Sunday, 30 September 2012

China Glaze Stone Cold and trailer for one of the greatest projects I am a part of

Heya peeps. This is my 400th post! It sure doesn't feel like I've written 400 post on this blog, hehe. And I'll skip the apologies for my rare posting, because they seem pointless now, I do it in almost every post. Thing is, I have a major competition/work on my college. I waited for the news for quite a few weeks and now I know I'm in and it's going to be a lot of work, but in the end I hope it will be worth it, everyone that's been a part of it says it is. So I'll write when I can and I honestly don't think anyone will be in a bad place for it. ;)

I've shown you my packages in my last post and I've worn almost all China Glaze polish already. They. Are. Fantastic. Lord of the Rings, did China Glaze make an incredible Spring collection!! I can't really say which colour I wanted most, but Stone Cold was definitively near the top, a gorgeous black matte with silver particles, I adore this type of matte polish. It reminded me of the ManGlaze mattes that I dream of. Stone Cold is the perfect black matte for me and the hunt for that baby is over.

Two easy coats, application was awesome. A very strong colour in China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colors collection (Spring 2012), at least for me, I'm a matte fan.

Now about the project I wanted to mention. As you all know, I'm a big Tolkien geek and a member of our Tolkien society. This summer, on our grand meeting we started a project that already grew and is still growing into something incredibly awesome. We filmed a short version of Tolkien's Hobbit. We're all eagerly waiting for PJ's Hobbit (first part), and as we were planning to film some sort of scenes from Tolkien's works, our director said 'hey, let's make a short Hobbit movie'. And we said, why not! Such a crazy bunch of people. I love them all to death. So this is in fact a parody of Hobbit, but a nice parody! I always think of bad fun making when I hear the word parody, The Epic Hobbit is not that. It's our way of showing how much we love Tolkien and his works and have an amazing time while doing that. :) So here it is, the trailer of The Epic Hobbit. :)

Did you get any colours from Capitol Colors collection? Are you looking forward to the Hobbit movie? PJ's or ours? ;)

Thank you for reading & have a great first week of October!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Paket Petek (haul post)

You know, as I posted Essence Open Water Dive few hours earlier, I thought to myself: I really must not forget to post my Paket Petek post tomorrow, being Friday and all (Paket Petek means Package Friday). And as I cooked more tea right now, I realised today is Friday. *sigh* To my defence I can write down that it is not one of my best days, I feel rather drowsy and like a cold is waiting to jump on me. I've started with vitamin C and extra sweater today, hope it helps.

Last week I got a package in my mailbox. Yaaay! Me and my swap buddy took a break from swapping during Summer, and I  must say, I was so excited when I saw the package on the table. I was a bit worried that is won't arrive, since the last one got lost/stolen. But there is was and it contained food for two of my obsessions! Nail polish AND eyeshadows! I'm posting it tonight since last Friday I was in Austria, and had no time for scheduled posts. :)

I've already tried all the eye product and they are nothing short of amazing. The pigmentation of WnW eyeshadows is incredible, and the Milani Shadow Eyez in Green Safari has to be my favourite green eye pencil ever. It's gorgeous green, works in tons of looks and stays on lower lash line 10 hours+. Love!
Walking on Eggshells is actually a palette of what I've called 'Why bother' colours before. Now I know the subtle, neutral colours can make so much difference, I'm starting to love them. The package was right on time for my important interview in college, so I opened Walking on Eggshells immediately. And I love it. I also tried both halves of Comfort Zone and it's a sheer perfection, whether you follow the WnW guidelines or use separate eyeshadows in different looks. Amazing, really. They really make me want to try all WnW palettes, I've read so much good about them, but now I also see they're right up there with my best eyeshadows.

The nail polish will be shown in separate posts, of course, but you can see the Sinful Color one on my last picture already. :)

And today I got the second package! Full of China Glaze Capital Colors collection, yay! I'm already wearing Agro (the green one) and it's perfect. I have the best swap buddy in the world, and just in case there is a slim chance you don't know her blog yet: My Lucid Bubble. Go!

And just because I can: my song of this Friday night, one of my favourite bands of all time, Primordial, The Mouth of Judas.

Have a lovely weekend!

Essence Open Water Dive or "Challenge accepted!"

Hey everybody! How are you doing? I'm having my cup of tea that I spoke of yesterday so I decided this is the perfect excuse to write little something here too. :) A week or two ago I wore this mani with Essence Open Water Dive and as it rekindled my obsession with the 'completely the same mani as it is in my head', I have to give it the special attention.

The thing is, in the beginning of my nail polish discovering I had so much energy, patience (and time, as it seems), that I was able to do infinite amount of coats for a mani I wanted, or even change one polish up to three times a day, because I got fed up with the colour I was wearing. Naturally, that didn't happen often, but it did happen. It seems so weird now, hehe. The phase luckily passed and I enjoy polish on a normal scale now. ;) Thus enters Open Water Dive. This is an oldie, Essence Into the Ocean LE came out in 2009 and I got it from a friend,  not even trying it on. It was always on my 'give away' pile and few weeks ago, when I did a large selection of polish in my stash, this little thing got the number again. As I watched the swatches though, Nail Junkie had such an amazing swatch of it, I decided to put it on. I love it over black polish but I really wanted to have its real bottle colour on my nails. Knowing Open Water Dive is sheer as hell (you can see that just by turning the bottle in your hand) I prepared for massive coat number, but Lyra's beautiful swatch convinced me it could be done. 
After putting 4 coats on my nails and still having very clear VNL on my short nails, I went back to the post and actually read it. Of course Lyra layered it over white and wrote that that clearly too. Facepalm for Ulmiel, yes. But here's when I got stubborn. I wanted the mani to look like that on my nails too! So I removed the 4 effing coats, put 2 coats of H&M White and two coats of Essence Open Water Dive and was a happy hobbit. 

Naturally it was a bitch to photograph. It is in fact a very complex shimmer, creating this soft minty-seafoamy colour, appearing to have only silver particles, but contains also green and purple specks of glassflecks, that are acutally visible to the naked eye, especially in the artificial light. And I needed all together 56 pictures taken, before I could semi-capture that on the 50th picture. Ho-ly crap! So here it is, set of my best pictures, plus a video to show how sparkly this is.

 This is direct sunlight, my camera barley handled all the sparkle.

The only picture where I actually captured the colours of sparkles. You may need to enlarge it. The artificial light makes my skin really yellow, but it's the best one to show all the sparkles.

Naturally I loved the result. It's an amazing shade, I love it. White with a twist, I guess (or, as my BF calls them, water-pipes-in-hospitals colour), I really like the greenish hue it has. And the glassflecks really make a difference. So yes, worth the troubles, at least for me. It also stayed on my nails for quite a few days. Next layering will be over dark blue, I think, Biba's mani looks amazing!

What is your 'Challenge Accepted' varnish/finish/colour? :)

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Finger Paints glitter and flakie - which one is your drug?

Heya people! This is going to be rather short, I'm afraid, I'm losing daylight and I really want to go for a walk before I start to study. It's a beautiful warm-but-not-hot day and I want to savour it before it's study time. This has to be my favourite time of the year, when it comes to weather. I'm not hot or sweating just by standing and breathing, the autumn colours of trees are gorgeous, the woods smell divine ... and yes, tea! I went to La Palais Des Thés today for the first time and that shop is seriously amazing. I fell in love with tea they had for try and I had to buy it, it's called Thé du Hammam and the name itself brings so many lovely memories, I simply had to have it. I just drunk a cup of it and it's fantastic. Although Le Palais des Thés is a bit pricey comparing to Cha (my regular source of teas), I love what I saw and the aromas of teas I smelled ... so yummy! Although I am a giant coffee drinker, because I love the taste and everything, I drink almost the same amount of tea when the Summer ends and Autumn comes, and naturally during Winter.  With my regular 2 l of water per day I can only say I drink a lot of fluids on daily basis. o.O

Nail polish, what say you? I have two beauties today that don't get enough attention from me, they are gorgeous. Plus when I saw them together in FP folder I got curious: which one is your greatest drug in nail polish world? Glitters? Flakies? Holos? Something else? I must say, glitter and flakies are pretty darn close for me. Close second, mind you, first two are still glassflecks and duochromes. Some might argue glassflecks are actually glitter polish, so perhaps glitter is a tad bit closer? But I adore flakies, so go figure. If I  might add, I absolutely love cremes to. So basically, Ulmiel, shut the frak up and give us pictures, right?

 To show you the sparkles, this one is really insanely sparkly!

 This is called All You Need Is Color, it came out in Finger Paints Peace and Love Collection for Summer 2011. The collection didn't get a lot of love, but I actually like most of the colours in the collection. All You Need Is Colour has to be my favourite, it's such a gorgeous, gorgeous teal glitter, made from tiny green, teal, blue specks of glitter, I love it. It needed four coats on my nails and two coats of TC for the rough finish. But I'm one of those that believe the final result is well worth the extra layers. I wore this mani for a long time. Oh, the lovely flowers are Depend stickers, I think I've shown them before. I like them, I like flower patterns. :)

Ah, yes, flakies. Man, it's a really close call for me, I LOVE flakies!! Finger Paints Asylum has to be one of my favourite flakie polishes ever, the colours are insane in this one, I loved this mani. I think I actually wore it for a special occasion, I just am not sure which one. Perhaps my birthday? Dunno. Anyway. My nails were beautiful here. *dreamy sigh* Two coats of Catrice Back To Black and two coats of Asylum over it. Asylum was a part of Finger Paints Special Effects Flake Glitter Topcoat collection that came out in the beginning of 2012, was quickly sold out and so I need to once more thank the best swap buddy in the universe for getting it for me. Oooh, flakies are a vein of glitter then? Glitter all around then, ladies! 

Well, not such a short post after all. 

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

China Glaze - Trendsetter

Hey people! Why, my comeback isn't really working, eh? I had tons of work to do, not to mention I came home from Austria on Sunday, enjoying wonderful weekend with fellow Tolkien geeks. It was amazing, in short. ATM I'm waiting for my lunch to cook before I go back to the books, so I have a few minutes to spare. 

Trendsetter is a typical ugly-but-beautiful colour, I think. I adore this type of colours for their uniqueness and strangeness, yes. I resent all the feces related comparison the colour is getting, I think Scrangie and Short'n Chic describe it perfectly: a dingy dijon mustard base with a bunch of avocado mixed in & an incredibly elegant swampy green with really lovely golden shimmer.
I'm far from being a purist, but toilet humour is really not my thing and I can't imagine how you can wear something that reminds you of something gross. But that's just me, I guess. This colour reminds me a lot of swamp and its murky colours, I love it. Plus the shimmer is amazing. Most of people around me hate it though. My mother and BF were even more worried about my colour choice than usual. ;) A couple of friends said it was interesting ... but still ugly, hehehe.

The last picture is sooo old. It's taken when I wore Trendsetter for the first time and on blogsphere Trendsetter reminded some people on Classic Camel, so I took a shot that's by now probably irrelevant. Still. :) I can't pull off Classic Camel, it looks horrible on my skin tone, but Trendsetter I love. It was a part of China Glaze Metro Collection for Fall 2011 and it's the only colour I got, it's not a strong collection for my taste. Trendsetter is amazing gem in it though. 

Do you like "ugly" colours in general? Which one is your favourite?

*due to me thinking fugly means something completely different, I used the expression and now changed it :P Thanks, Chaosophia!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Zoya - Dree NOTD

Hey people! How are ya? I'm a bit sleepy, had to get up early. I also got new shoes, my BF bought them (I'm lucky enough that my BF loves me in high heels, haha :)) and I wanted to take them out for a walk, but our weathermen threatened with rain so I changed my mind. It's actually a lovely warm but insanely humid day here in Ljubljana. I'm about to leave for a coffee with a friend before she leaves for Paris. She'll stay there for 6 months. There is one reason why I'd like to visit Paris. The city is the mother of all perfumes! I can just imagine going through all the perfume stores and finally discover some niche perfumes as well ... I think it has to be a great place for a perfume fan. And yeah, I am a perfume fan, a big one too. If you like perfumes too, check, they have a great base there, with notes and everything!

But aaaaanyway! My NOTD is Zoya Dree. It's the second time I wear it and it called to me from the shelf. Lovely, gorgeous olive colour, I adore it. It's a part of a very strong collection Zoya made in Fall 2011 called Smoke and Mirrors (Dree being in the Smoke part of it). I can't get sick of this type of colours, olive, dusty green, creme is still one of my favourite finishes, so yeah ... Dree is a great colour. 

I published the fourth picture just so you'd see how insanely glossy this polish is. Look at it! The pictures made outside are completely useless due to the glossy reflection. But it makes the polish look fantastic! This is actually two sets of pictures, I already took them the first time I wore Dree and my nails had a more beautiful lenght. My index finger is slowly recovering so hopefully it won't last long until it grows back and hurts less too. ;) Dree is a great little gem in my Zoya collection, the formula and brush are, as always for Zoya, flawless. Too bad this year's Zoya collection for Fall is a disappointment. Then again, I can wear Smoke and Mirrors more often now! :)

Do you like this type of greens? Do you like Zoya collection for Fall 2012?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Vipera Jumpy 141

Hey people! I don't know about you, but I'm on dark, almost black, vampy shades for a few weeks now. I guess I'm all ready and set for Fall colours. Plus, I think vampy shades look their best on sunlight, that's why I always wear them during Summer at least once. This time it was Jumpys turn, this beautiful vampy purple sat on my untrieds table for way, way too long. 

This is a very rich vampy purple, I absolutely loved it. It has a rich shimmer of different shades of purple that really come alive on the sunlight. Jumpy really has some amazing shades. It took three coats to even up, but the application was wonderful, same goes for brush. On my brutally short nails, btw. My index and thumb finger got hurt again so I needed to cut them completely. I have no idea what's happening to my nails lately, I'm thinking about starting eating biotin again, maybe that would help.

Anyway. Gorgeous little one! Do you like vampy shades in Summer?

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Essence Love & Peace and Purple feels so good!

Hey people. I'm having the headache of the Summer, so no smart words of wisdom today. It's the last Essence I'll show you in this long Essence phase, because Into The Dark went very funny on me yesterday and I need to see if I'm right about the top coat being the guilty one for that. So my Essence folder is almost empty and I'll finish it with the topper play. Re-mix your style was a LE everyone went absolutely nuts about. Flakies were in it, so yeah. I got 3 toppers out of 4 and I gave away all of them. Figures. Flakies made their year, so I have tons of them now, and the rest ... well,  I guess I got caught up in the LE hype with this one, bad Ulmiel!

Actually Essence LOVE top coat or Feels So Good, as it's called, is a great, great one. Funny, Essence claims holographic on so many things that aren't holographic at all. And then they make this amazing duochrome topper and they name it 'rose shimmer'. Lol. If I hadn't seen this one at Nihrida's, I'd never have bought it. But I did and then layered it over Essence Love, Peace & Purple. Put the stupid name aside, this purple is amazing. Dupe of one of Chanel's, Perplex I think, and many others and I love it. I've shown it in a post separately here. And here it is layered:

On the sun it looks like rose shimmer only, so I guess Essence was right to some degree. Sun kills duochromes.
This is only one coat of Feels So Good and they make a perfect pair with Love, Peace & Purple. I liked this one a lot.

And now I must go, prepare lunch, hope my head does not explode, you know, the usual Sunday. ;) Did you get any toppers and colours from Re-mix Your Style LE?

Thank you for reading!