Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kiko 266 and a comparison with Catrice

Hey my darlings! How are you? I put this Kiko 266 on yesterday and realised I probably never even posted a comparison I did ... well, probably a year or two ago with Catrice Blue My Mind. I did show you 266 before but the photos are not so good, so let's look at it again. It is a gorgeous shimmery blue, I cannot get sick of these type of blues.

This was two coats, very easy application, Kiko has great brushes. And now for the old comparison, Kiko 266 vs. Catrice Blue My Mind.

My gosh, look at my nails! I can't remember the last time I had them this long. Blue My Mind is a discontinued beauty Catrice made in the first wave of their polishes, and both brush and formula were amazing. The colours are very close, Kiko is a tad bit lighter.

Which is your favourite Kiko shade and which one is the winner for you in the comparison?

BTW; this made my day:

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  1. it blue my mind mi je jedan od omiljenih lakova, pa ja čuvam i štedim ;)
    kiko mu se čini kao dostojna zamjena :D

  2. Catrice mi je ljepsi od Kika, sad vise nisam sigurna jel imam ovog catrice ili ne :prevelikakolekcija:

  3. I'm in love with both, I can't get bored of blue polishes *__*

  4. I have this Kiko, it's really gorgeous! My favourite Kiko is #336 :)

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  6. Zelo lepe nohte imaš. Barva tega laka je noro lepa:)
    Sledim tvojemu blogu, upam da boš tudi ti mojemu (če ti bo všeč, seveda)!