion color to create a collection that is sure to stimulate all the senses.

From what I'm seeing on this tiny picture, I'll grab teal one in the front, purple, I see red, I think, and, oh my, is that green, or am I just wanting it to be so bad I see it green? The warm purple next to silver one looks promising too.

I don't think I can love China Glaze more than I do since the moment I read about this one. Crackle and holo collections? Come on! This is so perfect! Where O.P.I. has been a bitter disappointment with this years and the next's collections, China Glaze gets me jumping around like a madman. And CGs holos are such perfection, I'm really having my expectations high on this one. Now let us all put a cookie on our nail-polish shelves/drawers/helmers/boxes for the nail-polish fairy so both CG collections will be as kick-ass as we're all hoping them to be! 

And I forgot to mention this is a Spring collection, other bloggers (body & soul) are thinking about February, I agree, if it's Spring, we can expect it in next two months. But no official date so far. Thanks to Rachel Marie, for reminding me of release date!

What do you think, will Tronica beat OMG Collection? Do you even like holo and crackle, or are those two CG collection "pass" for you? 

Thank you for reading!

Just in, China Glaze spreads the word on FB page! 

Girl, you know it's true! China Glaze Tronica will beature 12 limited edition holographic polishes that will be available for a limited time at BSG (Jan/Feb 2011) and Sally's Beauty (March/April 2011).

So, yeah, nailsbybellan is sadly right, they're limited and available only at BSG and Sally's Beauty. And, ladies, let me tell you one little thing. WE DON'T HAVE THOSE IN SLOVENIA! :( I'll need to think about how to get these babies, if CG doesn't launch it somewhere online too.

PS: A better, larger picture. I want teal even more, the purple one behind it, the warm purplish pink behind the silver one and the orange-red one behind the purplish pink one aaaand I think the one on the left from silver one really is green! Wiiiii! Wow, you really wish they'd put out the names too. :D 

SpaRitual - Surreal

Hey everyone! How was your beginning of the week? Today I have a quick post for you, my aunt is in the town, and, although I thought it will be strange, not seeing her for so long, I'm actually glad she's here, it brings back some quite lovely memories from my childhood. So I think it's going to be really nice. I'm doing lunch right now, that's why I have a few minutes to write this down, while everything is still in the oven and it's too soon to prepare the salad. ;) It's the last SpaRitual I have, and I thought I'll save it as the best for last, but beauty as it is, it didn't surpass Mood, at least not in my book. Let's have a look at Surreal.

 Flash photo, because I couldn't get the shimmer out of the nail.

 Both of these are taken on direct sunlight, and I think the pictures don't do justice to Surreal on direct sunlight,  it's very neat when you look at it in such a strong lighting.

Can you believe I managed to get two coats out of SpaRitual?? Yay me! So for the first time, two coater for me too, extremely well pigmented, although that comes with a price - this baby stains! A lot! As you can see on my ring finger, every mistake costs you greatly, because you simply can repare it without visible mark. Also when you remove it, it's a whooole new drama. I still have stains on some of my fingers (note: I changed a lot of polish on my nails today. Don't ask, I don't know, every once in a while I get into this phase where nothing suits me), and it's really annoying part of Surreal.

Now to the colour. Every time a bottle promises something, that I don't get visible on the nail, I feel cheated. Sadly, this one is the same. Bottle holds this amazing shimmer, that got me drooling the moment I saw it, and yet, it's hardly visible on the nail. And with hardly, I really mean hardly. With very strong light, when you move your fingers and look at your nails very closely. Otherwise not at all, it looks like a blackend blue creme. I struggled with swatches, just to show you at least a bit of this shimmer, taking tons of lightbox pictures, flash pictures, and since I got lucky with sun today, also sunlight pictures. And this is as best as you can get with this shimmer. The very best and noticable. I must add, this is a stunner on the sunlight. The blue comes out a bit stronger and it's just gorgeous. Usually it's on the verge of being too dark to be called blue. You catch a hint of blue even in not so strong light, but with soft light it will turn to black. Kinda like Jessica Divine Pine, with the con of blue being closer to black than green ergo you notice it even harder. And so my expectations for Surreal were a bit high and not met when I put it on my nails. That said, I still think it's a beautiful shade of blue, that's stunning in the right lighting. But personally I rather wear blues that are blue most of the time or all the time even, with Lativa project quite a few like these were shown, and I think those are the winners.

What do you think about Surreal, to blackened for you or ney?

Ok, now I really must run. Have a nice week, and thank you for reading!