Tuesday, 9 July 2013

24/7 gradient mani

Hello everyone! How are you doing on this fine day? :) Oh, BTW, did you all switch to bloglovin' now that GFC is supposedly gone? I can't really tell the difference, I thought my list of blogs will disappear now, but when I open Blogger it is still there with your latest posts. So I am not sure what is the deal ... anyway, you can follow my blog on bloglovin, naturally, by clicking on the button on the right side, should that be more convenient for you. :) 

Today I have a gradient mani. Since the names of the polish I used are VII and 24k Gold I titled it 24/7 gradient mani. I had this combo in mind for quite a while before I did it. Honestly, I wish the gradient effect would be more ... well, gradient. It looks too much half-half for my taste. Practise makes perfect, right? I do like the colour combo though, even if it is extremely blingalicious. 

I remember not being too sure about the combo while I wore it. Looking at the pictures, I like it, aside from failing a bit with the gradient effect. I used China Glaze VII as base and Petite 24k Gold glitter for gradient. 

Do you like gradient manis? Do you do them often? How do you avoid it looking simply as 50-50 mani?

Thank you for reading and your comments!


  1. Ja, ane..cela zmeda je bila okol tega :)
    gugl je ugasnil samo Reader aplikacijo, ki je bila očitno dost popularna reč za spremljanje/branje raznih virov; Blogger je ločena zadeva, ki še živi. GFC podpora za "ne-blogger bloge" (ki laufajo na drugih platformah) je bila že lani ukinjena.
    Na hitro in po domače povedano :)

    Nohti so mi pa ful všeč! Samo jz bi, erm, "krajši" gradient naredila; mogoče bi se že s tem ognila temu, da zgleda "50-50".

  2. It's Google Reader that went away, not GFC, so no worries :)

  3. Really like the gradients and this one is really cute :-)

  4. I'm deeply in love with gradient manis and I discovered myself creating them more easily than what I thought!
    The plum-gold combo is perfect IMHO!

    BTW I didn't notice any difference after the supposed Google Reader swicth-off, I can still read my bloglist and new posts from my Blogger HP too! I'm using bloglovin from the start, though, I'm more at ease with it!

  5. volim gradijent u svim oblicima i veličinama ;)
    i bojama :D

  6. Ovo mi je vise jesenska manikura, ali super izgleda :D