Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kiko 266 and a comparison with Catrice

Hey my darlings! How are you? I put this Kiko 266 on yesterday and realised I probably never even posted a comparison I did ... well, probably a year or two ago with Catrice Blue My Mind. I did show you 266 before but the photos are not so good, so let's look at it again. It is a gorgeous shimmery blue, I cannot get sick of these type of blues.

This was two coats, very easy application, Kiko has great brushes. And now for the old comparison, Kiko 266 vs. Catrice Blue My Mind.

My gosh, look at my nails! I can't remember the last time I had them this long. Blue My Mind is a discontinued beauty Catrice made in the first wave of their polishes, and both brush and formula were amazing. The colours are very close, Kiko is a tad bit lighter.

Which is your favourite Kiko shade and which one is the winner for you in the comparison?

BTW; this made my day:

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

NOTD: Zoya ~ Isla

Hey people! How are you doing? I have a quick NOTD for you today. I picked this colour because it is one of my BF's favourites and it is his birthday tomorrow. Zoya Isla is a gorgeous, utterly gorgeous, sexy red. It is one of my most used colours in the stash. Love her.

I never read much about Isla, apparently it is one of the quiet beauties Zoya created. If you like sexy reds, I do recommend it though, it has an amazing formula, perfect brush and shimmer to die for. :)

What is on your nails today?

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Connect the dots white sandwich

Hey people! How are you doing? I am just about to change the polish on my nails (I had a nasty fall at my BF's when we were leaving the house and trying to catch my balance I hit the wall very hard with my nails. Polish is quite damaged and I suspect nails are too) and I remembered this mani. I am still on the fence about it. In my mind it looked awesome. White nails, with Connect the dots and then another layer of white polish over it, creating this clean, icy look. Well ... I kind of felt like I did a bad painting job on a wall when I finished with polishing. And the next days of wearing it, I went from liking it to hating it, but never really loving it. I don't know, really ... what do you think?

This was two coats of Colorama French White, then a coat of Lynnderella Connect the dots, then another coat of French White and then, realising French White is too opaque, another layer of Connect the dots. Plus top coat. And I still think I dislike it more often than like it. 

Do you have any colour or combination you can't really decide whether you like it or not?

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

A few words about hair

Hey guys! Let's take a break from nails and talk about hair. Oh yes, I have a thing for hair. And I love good, healthy long hair, on both men and women. Ever mentioned that my BF has longer hair than me (and mine are around middle of my back long)? Ever mentioned I hit the floor with my jaw when I first saw them? Gorgeous. :) So yeah, I am a hair person, as odd as that may sound. And I believe hair is important for ones confidence. A good friend of mine invested in a very good wig, due to her extremely thin hair and it showed on her confidence enormously. 

Plus, hair is something you can play with almost as much as your nails. You can dye it, cut it, make it longer, curl it, straighten it … sky is the limit. Especially with good hair extensions, I think you can work magic, they give you the lenght and the quantum to work with. That is where BestHairBuy comes in. The lovely people from Besthairbuy contacted me and after searching their page, I must say, I am surprised at affordable prices of their hair products made out of real hair! Not only that, they offer different types of hair, by texture and colour, which is essential if you are going for complete natural look, so that the extensions really fit with your natural hair.

When browsing through the page, I also stumbled upon expression "Remy Human Hair" (in the Weft/Weave department). If you, like me, never heard of expression Remy, here is the explanation: it is hair with their cuticles intacted, on non-Remy extensions the cuticles are cut. But with Remy hair the complete natural appearance is achieved, for they are arranged in natural, unidirectional way and therefore act completely as natural hair.

And a word about why real hair and not sintetic one – even though the sintetic one can look pretty good, you cannot dye it, it is sensitive to heat and sun and will get damaged quicker than real hair, not to mention it cannot be styled as easily as real hair. Real hair simply act like your own and you can do to it everything you do to your hair without worrying. So if you like to curl or straighten your hair, or like to dye it, I would buy the real deal if I were you, also the prices do not differ that much IMHO, especially for the effect.

At the moment, is offering really good prices on 16 inch hair weaves, really good discounts, some of them are more than 50% off! These look awesome, precisely because you can work best with the lenght, I mean, you can do just about anything with 16 inch of hair lenght. I think this is especially great for special occasions such as weddings, when the brides usually like their hairstyle a bit more complex or for the occasions when you just like to have a very rich amount of hair falling down your back.

So yeah … pretty good deal, I would say. Plus, the page is very nice to browse through, it is bright, they did not clutter it, the bright read head on top of the page gives you very clear options on browsing and they also have a chat window if you need your questions answered right away, there is a good chance there will be a person there to help you. I also love the Youtube tutorials button and feedback from their customers, so you can rest assured you are buying something good.

If you are planning on buying hair extensions, I would recommend the page. The staff is really nice and helpful and the prices for real and Remy hair very good! Plus, the page is having major sale now, up to 75% off for some products!

Ever thought about buying hair extensions, do you wear them?

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*this is a sponsored post. Nevertheless, it is my sincere and unbiased opinion on the matter. You can read more in my disclosure. 

Catrice ~ Petrolpolitan

Hey everyone! How are ya? If you have 5 minutes, do the anti-rain dance with me, I want to jog today and the weather suddenly decided to get all rain-y. I prefer not to jog in rain, because I always bring a pound and a half of dirt home. 

Today I will show you a polish that everyone probably knows, it's one of the most popular new(ish) Catrice shades, Petrolpolitan. It is a beauty, it reminds me of I Sea You darker, sparkly sister. My nails here are quite long, I wore it right before my middle finger nail snapped quite painfully. But it was after a long long time that I was able to wear my nails that long. 

This was three coats and the brush was horrible. But the colour is quite awesome. I hope Catrice brings back their old brush with new line in Fall, I really do. 

What shades did you get in the last renovation of Catrice?

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

24/7 gradient mani

Hello everyone! How are you doing on this fine day? :) Oh, BTW, did you all switch to bloglovin' now that GFC is supposedly gone? I can't really tell the difference, I thought my list of blogs will disappear now, but when I open Blogger it is still there with your latest posts. So I am not sure what is the deal ... anyway, you can follow my blog on bloglovin, naturally, by clicking on the button on the right side, should that be more convenient for you. :) 

Today I have a gradient mani. Since the names of the polish I used are VII and 24k Gold I titled it 24/7 gradient mani. I had this combo in mind for quite a while before I did it. Honestly, I wish the gradient effect would be more ... well, gradient. It looks too much half-half for my taste. Practise makes perfect, right? I do like the colour combo though, even if it is extremely blingalicious. 

I remember not being too sure about the combo while I wore it. Looking at the pictures, I like it, aside from failing a bit with the gradient effect. I used China Glaze VII as base and Petite 24k Gold glitter for gradient. 

Do you like gradient manis? Do you do them often? How do you avoid it looking simply as 50-50 mani?

Thank you for reading and your comments!

Monday, 8 July 2013

A holographic duo

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? I finished my exams around two weeks ago, started enjoying my vacation while searching for a summer job (very bad timing for that in Slovenia) and enjoyed three days of blissful peace surrounded by mountains this weekend. It was neat! Today I am already back at the computer, this time searching for a room in Bratislava! I am going on a student exchange program there, yay! So if any of Slovak readers are still sticking to this blog of mine, and can help me with any information about renting a room, I will be most grateful! My email is up there in the contacts! 
I love Slovakia, I visited it a couple of years ago and fell in love with it. It will be my first time in Bratislava and I can hardly wait for it! :) 

But to the nails of this post ... lately I have grown fond of what I call duo manicure. Because it is composed of two different colours. I'm a very shrewd mammal, aye. Seriously though, I like the combo. I will show you both hands. Plus, I love how OPI DS Glamour looks with Jade Holografico Hypnose! Cool colours!

Are you wearing holographic polish now more often, thanks to the sunny days?

Thank you for reading!