Saturday, 28 April 2012

Two bright spring/summer Zoyas

Hey people! How are you doing? It's the study season! Well, it feels like it's always a study season for me, hah. Now, I know I have a few beauties to show you from my last package, but lately I've been on a giant orange kick, and since I don't have any unused orange polish, I'm putting my untrieds to a pause and reaching again form my already used polish. And yesterday I wanted to wear something insanely bright and blue and Tallulah just jumped into my mind and I remembered I haven't shown you this beauty before. As I opened my Zoya folder I saw it's quite full of not posted pictures, so I added Midori, being  one of my favourite Zoyas ever. They are both insanely bright and cheerful and just perfect for the warmer days, I'd say. :)

 Here's an older one with my long nails and a kitty on my ring finger. :)

Zoya Tallulah is awesome. So bright! So cheerful! Even has the slightest purple flash if you know how to turn your hand. Extremely easy to work with, the formula was a very pleasant surprise even for a Zoya (I'm used to awesome formula with their polish), it's very nicely pigmented and all in all a very good behaved polish. It's a part of Zoya Ooh-La-La Summer Collection for 2009, and I see now that so is Midori, haha, nice coincidence. :)

Zoya Midori reminds me of the Shire. Yeah, the hobbit Shire. Remember the fresh green colour of the grass in the movie when Gandalf is riding to Hobbiton and Frodo is sitting under the tree? I love that scene, because it depicts my thought of Shire very well. And Midori has the freshness of Shire grass, hehe. I love this polish to pieces. Three coats on the pictures, I did dots with Zoya Veruschka and screwed it up majorly on my little finger. I didn't like the overall result much either. Oh well. Midori still rocks!

Definitively the two stars of Ooh-La-La collection! What do you wear in Spring? Do you get the kicks for really bright colours like me or do you prefer the springy pastels? 

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Barielle - Buddha-ful (a.k.a Luna Lovegood polish)

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm enjoying my cup of coffee after my lunch and I think it's about time I show you this beauty. Buddha-ful got the most 'votes' or rather wishes to be seen first in the last package I got, so I'm showing it first too. I was curious about how we'll get along, being a very gentle colour that I don't usually wear, and still intriguing me from the bottle. I went through the blogsphere, trying to figure out whether to layer it or build it up and then I decided to build it up, since I wanted to have the bottle colour on my nails. 

I'm wearing it ATM and after two days I'm still loving it. I knew this will be the colour I'll either love or remove after an hour of wearing and as it seems, it is a major win in my book. It's unusual. Unique flakie.Of course I don't have anything near the colour in my stash yet. It's hard not to stare at your nails, the soft rose/beige base colour making your hands so gentle and elegant and the green-blue flakies providing the twist for the gentleness, making it a bit weird. 
I understand the connection with Buddha and the esoteric feeling this colour gives you when you're looking at it, but the first thing I thought of when my mani was complete was one strange and cute little witch, Luna Lovegood. From Harry Potter books, of course. Luna is very gentle, sweet and at the same time very unique and strange person. One of my favourite characters from the HP world, I love that girl. And I think the weird combination of soft beige base colour and green flakies would be a nice polish to make for Luna in Harry Potter nail polish collection. Yes, I had an idea of making it, 12 bottle collection, I'd go big. :D


The only way I could capture the blue shift of flakies is this rather bad photo, I'm afraid.

Alas my camera wasn't made to capture such details correctly. You'll just have to take my word for it, the flakies are much more visible IRL and the green-blue change isn't so hard to see with the naked eye. Still, most of the time flakies are green and i think that suits this polish just fine. I made a million photos and even a video,  and this is the best I could come up with. 

Buddha-ful is a part of Barielle Karma Collection for Summer 2011, a collection that does have some nice colours, but Buddha-ful is by far the most unique. On the pictures I have 4 thin coats, I payed special attention to not flooding my nails with too much polish, making them 'fat' as I call it. With four coats it builds very nicely. Three would be enough if you don't mind VNL. I think I'd have VNL with four too, if my nails were longer, but now I basically don't. I love how this polish builds, the base colour is sheer enough so the flakies look layered. You can also layer it but I don't like the milky touch the base colour gives to the mani if it is layered over a dark colour, so I decided against it.When my nails will be longer I'll probably layer it over a total nude, so it won't show.
The brush and formula were great too. This is my first Barielle, so I was curious about that. :)

Buddha-ful is a gorgeous polish. Very unique. I'm very positively surprised by it. :) How about you?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 23 April 2012

The many faces of Nubar Wildlife

Heya people! How about I show you today one of the Going Green Nubars? I've worn them all now and all I can say is, they are exactly what I expected or even more. Today I'll show you Wildlife with some Depend stickers I've bought a while ago. If you thought layering is the lazy way to do nail art, I discovered nail art stickers bring that laziness to a new level. :) But they are fun and I think they make a good accent nail mani.

Anyway. A few pictures, i wanted to capture as many colours this baby has as I could. 

 The stickers. I wanted to bring some wild life to the Wildlife polish, haha.

 The usual look of the colour.
 But wait! There's more!


And the stickers, if you're curious about them. I find them cute, because they're not overdone (like most nail stickers are). Just silver, simple things. Plus I like flowers.

Nubar Wildlife took three coats to be fully opaque. Mind you, for most two would be enough, it's just me being picky. The application was superb, as always with Nubar. I must admit something. Wildlife was a complete surprise for me. I didn't love it much on the photos. I liked it, but I prefered the rest of them over Wildlife. On the nails it took my breath away. I couldn't stop staring at my nails, especially outside. It's incredible. Trully incredible, you need this, if you like duochromes and/or green. I really recommend it. :) 

Do you have Wildlife? Do you like nail stickers or do you think they're a waste of time and money? 

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Paket Petek

Hello! It's going to be a short one today, I don't feel very well. Don't even know why, I hope I didn't catch anything. 
So here it is, another Paket Petek. Gotta love them, I sure do! :D This time it's a package from my swap buddy, and as always she sent a hell of a set!

A more unusual photo today, because I love how Buddha-ful looks like here. :) 
From L to mostly R: SpaRitual Sacred Ground, Barielle Buddha-ful, a franken Kris made and three Revlon bottles: Mistletoe, Glitz&Glam and Snow Bunny.

I can't get over how incredibly, incredibly cute a Sparitual mini is. I adore mini bottles, but Sparitual is the cutest of them all. Not to mention Sacred Ground was a wish of mine since the first time I saw the swatches. 
I can't wait to try the franken too, I also have to name it, it doesn't have a name! 

The colours that intrigue me the most are naturally the ones that aren't 'me'. Barielle Buddha-ful and Revlon Snow Bunny. Budda-ful is so unusual. So unusual I keep staring at the bottle, trying to figure it out. I love unusual polishes. Snow Bunny is a white sliverish foil, as it seems. A total win in the making, I suspect. ;) Either way, can't wait to play with them! Kris, you rock, like usually. :) Thank you!

Any special wishes on seeing any of them ASAP? And what was in your latest package you received?

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

BeYu 209

Yeah, you're gonna hate me for this one, won't you? You've seen it a million times, but now it's my turn to show it to you! I'm incredibly lucky when it comes to getting nail polish. Even when I completely give up on it or don't even consider trying to get it, a very nice girl contacts me, saying she can sent it to me in a swap. An offer I couldn't refuse was made and so now I have this beauty. So utterly gorgeous. I did a bunch of photos for ya, I couldn't decide which one to post, so I'm posting more of them. After I finished with taking pictures I sat down on the couch, basking in the sun, realising this baby looks ah-mazing in direct sunlight, so I made quick video of the sparkle play too. Hope you like it!

 A very wonky picture to show you the subtle multichrome effect.

Direct sunlight. It's on fire!

And the video, direct sunlight.

I layered BeYu 209 over Revlon Royal, it seems like most bloggers advise this combo. I've shown you Royal before, but those pictures turned out pretty horrible. I didn't do much better this time either, but still better than before. You know it anyway, it's utterly gorgeous blue jelly. Get it!

Two coats of Revlon Royal, two coats of BeYu 209 and it was love. Layering it over blue even satisfies my wish for Max Factor Fantasy Fire. :)

Do you have this BeYu? Are you on the 'unicorn pee' waggon?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Road trip moments: Lichtenfels, Germany

Hello my dear people! How are you, what's new? It's been a while! (Btw, thanks, Sabbatha, for the comment on my lack of post, it made me laugh. :D) So yeah, I guess you can tell from the title I was away for a few days because I was abroad. I was so busy days before the trip I didn't even had the time to let you know. Since my last posts on road trips were very well accepted, I decided I'll do another one with Lichtenfels. I didn't plan on doing it until I saw just how unbelievably cute and lovely the town is. So the pictures are made with my BF's phone, I didn't take mine. It's a great phone with a great camera, but alas not so great photographer. :P It was my first time of taking the pictures with it, I had to learn fast. ;) 

So yeah, let's start at the beginning. We travelled to Germany for one reason only: music! Lichtenfels is the town where the metal festival called Ragnarök occurs and I couldn't wait to get there. The listed bands were awesome and it's been a while since I've been to a festival. Around 8 hours drive on Thursday passed rather quickly, on very good but very boring highways of Germany. What surprised me the most on the way there was the fact we need to pay 41 euros just to pass Austria! Holy crap is that a lot of money for just going through the country (there and back again, of course)! But we noticed a couple of awesome castles and I'm hoping I'll convince my darling to go on a road trip to visit them, our northern neighbours have some really gorgeous castles hiding there. :) 

We got there late in the evening, set up a tent (I know, it's a tad bit cold for camping, but we brought a lot of blankets etc. so it was all good!) and awaited Friday when the festival officially started. In the morning we went to the town, since I was curious about how it looked like (and I really need coffee in the morning) and I was immensely surprised by how lovely it is. We went for a longer walk before we sat down for my cup of coffee every day, so here are some photos I took in those two days. I left them fairly large too.

 The main square, my first sight of the town. Love!

 I love how this building looks like.

I don't know the English word for these kind of baskets, but this one is the largest of its kind in the world, or so the writing below says. :) I love the idea, the stone baskets we usually have are so ugly. 

 I wanted to show how the green bracelet for the festival goes well with my polish of choice for this trip, but it looks too dark on this photo. It's Illamasqua Rampage, and here's a better photo of it.
The bald spots were not visible to the naked eye. It's the jelliness of Rampage that makes photos like this. This is one gorgeous, gorgeous polish. And it's awesome enough for me to wear it for days.

 Another basket! Like I said, I love the idea.

 The pretty flowers in the basket. :)

 Remember my fascination with old or carved doors from my road trip to Slovakia?

 This tree is gorgeous. It doesn't look awesome enough on the photo, IRL it was magnificent, even naked, I can't imagine how awesome it is with leaves.

This was some sort of a fountain. Water fell on the steps and so for quite a few meters, it ended somewhere near that car, with a large circle basin. What I loved about it was the sound of water, as I sat in that coffeehouse you see on the photo. :) I couldn't make too many pictures or pictures over the water, I think my BF was nervous enough just with me standing so closely to the water with his phone in my hands. FYI: I'm a clumsy person. ;)

The people of Lichtenfels are extremely nice and willing to help, we haven't had one bad experience. The coffeehouse even made an ice cream flavour for Ragnarök only, with the taste of mead, of course. :D It was good too! The prices are decent and all in all it's a very nice surprise that i loved the town so much, since it wasn't even the purpose of our travel. 

The festival itself was amazing. Really amazing, so much better than I expected. The pace and hall are awesome, we found some Slovene people there too, so it was a total party, the prices of drinks were really decent ... I can't complain about a thing, even the design of the logo and everything is right after my taste. And I finally got my Summoning hoodie, the one I wanted to steal from my BF for so long, Minas Morgul hoodie. For a very decent price too. I was so happy. The bands were incredible too. Some really awesome concerts. My neck hurts even to this day, haha.

The festival officially ended on Sunday. Right after we packed our stuff and drove out of the festival area it started to rain. We got really lucky with the weather. It stopped raining on Thursday and started again on Sunday. Maybe Thor made a deal with the weather to give us a break or something. :D So we returned to Slovenia on Sunday evening. I was so tired I couldn't do a thing for two days, so here I am, typing this on Tuesday. :) I hope you liked the post, I'll be glad to read your comments on it too. :) 

And what were you up to on this weekend? :)

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Black&white challenge inspired mani

Heya darlings! How are you doing? I'm just about to work with colour and eggs, yes, we're late again, as every year. :) Still, it's a fun tradition we have at home. Hope you're having nice holidays, if you celebrate them!

You probably noticed (or not), that I'm trying at least once a month to do a mani I saw on blogs and loved it. To push my nail art trying a bit on the move. This time I was inspired by many manicures, all hidden in the Black and White Challenge some girls did. I was kindly invited to the challenge too, but had to say no, as my lack of time isn't getting any better. These girls really showed me black and white can work as a combination. In general I dislike it, it's one of my least favourite combinations with black. But this time, after seeing some really amazing work at Nail Crazy, My Little Vanities, Taya and Nail Buff, to name a few, I said, hey, let's try this.

I had a Hema Metallic in my untrieds, I've already shown you the blue and the green one, and this one was standing there for way too  long. As I did stripes with the other two, I did stripes with black one too. 

Hema Metallic black (it doesn't have a name, just a bunch of numbers) is more of a silverish foil, as it turns out, but I liked it still, I love foil finish. :) I did scotch tape stripes with H&M White and that was it. Two easy coats of each. Still ... black&white isn't really up my alley so I removed this the next day. I like the pattern, so I must try something similar with black&red ... or green. Or blue. Or orange ... yeah, you get it. :)

What do you think? Do you like themed challenges? 

Thank you for reading & have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Paket petek with my bday gifts

Hello! How are you doing on this beautiful day? I just changed my polish and am wearing the ah-mazing BeYu 209 so I'm feeling pretty good even if I'm on a diet, hehehe. Today is Friday and this week I've received another package, lucky me! This time it was the lovely Parokeets that surprised me. I got a gift for answering their survey about the blog and I must say, they nailed it.

The lipstick is Revlon ColorStay 300 and it's one of the best lipsticks I own. It's matte and this gorgeous purple colour, I love it so much! It surprised me to see it in the package and I immediately put it on, curious about the colour. The colour is perfect and the quality of the lipstick amazing. It lasts for SO long and still it doesn't dry up my lips. Epic win!
Flormar is a crackle and a neon one. My first neon polish! That's why I'm really curious about how will we get along. It's always like that when I get a polish that surprises me. So I can't wait to try it on, I'm thinking about the right colour combo. And green neon is always the best way to start for me. :D

Parokeets, thank you so much for the lovely surprise! It really made my day so much nicer. :)

The other thing I wanted to show you are my birthday gifts. Now, my bday is actually in the middle of March, but as it happens, I had a very important exam right after my bday, so I postponed the celebrations until the end of the month, that's why I'm showing the gifts a bit later.

The black Angry Bird! I must admit, I love playing Angry Birds. Luckily I'm not obsessed with it much, because I can only play it on my BF's cell phone (i don't wish to play it on the computer and my phone doesn't support the game) and when I'm with him I prefer to be with him, not play a game. :) Still, sometimes i get completely caught up in it. And the black angry bird is my favourite. It explodes! The bird i like the least is the white one, with the dropping egg. It's so useless, blah! :P So anyway ... this was brought all the way from Finland, so a 100% original bird. :) I also got a wonderful, really wonderful card with it, and extra coins for my Spain trip, for which i'm really grateful!

Animal bookmarks. How adorable is that?!?! I'm a giant bookworm, as you all know and a friend of mine surprised me with this cute little thing. I love the writing on the back of the label, 'Henry sometimes falls asleep while he's reading.'. So cute! And I can relate to that. When my blood pressure falls, I can read the most interesting book in the world, I'll still fall asleep.

I have never enough earrings. Also because I keep losing them. :( I have a tradition now for a couple of years with a good friend of mine, we buy each other earrings for birthday. Although she's better at not losing them so she already has tons ... maybe I should buy her something else this year, hehe. Anyway. Lovely black earrings I can wear every day. :)

This is a part of gifts I received, some of it was money, some already gone, being sweets and oh, yes, The Body Shop shower gel I forgot to take a picture of. It's the smell of Moroccan Rose and I love it, my friend brought it all the way from France. :)

I can't show you my BF's gift (well, a part of the angry bird is his :D), because he bought concert tickets for a band called Fates Warning. I was really broke then and I was studying my ass off so I already accepted the fact I won't be going with him. You have no idea what concert I'd miss if I did that. It was ... incredible. Even a month later I'm constantly listening to them, trying to get the feeling like I had enough, because the concert only left me wanting more. They were amazing. I'm so happy I actually saw them. :) So here's at least a video of one of my favourite songs, made by them. :)

Fates Warning - One

So yeah ... I have awesome people around me. :) And for that I'm grateful. :)

What was in the last package you received? What's your favourite birthday gift you received or gave?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

BB Couture spring beauties

Hello my dear people. How's everything? Enjoying the first true days of Spring? Here we already have the beautiful Lady Spring moving in. Sure, today is a bit chillier and greyer, but otherwise it's getting nice and warm. Love that! A couple of days ago me and my BF went for a long long walk, and we went through the nearby forest too. Oh, it made me so happy. Flowers everywhere, even those I haven't seen for years, birds everywhere, the tiny, adorable ones that I love, jumping from tree to tree, the smell of woods and only a few people ... Nirvana for the soul.

Today I have two springy colours by BB Couture for ya. Nice and bright and sparkly. :) Horned Devil was on my WL for ages, literally. Dear Stefanie was so kind she surprised me with it and it is utterly gorgeous. 

Horned Devil is a part of BB Couture Butterfly Collection for Spring 2010. The same collection that has Caterpillar, another lemming of mine. Horned Devil is really bright and really juicy. I get thirsty for a glass of orange juice every time I wear it or see the photos. Like right now. It's a jelly, so the VNL is forgiven. And it's packed with sparkly fine, tiny glitter. You could see that on the video, but Blogger won't load it, little jerk. Playful, cheerful polish. Totally loved it. Three coats on the pictures. I thought about doing a fourth one, but since it's a loud jelly, i didn't mind VNL.

Second is Studio 54. A green BB Couture, how surprising, eh? I think green is their strongest colour and I adore the greens they do, they're unique! Studio 54 is a gorgeous bright green with  golden and green micro glitter. Yum!

Studio 54 is a part of BB Couture Disco Collection. I suspect it was released for Holidays 2009, since most of bloggers post it in the beginning of 2010 ... but I know not. Anyway. This was three coats. Two will suffice for full opacity, but the third one gives it more depth. It's really beautiful, although it bothers me a bit how it looks like the glitter is sitting on the polish. It's not, this baby is smooth with a single coat of TC. Nothing major though! :)

What are your colours to wear in Spring? :) 

Thank you for reading!