Friday, 10 December 2010

Magnetic - Spectacular Stone

Hey everyboooody! How are you? It's fridaaay night! Since I was out yesterday and got around 4 hours of sleep tonight, I'm so staying at home, drinking my coffee and doing my nails or reading a good book or something. :) It's freezing in Ljubljana, I hope you're somewhere warm! :) Todays polish is an exception in my Latvia try-out phase and Parokeets ladies are to blame. ;) Maestra showed us Freakin Violet which is sooo freaking awesome. I went through their Magnetic entries straight away after seeing it and fell in love with a couple of babies. But Spect. Stone stole my heart. I went through the online catalogue and saw by chance Spect. is short for Spectacular, if any of you were wondering, there you have it. :) Aaand, my lucky luck - I remembered Tevta mentioned Magnetic holo when giving me the CGs and that I have it in my China Glaze try-out shoe-box. Btw, I got extra nice surprise today from Tevta, but more about that later. :) Lets just say, I still won't get through my untrieds for a while. ;) 

But anyway, let's look at this beauty. I got a bit of sun today, yaaay! And you know holo goes crrrrazy on sunlight! You'll see on the pictures my cuticle on middle fingure is hurt, as I mentioned it in a comment somewhere already. I really hate it, it doesn't go well with my cuticle OCD, but the Badger is already healing it, and I think it will be good tomorrow. Concerts aren't good for cuticles, appearantly. ;)

 Isn't this just insanely hot? I loooove it! Tip-wear on sunlight pictures, since it's the second day of wearing. 

There you have it. No words necessary, I'd think. Guess what? Only ring and little finger are two coats, index and middle are just one, so yes, we have a one coater!! 
Honestly, I thought "oh crap", when I looked at the brush. It's longer than any brush I ever used. But it's a total bliss! Application was smooth, not problematic, I had it done in a few minutes, it went on nail like butter on bread. I love holographic polish, and this is really insanely good. It's not the China Glaze type of holo, I think Gejba really nailed it when she said it's more like My Private Jet holo. And the dusty purple base colour is just too perfect.

I don't have anyhing more to say about this, I have no complaints whatsoever. I'm wearing it without top coat, and it dries superfast, so I don't need it. The tip-wear is minimal, as you can see, on the second day with my quite long nails, this is really a minor tip-wear. I think I'm totally gonna buy this one and Freakin' Violet. And maybe a couple more. Shimmering Bronze looks great too, oh, and did I see a blue holo in the catalogue?? 

Really awesome nail-polish! 

What do you think? Like it, own any bottles?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Krasan lakić,stvarno ih znaš odabrati :-)

  2. Wow, baš je lijepo. Ne bi se bunila da imam ovaj lakić. ;)

  3. na prvu mi se ne cini kao da holo pase na ovu ljubicastu boju, al do kraja su me slike razuvjerile :)

  4. Lep!
    Ali spodaj uporabiš kak podlak?

  5. Uh, te Magnetic lake sem tudi jaz prečekirala in bi jih kar nekaj imela! :D

  6. nail crazy, bolje bi bilo reci, da jih zna moj polish guru. ;) Al hvala! :)

    Lalica, ne dobiju se na Hrvatskem? Možda se možemo nas dvoje šta dogovoriti. :)

    Lendoxia, da, holo + sunce = pobjeda svaki put. :)

    Katkoc, ne, ne uporabljam podlaka, nikoli. Enostavno se mi ne da, že tako dajem precej slojev na nohte, zaradi moje želje/zahteve po 100% prekrivnosti, potem pa navadno gor še nadlak .:)

    KrisInPhilly, thank you. :)

    Biba, vem, kar nevarno početje, gledanje teh lakov, bi rekla. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thank you for the comments!

  7. Wow, this holo is amazing. I really can't wait to get some of these.

    BTW, I had to use the microscope to see your "damaged" cuticle =). And even that I spotted only on one picture =)

  8. Wow, it looks amazing! Truly a uique colour - and a one-coater?! Awesome! :)

  9. colorfulbottle, yeah, it's gorgeous! :) Hehehe, it's good that you couldn't notice it, I think it's visible from the Moon. I hate winter and it's cold. :/

    Jette Fromm, welcome to my blog! :) Yes, it's a gorgeous shade, it's a bliss to apply, one coater, and an WOW!! colour. :)

    Thank you for the comments!

  10. Mmm, kako lepo izgleda na tvojih nohtkih. <3

    btw. Hvala za link. ;)

  11. Maestra, hvala. :) In malenkost, hvala tebi in ostalim Parokeetkam, da smo sploh zvedeli za Magnetic lake. :)