Wednesday, 1 December 2010

NOTD Kinetics - Magic Wand

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you're somewhere warm, with cosy slippers/thick socks, maybe even enjoying better temperatures than we have in Ljubljana. I won't grumble about the weather and how it made my bad-sleep morning even worse, because it will not go well with this beauty that I discovered! A new awesome brand, guys!! That always gets me so excited, wiii!! 
Kinetics ... well, I didn't know about this brand at all until Latvia project. And you can try to find swatches, I tried and there aren't many out there. But I personally think, after trying out only two bottles, Kinetics needs some major love. I cannot find one bad thing on this baby. Check Magic Wand out.

*sings*  En-laaarge! It's gonna be worth it, promise. :)

A bit darker lighting, to show you how awesome this is in every light and the awesome goldish shimmer, it's really visible on this photo (maybe you'll need to enlarge the pic).

Before I start at all: 100 extra points for the coolest fantasy name ever, I mean, it's 'Magic Wand',  i'd want this for the name if not for anything else!
I don't know about you, but Magic Wand took my breath away when I applied it. It's such a stunning purple, with goldish shimmer giving it the WOW!! effect, that I crave for in a nail-polish. Absolute perfection of a colour! But it doesn't stop there! The brush is amazing, flatter, but not as wide as O.P.I. brush, more like Catrice, only better. Application is so easy it's almost funny. This is a two coater, extremly well pigmented, it surprised me tons with Sinful already just how well pigmented these polishes are. 

Drying time is surprisingly fast, I checked it just to tell you about it, after applying the second coat and grabbing my Seche Vite bottle I tried it on my left thumb and it was dry already! So yeah, really fast. I mean, I'd give it a couple of minutes, just to make sure everything is really dried up, but, for instance, Orly smudged after much longer time waiting, to compare the speed. 
Bottle is quite simple, I love it for the squarness of the shape, it fits everywhere, the handle is great for application, so yeah ...  I don't know what to write about this anymore, it sounds already like an aggressive commercial, but it's not. :) I'm just very overwhelmed about a new brand I just discovered and the perfection it reaches. 

So I searched the net about it and saw they have tons of nail product! Aaaa, wanna wanna! But seriously, if I don't get Deja Vu, Butterfly Wing Velvet (check this one out, seriously!), Summer Kiss, Catwalk and Afterparty, I think I'll just die. And tomorrow ... man, tomorrow, I have a colour for you, that is making me lift the bottle out of the box just to see it, it's so effing adorable. 

Awesome, Kinetics, I'm so glad we finally met! *mwa*

What do you think about Magic Wand? Do you have any of Kinetics polish? Let me know what you think about it!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Beautiful color. Reminds me a bit of OPI Diva of Geneva or maybe Catherine The Grape? Great pics!

  2. Jako lijepo, nešto mi u uhu zvoni kao da sam čula za ovaj brend ali nemam niti jedan lak.

    Nigdje ne vidim da piše koja je cijena?

  3. prvi put vidim i rekla bih da je ovo ljubav na prvi pogled :)

  4. Hm, meni pa odtenek ni preveč všeč.
    Imaš pa prav, ime tega laka je čisto veselje ljubiteljev fantazijskih knjig --> tudi mene, jasno. ;)

  5. Čudovit je, takoj bi ga imela.

  6. this is beautiful!! really like it! :)

  7. alluring_mum, I think Catherine is a bit softer purple, but Diva of Geneva can be a pretty close one! I'll try and make comparison with them both, if I can find Diva Of Geneva somewhere.

    Lalica, oko 4 eura, ali po drugih blogovima kažu i do 6 eura, tako da ovisno od države.

    Lendoxia, da, znam, prekrasna je. :)

    Nina, se mi je zdelo, da bo zate preveč neekstremna. :D Ni blazno svetla niti blazno temna. :D Ime pa zmaga, ja.

    Taya, res je. :)

    Danny, welcome to my blog! And yeah, I agree, I like it tons. :)

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thank you for the comments!