About me

A lil' something about me. I'm a student, a book worm, a total fantasy fan, a music fan (I especially love concerts and festivals), a dancer, a total coffee addict, that doesn't mind a good cup of tea, a make up fan,  ... [and the list goes on forever] from Slovenia, that decided to dedicate an entire blog to only one obsession of hers - nail polish. Not original, I agree, but I love it. 

Apart from my "personal" about me, I'd say you're more interested in my "nail polish" about me, so here are some facts, to get a slight picture on my nail polish addiction.

  • I have a slight cuticle OCD. I take care of them daily and if anything can make me buy stuff in a matter of minutes it's cremes/butters/oils/etc. for cuticle care.
  • I have a very strong phase with green polish. That's basically all shades of green, with all kinds of finish, with exeption on neon polish (so far). But otherwise you'll see just about every colour on the blog, there's only few I can't really work with, like really sheer and milky (MNBB) shades.
  • I love glitter, shimmer, holographic, foil finish, also mat, suede and creme. And I think I just about cover all of them out there, hehe. I'm not a big fan of pearly and frosty finish though.
  • I'm a 100% cover freak. I don't mind putting 3, even 4 coats of polish on each nail, if that means I'll get 100% opacity. But I will let you know if less coats will do, precisely because I know not all of you are so obsessed with 100% opacity. :)  
  • For explanation on 'nail polish guru' and 'shoeboxing' expression I did an entry on np gurus here.
  • I also like to use expression "diva polish". By that I mean the polish is simply stunning, that I really love the colour, but I don't like some stuff on the application or removal. :)

More to come, I guess, as my blog grows. :) And the best picture on my nail polish addiction is still the blog itself, of course!

Thank you for stopping by, hope you liked it!