Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy 2013!

Heya folks! I'm just dropping by for a moment before I start putting make up on for today's party. My mani is drying, so it's a perfect excuse. :)

I wish you all the best in year 2013, may it be happy, successful, full of health, joy, laughter and those precious little moments that just make everything better. 

My NY mani is China Glaze Tinsel Town, an old photo:

And a quick photo of what I baked today for the party, as I'm quite happy with the result. :) Cinnamon buns! I wish I could gave you one as well. :)

Have a great new year's eve, whether with your friends and family or with a nice book or a good movie and nice warm tea, may it be a good night! 

~ Ulmiel

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Jaw drop findings: Darling Girl Cosmetics

In last two days I got an idea for another 'theme' on the blog. I have one for ages now but I want to take my time for that one, which just might be a mistake, as I never find it. The idea behind the theme of today is simple and I wonder if it will stick. The thing is, sometimes I find something on beauty blogsphere and I just die a little, I like it so much. Either a look, a shade, a product ... whatever. And I often think to myself: I have to mention that in my next post on blog! But then a day or two pass, I write a post, it seems already long enough or that any other news in it would stick out a bit, and I leave it behind. And now I will try with this, we'll see how it turns out. :) I know there are many ways on the internet for similar things, Pinterest, Twitter and so on, but I'm not drawn to it. I hardly ever use Facebook too. I have my blog and that's my piece of internet I like to use. :)

This discovery made it on top of my make up wishlist. I was browsing through blogpshere and Phyrra's look caught my eye. As I looked at the products list, I noticed the eyeshadow named Bazinga. Eyeshadow named Bazinga?! I clicked my way through the Internet jungle and found Darling Girl Cosmetics. One of the indie brands of make up products and the creator behind the brand made a Big Bang Theory inspired eyeshadow collection. Lord. Of. The. Rings. Not sure if I even mentioned that, but I am a huge, huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. I re-watch many episodes, have favourite episodes as well, and I can find quotes from the show for many situations, proving I am truly a geek. Not to mention that when I saw the names of the eyeshadows, not only did I know who said it or what situation was it taken from, but heard/saw them say it in my head. Yeah. Big fan. 

The picture is taken from and property of  Darling Girl Cosmetics page! I only cropped the eyeshadow out.

I *love* that the creator used Gerard as a name, that made me laugh. It's such a tiny detail that only a fan would remember. On, not to mention the eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous!! My favourite being Alright Ma!, Lizard Spock, Knock Knock Penny, Still At The Nerd Table and What Up Moon Pie?. But all of them are stunning. The rest of the eyeshadow on the page is great as well, but I really need the Nerdvana collection, I'm such a fan of good eyeshadow and The Big Bang Theory, it's a total must for me.

What do you think of the new theme? Do you know Darling Girl Cosmetics, can you recommend any products?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Bunny is connecting the snow dots

Heya folks! I'm trying quite desperately to find stuff to do in order to avoid college work. I've done a make up look with MUA (btw, love the eyeshadows and the powder blusher, it suits me perfectly), I went for a coffee with a friend, I went for a walk, cooked lunch, made tea, edited photos ...I just might do a bit of exercise and dancing after I finish with this post. You know ... to get the blood flowing and they I'll really go to work! Yeah ... actually, I really do need to work, so I better stop making excuses. But I miss dancing, I just might give it half an hour. And now I'm seriously rambling, aren't I?

Revlon Snow Bunny is a perfect polish for snowy winter. It matches the snow rather well. It's a beautiful white foil, I think I fell in love with white foil when I saw it on Das Experiment blog. Then again, everything looks perfect on her gorgeous nails. :) Snow Bunny is a bit sheer, I needed 4 coats for full opacity, but I really love the finished look. I put Lynnderella's Connect the Dots on top, and they look pretty awesome together.

 This is actually how white Snow Bunny is! A bit shaky picture, but it's the best I could get to actually capture the whiteness.

When I started applying Connect the Dots I grabbed the biggest hexagonal ever! See it on my pinky? I did not know hexs that size are even in the polish. It is crazy big. :D I love Connect the Dots, really, it's such a perfect layering polish, it saves just about every possible colour I put it on so far. Revlon Snow Bunny is a very awesome shade as well. Plus it's very easy to work with, if you have the patience to apply 4 coats for full opacity. I do, so it's not really a problem, the brush and the formula are very nice.

Do you like white foils? Which one is your favourite?

Btw, this is probably the song of 2012 for me, I've been listening to it whole day long, might as well put it on the blog. I cannot get sick of it.When I first heard it I actually got that feeling, you know, when you hear a song and it's like a whole new world of music just opened for you and you know this song is going to be like a drug for you, just constantly listening to it, and enjoying every second of it? That is how my love for Agalloch was born, yes.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Glittering Garland with silver drops

Hello people! How are you? I hope you are having a great holiday week, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! :) I already feel much much better, thank you all for your kind thoughts! 
I redid my mani yesterday, as my previous one got pretty tired. I adore Glittering Garland, it has to be one of the best greens I own. You know I love greens and glass flecks, so GG was pretty much meant for me. Lately, with having little time for taking pictures and the gloomy weather that kills all chances for natural daylight photos (that is especially important for multichromes and holos), I'm enjoying discovering the beauties in my stash all over again. Glittering Garland seems perfect for this season. 

Because I really like the effect of drops some bloggers do on their manicures, I decided to try something like that as an accent finger. It did not came out as I wanted, my drops are too shaky and just not right. And this is a dotting tool, for crying out loud. One would think a monkey can use a dotting tool, but honestly, I always screw up my dots. I like how it looks if you don't pay too much attention to the details at least.

I think silver and green go well together. I just thought of Slytherin though ... not a fan of Slytherin, really, but their colour and animal choice are superb. :)

What is on your nails today?

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Paket Petek with ArtDeco and MUA

Some of you already saw these pictures, I was just trying to move this on actual Friday, but I guess Blogger doesn't like the idea ... I apologize for the confusion!

 These are the two pacakges I received last Friday, both joint orders with at least one of my friends. :)

First the package from Slovene online store called, where they sell ArtDeco products. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this on the blog, but I am a huge fan of ArtDeco. They offer a very high quality and are of medium price range, so I as a student can afford them too. I adore their Teint Concealer for darker circles under my eyes, I love their Concealer stick, their eyeshadows in million shades ... and their variety of products. But what I love most about them is their collaboration with Dita Von Teese. I adore her. She is so sexy in a sophisticated way, and so glamorous, she is amazing, really. I've always been amazed by her and when I heard that she's making make up collection with ArtDeco I couldn't wait to see it! Classic was not really my cup of tea, although I regret now not getting two eyeshadows and a lipstick ... but Fall Favourites is a perfection of a collection. I would have bought all that is available in the collection, had I have the money. Sadly, when it came out, I was short on money, but I knew Moja kozmetika has outlet offer and I hoped to see Dita's collection there. Just a few days ago I saw the news on ArtDeco FB page and I asked a couple of my friends if they'd be interested in ordering and this is what we chose.

When I think of Dita, I immediately think "perfect lips". That is why I really wanted to have her lipstick. I have a love story with Erotique. The first time I saw it on the counter, I actually held my breath. It was an utter perfection, I wanted it SO badly. But I did not have 15 eur to spend on a lipstick. So Erotique was the trigger for this haul. I want the rest of the collection as well, because the formula is perfect and the package ... it's actually heavy, not plastic and the design wonderful. I feel awesome applying the lipstick and I feel like a million bucks wearing it.

And yeah, 4 matte top coats. :) It's meant for gifts as well. I also already wore Mystique eyeshadow and it's really amazing. Oh, and yes, trust that Dita will have the most perfect names for make up ever. :)

A video of her, because she's perfect.

And now for the MUA haul. I could not say no to their -40% offer and together with a friend caught the very last moments of the sale (I didn't read it carefully enough and thought it lasts until midnight, when it lasted only until 5pm). I have not tried anything by MUA yet, because I got ill, but I have done some quick swatches, wanting to know about pigmentation and I must say, I really like it. Plus the price is just ridiculous for this quality.

This is how the violet one actually looks like, much less blue toned and with blue shimmer. I wanted this eyeshadow for ages, it is stunning. Also the purple in the palette is not that pale. My camera hates the purples.

I am also very curious about cream blusher, as I never used it before. I picked very subtle shades of blushers, because I always do my lips or eyes with bold colours, so I tend to use very natural blushers, in order to avoid looking like a clown. :) I hope they'll suit me, I like them in the pans. :)

So yes, that is it ... do you like ArtDeco make up? And did you buy anything from MUA special offers? :)

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 24 December 2012

A simple holiday mani

A very simple one, since I'm still not feeling 100%. I just layered one coat of Twinkle Lights (China Glaze) over BeYu 306, that I'm already wearing for a couple of days now. I planned to do a very cool holiday gradient, but now I just don't feel like doing my nails at all.

I wish you all happy holidays!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My (not so very) secret wishlist/plan for 2013

So yeah, I did this plan last year, and apparently it helped, because I've gotten most stuff on it! Brushes were an amazing gift from my dear Parokeets (I use all of them regularly, half of them every day, and they are amazing! I'm talking about BH Cosmetics Deluxe set of 10 brushes, in Slovenia you can get them at, Burberry The Beat was a lovely surprise gift from my boyfriend, I've bought all Beauty UK eyeliners I planned (and later on added one more on the WL, waiting for my next order), and I bought/got so many eyeshadows in this year, I don't need the 120 palette anymore. :) So only two things are left on the WL, and they are still there because they are either pricey or hard for me to get.

This year some stuff remained on the WL, due to the fact I've become obsessed a bit with it, some have changed. If the result in the end of the 2013 will be as good as this year, it will be very cool.

Oh yes. This year my newly awakened obsession most certainly are perfumes. I love perfumes, always had, but this year a very good friend of mine introduced me to the 'craft' again and I started discovering them all over again, this time also from the perspective of notes and durability (and not just on 'I like it' - 'I do not like it' scale). What you see on the photo is my top 5. In no particular order, these are perfumes I liked most in the past few months, so I dare say I will like them in the future as well. They are amazing. Naturally, I do not expect to buy them all, but at least one of them would be really awesome. :) I can already see, if they weren't so expensive, I'd already have 20 of them. Horrible. :)

Aaand I'm not done with brushes either. Although I'm really happy that my collection of brushes has grown to a respectful size (for me at least), I am in need of a good blending brush. That's my biggest target for next year. And we all know which one is the most well known and praised. MAC 217! The price is ridiculous, but if half of that gals are saying about it is true, I think it is well invested money. I see on ličila that BH has a blending brush as well, but is out of stock ATM. Perhaps I shall start with that one, I'm very happy with my BH brushes. Oh, in this department I also plan to buy more eyeshadow brushes, since I have a million colour combinations and sometimes not enough time to wash the brushes. Any recommendations?
Another new discovery in make up department are certainly blushes or blushers or however you wanna call them. This is thanks to a wonderful blogger and make up enthusiast that owns, a really awesome girl that goes by the nickname Krvava Meri (Bloody Mary). Before her post on blushes I've always deemed them a bit unnecessary, being fairly quickly red in the face (and no, I do not see anything nice, classy or cute about it), but since I started using it, I realise just what a difference it is, having the right blush on your make up look. So I'm planning to buy more of them, definitively, first in line: La Femme!
Moroccanoil Treatment Serum for hair. I really want this, I've read a very good review on it and I really want to pamper my hair with it. They get dry fast and I always grab them with my purse or jacket, making them snap, so they deserve something extra.
My depilator is about 10 years old. It has to go, ladies. I need the new, super cool and non-painful hair-eater, that I can use without cursing like a sailor. Definitively a must purchase next year. Again, if you have any suggestions on really good ones, let me know.
I really want the little hand/fitness or whatever weights. At one point I used plastic bottles of water at home, but they are so clumsy. I like to exercise at home, it makes me feel great, but a lot of exercises I want to do include the little weights, so I gotta buy them. 


To end in my style. Eyeshadow, naturally. The three brands on the picture are Sugarpill, Concrete minerals and Lime Crime. They all have a thing in common: they all produce extremely bright, extremely pigmented matte eyeshadow. And boy oh boy, I want them. The bright red, the bright yellow, orange, green, blue ... and all mattes. My holy grails of eyeshadow department. Sure, I want the sparkly one as well, but matte bright eyeshadow is my lemming for quite a while now. And from what I see and read on blogsphere, these three brands are perfect for killing my lemming. I put Lime Crime Chinadoll in the picture because that is the specific craving from the brand. *pictures taken from, and

So yeah. Loads of make up, again. Again loads of eyeshadow. There would be a lot of lip products as well, but I'm working on that area already in this year, so it doesn't count. ;)

It's a long wish list. I like a lot of stuff. Of course the most important things in life are not things, so the top of my WL definitively takes the spititual area. Love, health, peace of mind, happiness. But we all know that, and we all wish the same, when it comes to the very basis, don't we? I wish that for you as well!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Zoya ~ Skylar and Apple

Hello my dear people! I'm having one of the worst days this Fall/Winter, so I'm getting my mind occupied with one of my favourite things, make up, of course. If mind wanders away I start thinking negative thoughts and that's just bad. 
By the way: thank you for all your comments! It seems I can't find enough time to answer them to save my life, so I want to thank you for taking your time and commenting this way. If you have any specific question that you'd like answered ASAP, just write me an email, I will answer an email quicker. 

I am wearing Skylar right now, for the second time. It is such a gorgeous dusty blue, I adore it. I saw comparison made with Skylar and OPI I Have a Herring Problem and they are very close. I love Zoya's formula and brush so I am very happy with Skylar. And I love the name. It sounds very odd and new to me, but the sound is beautiful. I could easily name a being I love Skylar. 

You can see on the last picture the tiny green sparkle Skylar contains. It also has a pinkish one just like it! And if you focus on your nails a bit, you can see them both. But it is very subtle, just a little spice to the gorgeous dusty blue with silver specks. Skylar is a part of Zoya True Spring Collection for 2012. I can already see it will become one of my favourite Zoyas. Come to think of it ... although I adore Fall shades, it's the Spring and Summer ones that really grow on me in Zoya collection. Caitlin and Gemma come immediately to mind, they are my most worn Zoyas. And now Skylar. Love. Interesting enough, since usually I find Spring collections a bit boring in general. 

The second I wish to show you is Zoya Apple. Bright, bright, cheerful green. Apple glows on your nails. Fantastic shade for summer and for grey rainy day of Fall. I was sure I will need to do a comparison between Ivanka and Apple, but there is no need. Yes, they are both glass-flecks and very sparkly and green, but while Ivanka is deep green, Apple is bright, fresh spring green. While Ivanka reminds me of deep woods or dark green colour of sea, Apple reminds me of Hobbiton, young grass and spring meadows. 

Apple is a part of Zoya Sunshine Collection for Summer 2011. On first picture you can see on my ring and little finger how rich is the sparkle that this green contains. Very vivid, very happy colour.

Both were three coats, with absolutely no troubles considering formula or brush. I think you can get away with two with Skylar, but I put the third one on because of macro shots. You get two even coats with Apple as well, but there is a bit of VNL after the second still. Zoya's formula does not disappoint. I really like how consistent they are in their quality. 

What do you think of both?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Zoya ~ Myrta

Hello everybody! Today I have another summer-y colour for you. I find it brings me in a better mood when I wear such bright colours on gloomy days. So summer colours are very often on my nails during winter. Myrta is a gorgeous, gorgeous orange, very cheerful colour. It's a part of Summer Collection 2012 Zoya made, from which I own half of the colours. Pretty neat. 

See the shimmer on the second photo? Love it. :) This is three easy coats, very good formula and brush, but I'm very used to that with Zoya. They present no troubles whatsoever. If you like orange polish, you'll definitively like Myrta, I think the finish makes her perfect.

Did you get any colours from this collection? What is your favourite orange shade? 

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Born Pretty Store Christmas Events

Heya ladies! I just dropped by to let you know about the Christmas Events Born Pretty Store is starting in only two days. It is a pretty neat offer, plus they have a nice variety of products. 

And in case you decide to get anything, the code for 10% off is still valid!

Oh ... and three words more: ANGRY BIRDS PLATE!!! That's awesome on so many different levels. :) Can't wait to get it!

Hopefully I'll get to some nail-showing ASAP, I have tons to show you! :)

Thank you for reading, have a nice and warm day tomorrow!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Majolica Majorca polish and a little bit of Japan

Heya folks! How are you doing? I'm freezing my ass off, thank you for asking. It is not normal, how cold our house is. And I am a meter and a half away from the radiator, wearing two pair of socks and a thick sweater. Unbelievable! But you're not here for the weather complaint, are you? Let me just get a nice cup of tea and I'll show you what my friend surprised me with when she came back to us all the way from the distant Japan.
Aaah, much better. :) So! A very good friend of mine went to Japan for a year and this weekend we went for a welcome back drink and trust me, it was more than enough for me to see her again. When she pulled out the little gift bags, I naturally got curious and since she knows me very well, she brought me nail polish. Since I have no clue about Japanese nail polish, I was glad that the incredibly cute bottle came with a sticker. The only thing in Latin and not Kanji was the page link though, hehe. There I found out nail polish is from a Shiseido branch called Majolica Majorca. They have a pretty neat web page, consistent with their collection for this year, Circus Ecstasy. The whole brand gives me a burlesque feeling, but it could be only for this particular collection. I really like the accessories and eyeshadow on the model, look:

It's fun, discovering new make up brands! But there was more in my gift bag:

Two pair of sticks with a divinity drawn on them. They are beautiful and now I finally have an excuse to really learn how to eat with them properly. I start with the sticks but by the time I'm at my third sushi, I give up and start eating with my hand. Very classy. 
The 5 jen coin is meant for luck, they are also given in their temples. 
The LP  pendant is from  Loud Park, Japanese biggest metal festival (and possibly the biggest metal festival in Asia, not sure). My friend went there and said it was absolutely fantastic, the energy is supposed to be incredible on the festival. I love the font and pattern around the letters, it's a cool logo. Plus I saw their T-shirts and they are awesome!

But you're here for the polish, yes? This is my little green gem of Majolica Majorca, artistically called GR615.

The last photo shows rather poorly the cool addition to the cap, this is how detailed it actually is:

And this is how it looks like on the nails.

It's a lovely shade of forest green that I adore in general, plus it contains this lovely colourful shimmer, that is visible in every light, I'm happy to say. The brush is fantastic, very easy to work with. It is also two coater, I applied three just because of swatching. A very nice polish indeed, I like it a lot. Even with its small bottle and cap it is no trouble applying it, so it is a nice go-to polish. Thank you, dear, for the lovely gift!

Do you have any experience with Japanese cosmetics?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wednesday is day for Hard Rock in school

Wow, what a silly title. But I wanted to combine the names of gorgeous polishes I have on my nails. Zoya Wednesday and Essie School of Hard Rocks. I finally had some time to do a decent accent mani and I really like how this turned out. I did the stripes with help of striping tapes Born Pretty Store sent me for a review, I love how thin and sharp-edged they are! The code you see on the right side of your monitor is still active for 10% discount! :) Here's my today's creation.

Three coats for Wednesday, but today I have a bad day for polishing my nails, I did tons of mistakes, so it could be a two coater. It's a part of Zoya Beach Collection for Summer 2012 and is also the only one I got from this part of Summer collection (and got all but one from the shimmery side). 

I really like how this turned out. They managed to put the dusty factor in turquoise shade of Wednesday, which makes it a gorgeous colour indeed. School of Hard Rocks fits wonderfully with it.

Do you like it?

Thank you for reading!