Thursday, 27 December 2012

Glittering Garland with silver drops

Hello people! How are you? I hope you are having a great holiday week, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! :) I already feel much much better, thank you all for your kind thoughts! 
I redid my mani yesterday, as my previous one got pretty tired. I adore Glittering Garland, it has to be one of the best greens I own. You know I love greens and glass flecks, so GG was pretty much meant for me. Lately, with having little time for taking pictures and the gloomy weather that kills all chances for natural daylight photos (that is especially important for multichromes and holos), I'm enjoying discovering the beauties in my stash all over again. Glittering Garland seems perfect for this season. 

Because I really like the effect of drops some bloggers do on their manicures, I decided to try something like that as an accent finger. It did not came out as I wanted, my drops are too shaky and just not right. And this is a dotting tool, for crying out loud. One would think a monkey can use a dotting tool, but honestly, I always screw up my dots. I like how it looks if you don't pay too much attention to the details at least.

I think silver and green go well together. I just thought of Slytherin though ... not a fan of Slytherin, really, but their colour and animal choice are superb. :)

What is on your nails today?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Zgleda kot kul zeleni plameni če na hitro pogledaš, I like :)

  2. ahhh ♥♥♥
    Te dni nosim nekaj podobno čudovitega (no surprises there :)), ampak malenkost temnejše -- essence "walk on the wild side".

  3. I love glittering Garland! It's such a gorgeous green. I really like the way your dots look.

  4. I love Glittering Garland, and the silver polish really makes the slight shimmer in the green pop!

  5. the green is gorgeous - you're right, the green&silver are the slytherin colors, I didn't even think of that first! :)

  6. oh the dotting tool I still haven't succeeded in making my dots round and even :/

  7. GG is so beautiful! Shame on me for leaving it in my untrieds :$!!
    BTW I own a couple dotting tools...I think they've gone rusty so far, I tried to use them but I'm so un-skilled :-/
    The silver/green match is a winner, anyway!

  8. predobra kombinacija, krasan je glittering garland, a i srebrni :D