Friday, 21 September 2012

Paket Petek (haul post)

You know, as I posted Essence Open Water Dive few hours earlier, I thought to myself: I really must not forget to post my Paket Petek post tomorrow, being Friday and all (Paket Petek means Package Friday). And as I cooked more tea right now, I realised today is Friday. *sigh* To my defence I can write down that it is not one of my best days, I feel rather drowsy and like a cold is waiting to jump on me. I've started with vitamin C and extra sweater today, hope it helps.

Last week I got a package in my mailbox. Yaaay! Me and my swap buddy took a break from swapping during Summer, and I  must say, I was so excited when I saw the package on the table. I was a bit worried that is won't arrive, since the last one got lost/stolen. But there is was and it contained food for two of my obsessions! Nail polish AND eyeshadows! I'm posting it tonight since last Friday I was in Austria, and had no time for scheduled posts. :)

I've already tried all the eye product and they are nothing short of amazing. The pigmentation of WnW eyeshadows is incredible, and the Milani Shadow Eyez in Green Safari has to be my favourite green eye pencil ever. It's gorgeous green, works in tons of looks and stays on lower lash line 10 hours+. Love!
Walking on Eggshells is actually a palette of what I've called 'Why bother' colours before. Now I know the subtle, neutral colours can make so much difference, I'm starting to love them. The package was right on time for my important interview in college, so I opened Walking on Eggshells immediately. And I love it. I also tried both halves of Comfort Zone and it's a sheer perfection, whether you follow the WnW guidelines or use separate eyeshadows in different looks. Amazing, really. They really make me want to try all WnW palettes, I've read so much good about them, but now I also see they're right up there with my best eyeshadows.

The nail polish will be shown in separate posts, of course, but you can see the Sinful Color one on my last picture already. :)

And today I got the second package! Full of China Glaze Capital Colors collection, yay! I'm already wearing Agro (the green one) and it's perfect. I have the best swap buddy in the world, and just in case there is a slim chance you don't know her blog yet: My Lucid Bubble. Go!

And just because I can: my song of this Friday night, one of my favourite bands of all time, Primordial, The Mouth of Judas.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Jaz sem se v zadnjih dneh ponovno navdušila nad svojima WnW paletama. Ta senčila so tako dobra, da je lahko MAC, Inglot in ostale znamke sram, da zaračunavajo take visoke cene za svoja senčila, ko se da dobiti za male pare neverjetno dobre izdelke. :) Mi je kar žal, da mi nobena preostala paleta ni v celoti všeč, da bi jo kupila. :$

    Odlične NP. Se veselim kakšne objave z njimi. ;) Vsaj lake moraš podrobno pokazati. :P

    1. Joj, tvoji posti so me pa sploh čisto zasvojili s temi paletkami. :) Me kar mika nove nabavit, čeprav res ne potrebujem novih senčil. Ravno danes sem se pasla na jesenski kolekcije Dite pri ADju ... joj. :)

      Senčke bi z veseljem tudi na očeh fotkala, če bi znala, nikakor mi ne uspe, pomoje imam vseeno preslab fotkič za to. Lake pa zagotovo pokažem. :)

  2. Ne moreš nosit Capital Colors ne da bi prebrala The Hunger Games trilogijo. Če je še nisi, jo res priporočam. ;)

    1. Je na mojem to-read seznamu, brez skrbi! Samo da najdem čas. :D

  3. fini swap :) ja bi rado probala wet n wild sjenila, zao mi je sto nam nisu dostupnija

  4. I love the look of the china glaze glitter!

    Jazz x

  5. No comment on Primordial? Ok, I'm late, but I have to post this: They are AWESOME! Too bad that I missed Paganfest 2012 :(