Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Orly's Precious and China Glaze's Anchors Away Spring Collections

Hey again! I've been going through my nail blog list (that is even longer than that on my blogroll), looking at your gorgeous swatches, reading the news, and saw a post on BodyAndSoul about Orly spring collection!  Truth be told, I got so into Tronica mood I almost forgot for a moment that basically all brands are launching a Spring collection. ;) So lets have a lil' chat about both Spring Collections, what say you?

I grew very fond of Orly in the past few weeks. Their brush is awesome, colours also, I already have quite a few lemmings on my WL ... and how couldn't I love the brand that gave us Space Cadet and Meet Me Under The Mistletoe? :) So seeing their new shades got me really excited. Especially because of the manner they did it. We can actually see the colours, because of very realistic polish drops and the bottles. 

As I was googling for more info, I found only pictures, but no release date yet, sorry to say. I think the name of the collection is quite suitable for this choice of colours. Very gentle, girly, if we don't include dark blue and teal, I dare say. Of course only teal and dark blue interest me. :) Perhaps also mint one. So Sapphire Silk, Royal Velvet and maybe Ancient Jade. 

I'm dying to get teal colour! I don't know why I haven't grabbed Peacock from AA or Ski Teal We Drop from OPI ... teal always slipped off my radar and lately I'm totaly craving it. If Orly is doing teal, I'm very gladly grabbing it with both hands. I just hope they arrive soon. ;) Note on Royal Velvet: bottle looks dangerously close to Health & Wealth And Happines from SpaRitual, for those who already have it, it may be a dupe alert. For me, if Orly does a dupe from that gorgeous colour, even better, since their brush suits me better. 

And CG's Anchors Away after the click :)

Ok, now, I'm sure you already know all about Anchors Away so it won't be hard for you to tell me your opinion on it. :) To refresh our memories, here's an awesome nail wheel, I found on BodyAndSoul blog, but you can google tons of hits too.

And if you're missing real swatches, All Lacquered Up has swatched Below Deck, Pelican Gray and Sea Spray AND you can find whole collection on China Glaze Facebook profile! When I first saw it I wasn't exactly in love with it, but after seeing some swatches, I'm really starting to love Sea Spray, when I saw it on ALU nails ... Lord Of The Rings, it's pretty! The same reason for me loving Below Deck. It's taupish purple and I love it. Now, obviously I love Starboard, being bright green, that reminds me alot of Essie's Pretty Edgy or is it a tad bit darker? From FB swatches I also liked Ahoy! and, surprisingly Life Preserver. I'm not a big fan of orange-ish colours, but this one is kinda cool. So 5 colours for me, but seriously, I'll be getting 100% Sea Spray, Below Deck and Starboard. We'll see about the other two. So China Glaze does not disappoint. Again. I really really really love that brand.

So yeah. What do you think about Orly in general? Will you be getting any bottles form Precious? And China Glaze? From these previews it's gonna be hard to beat all the awesome collections they're doing. Any colours for you in Anchors Away collection?

Thanks for reading & chat away!

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