Thursday, 30 December 2010

Nubar - Verde

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm a bit under the weather, sore throat and other stuff, it's not the best day of my life, but yeah ... my BF took me for a fatty fat cheesburger that always helps and I bought my foribbiden candy - Dickmanns. Dick as in German 'fat', not as in English ... anyway. :P I adore this sweet, although it has like bazillion calories, especially if you're like me and eat entire set all by yourself. Oh well.

I must also thank all my wonderful followers. At the end of the year, around 3 months after I started blogging, I have 90 followers! I'm even more excited because this means I can get started on preparations for my first giveaway, for 100 followers! :D I cannot wait! Me and Tevta have discussed it, and I think you guys are gonna love it!

But until then I have another Nubar to show you, and this is one of my favourite like ever. Verde!

This one reminds me of one of my favourite poets, combined with one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. Federico García Lorca and the beautiful city of Granada in southern Spain. The poem I kept quouting in my mind while I wore this beauty. Well, the first verse at least.

ROMANCE SONÁMBULO                                     MESEČNA ROMANCA
Verde que te quiero verde.                         Zeleno, ki te hočem zeleno.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas.                       Zeleni veter. Zelene veje.
El barco sobre la mar                                 Ladja na morju
y el caballo en la montańa.                          in konj na planini.
Con la sombra en la cintura,                         S senco ob pasu
ella sueńa en su baranda                              ona sanja na balkonu,
verde carne, pelo verde,                              polti zelene, las zelenih,
con ojos de fría plata.                                  z očmi od hladnega srebra.
Verde que te quiero verde.                            Zeleno, ki te hočem zeleno.
Bajo la luna gitana,                                      Pod ciganskim mesecem           
las cosas la están mirando                            stvari jo motrijo
y ella no puede mirarlas.                               in ona jih ne more motriti.

(F. García Lorca, Antología poética,              (Prevod: Alojz Gradnik)            
Edición de Radae Juárez, 1996)                  

Green, lo I love you green;
green wind, green branches;
the ship on the sea
and the horse on the mountain.
With a shadow around her waist
she dreams on her balcony,
green flesh, hair of green,
and eyes of cold silver.
Green, lo I love you green.
Under the gypsy moon
all things are watching her
but she cannot see them.

(Translation: John Care)

This is just the first strophe, and I love it. Antología poética I bought in Granada, when my Spanish was still decent enough that I hoped I could read poetry in Spanish fluently. But anyway, I loooove this poem! It's so intimate, I love it. 

So yeah, besides the point that this is a gorgeous colour, it reminds me of something really awesome. A win win situation. :) This was 2 coats, and of course no trouble whatsoever. Perfect polish. With one problem: the base colour is blue based and it stained my nails after only two days. So I recommend a base coat. I must buy one, really ... The removal is a bit tricky, because of tiny glitter that creates glass specked finish can get on your skin. But no biggie. I stil love it, one of the best colours EVER!

What do you think about Verde? And Lorca, poetry in general? Do you like reading it? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Beautiful swatches! I don't know how you do this, but it's the second time you are showing something that I ordered the day before :)) I did my last order yesterday and Nubar Verde is a part of it, after so much back and forward choosing between Nubar Verde and Zoya Edyta :))
    Hope you'll get better soon!

  2. Beautiful. I was thinking about getting Zoya Edyta, but I think I like this one better... I love the poem too, and poetry in general, though I have never really read too much Lorca - but his name always brings a poem by Bukowski to my mind ;)

  3. grozna si! jesi više gotova s nubar lakovima,ovako mi samo vadiš mast!?
    imam jedan nubar,kako tužno, i oduševljena sam kvalitetom,a ti me tu zasipaš ovako krasnim bojama...uh,slatka li mučenja :-)

  4. alluring_mum, hehehe, we're on the same mind lever, I see. :D And I hope my pictures proved you won't be disappointed with Verde. It's one of the best from this year, I'd say. :)

    Nola, thank you. :) And I think Verde is better, but that's just me being a green polish freak, since Verde is a bit greener. :) Bukowski ... I know I've read something of his, but I can't remember what! I think this is going to bug me until I take some poetry by him from the library!

    Diana, hey, welcome to my blog! And thank you, I agree. :)

    Nail crazy, LOL :D Imam jih još nekoliko i moram da ti kažem da ne izgledaju ni malo loše. ;) :D Al znaš da je i meni muka, toliko jih još ima, i ovi su svi od Tevte, kako ću jih vratit, bome neznam. ;)

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

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    I hope my pictures proved you won't be disappointed with Verde. It's one of the best from this year.