Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Majolica Majorca polish and a little bit of Japan

Heya folks! How are you doing? I'm freezing my ass off, thank you for asking. It is not normal, how cold our house is. And I am a meter and a half away from the radiator, wearing two pair of socks and a thick sweater. Unbelievable! But you're not here for the weather complaint, are you? Let me just get a nice cup of tea and I'll show you what my friend surprised me with when she came back to us all the way from the distant Japan.
Aaah, much better. :) So! A very good friend of mine went to Japan for a year and this weekend we went for a welcome back drink and trust me, it was more than enough for me to see her again. When she pulled out the little gift bags, I naturally got curious and since she knows me very well, she brought me nail polish. Since I have no clue about Japanese nail polish, I was glad that the incredibly cute bottle came with a sticker. The only thing in Latin and not Kanji was the page link though, hehe. There I found out nail polish is from a Shiseido branch called Majolica Majorca. They have a pretty neat web page, consistent with their collection for this year, Circus Ecstasy. The whole brand gives me a burlesque feeling, but it could be only for this particular collection. I really like the accessories and eyeshadow on the model, look:


It's fun, discovering new make up brands! But there was more in my gift bag:

Two pair of sticks with a divinity drawn on them. They are beautiful and now I finally have an excuse to really learn how to eat with them properly. I start with the sticks but by the time I'm at my third sushi, I give up and start eating with my hand. Very classy. 
The 5 jen coin is meant for luck, they are also given in their temples. 
The LP  pendant is from  Loud Park, Japanese biggest metal festival (and possibly the biggest metal festival in Asia, not sure). My friend went there and said it was absolutely fantastic, the energy is supposed to be incredible on the festival. I love the font and pattern around the letters, it's a cool logo. Plus I saw their T-shirts and they are awesome!

But you're here for the polish, yes? This is my little green gem of Majolica Majorca, artistically called GR615.

The last photo shows rather poorly the cool addition to the cap, this is how detailed it actually is:

And this is how it looks like on the nails.

It's a lovely shade of forest green that I adore in general, plus it contains this lovely colourful shimmer, that is visible in every light, I'm happy to say. The brush is fantastic, very easy to work with. It is also two coater, I applied three just because of swatching. A very nice polish indeed, I like it a lot. Even with its small bottle and cap it is no trouble applying it, so it is a nice go-to polish. Thank you, dear, for the lovely gift!

Do you have any experience with Japanese cosmetics?

Thank you for reading!


  1. O svojih izkušnjah z azijsko kozmetiko bi lahko dolgo razpredala, zato bom tokrat samo pohvalila prijateljičino izbiro laka. Čudovit odtenek v kjut embalaži. :)
    Meni je prav lepo videti, kako Azijci pogosto zapakirajo najbolj random stvari, kot so šminke ali laki za nohte, v prisrčne embalaže, ki bi jih kar gledal. :)

  2. What a gorgeous, unique polish! You have a very nice friend! I have two polishes from Majolica Majorca, they are awesome! Here's a link if you want to see!

  3. Prijateljica ti je izbrala zelo lep odtenek. :)
    Imam nekaj azijskih lakov, nekateri so mi zelo dobri, nekateri malo manj. Imajo pa zanimivo izbiro lakov v vseh možnih oblikah stekleničk. :D

  4. Iiiii, kako je lep!
    Mal me spominja na lak "bashful" (essence, Sneguljčica), ampak ta je lepši - ker je vidt temnejši, me likey.

  5. Obesek *love* (jaz bi ga tudi mela...)

  6. ovo je taman po tvom ukusu, ja nazalost jos uvijek nisam postala ljubitelj zelene ^_^ a stapici, ne jedem skoro nikad ni japansku ni kinesku hranu, ali se stapicima znam sluzit :)

  7. Zelo lepa zelena!!! <3 In krasna steklenička!
    Sicer pa nimam prav nobenih izkušenj z japonskimi znamkami.