Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Zoya ~ Skylar and Apple

Hello my dear people! I'm having one of the worst days this Fall/Winter, so I'm getting my mind occupied with one of my favourite things, make up, of course. If mind wanders away I start thinking negative thoughts and that's just bad. 
By the way: thank you for all your comments! It seems I can't find enough time to answer them to save my life, so I want to thank you for taking your time and commenting this way. If you have any specific question that you'd like answered ASAP, just write me an email, I will answer an email quicker. 

I am wearing Skylar right now, for the second time. It is such a gorgeous dusty blue, I adore it. I saw comparison made with Skylar and OPI I Have a Herring Problem and they are very close. I love Zoya's formula and brush so I am very happy with Skylar. And I love the name. It sounds very odd and new to me, but the sound is beautiful. I could easily name a being I love Skylar. 

You can see on the last picture the tiny green sparkle Skylar contains. It also has a pinkish one just like it! And if you focus on your nails a bit, you can see them both. But it is very subtle, just a little spice to the gorgeous dusty blue with silver specks. Skylar is a part of Zoya True Spring Collection for 2012. I can already see it will become one of my favourite Zoyas. Come to think of it ... although I adore Fall shades, it's the Spring and Summer ones that really grow on me in Zoya collection. Caitlin and Gemma come immediately to mind, they are my most worn Zoyas. And now Skylar. Love. Interesting enough, since usually I find Spring collections a bit boring in general. 

The second I wish to show you is Zoya Apple. Bright, bright, cheerful green. Apple glows on your nails. Fantastic shade for summer and for grey rainy day of Fall. I was sure I will need to do a comparison between Ivanka and Apple, but there is no need. Yes, they are both glass-flecks and very sparkly and green, but while Ivanka is deep green, Apple is bright, fresh spring green. While Ivanka reminds me of deep woods or dark green colour of sea, Apple reminds me of Hobbiton, young grass and spring meadows. 

Apple is a part of Zoya Sunshine Collection for Summer 2011. On first picture you can see on my ring and little finger how rich is the sparkle that this green contains. Very vivid, very happy colour.

Both were three coats, with absolutely no troubles considering formula or brush. I think you can get away with two with Skylar, but I put the third one on because of macro shots. You get two even coats with Apple as well, but there is a bit of VNL after the second still. Zoya's formula does not disappoint. I really like how consistent they are in their quality. 

What do you think of both?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. skylar je predivan ( i ime glavne ženske uloge u breaking bad :D) a za apple nikako da se odlučim, iako najviše volim zelembaće,

  2. I love them both! and I think skylar is a pretty name too, but it reminds me of Breaking Bad :)

  3. I bought that Skylar, never wore it and I kept debating about Apple but decided Zoya wasn't one of my fave brands so I've kind of stopped buying polish from them-

  4. Skylar je prekrasna, a zelena nije po mom ukusu no to se vec zna.