Thursday, 21 February 2013

Taking a break

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? I hope you are all well. I want to let you know that Did Someone Say Nail Polish? will go on a break until April. Regular readers will know I am a part of a big international project/competition and that is the reason why I have not posted regularly since October. Next week the travel part of the competition begins, I will visit Asia for the very first time, and the wonderful city of Berlin, and revisit Vienna. I am a bit nervous, but at the same time I can hardly wait. And during all this I will not have the time to blog at all, not to mention photographing my nails. :)

Until April, have a wonderful start of Spring and enjoy the nail polish!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Midnight layering

Lately I am wearing 'older' shades in my stash. The one that is getting a lot of love lately is Essie Bobbing for Baubles. Yesterday I put it on again. Today, as I returned home around midnight, I noticed my layering polish on the desk and grabbed two that looked neat. And used them both too. Because I still cannot decide which is the winner for me, flakies or glitter. So I am wearing both now.

Forgive my cuticles, here in Ljubljana cold cuts like razor blade, and I was on the phone while walking home without my gloves. Epic win!

What do you think, glitter or flakies?

Have a good day tomorrow and sweet dreams tonight!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Jaw drop findings: Talasias Dreamz with Manhattan look

Heya people! I'm here again to show you something that I fell in love with over the internet. Here is what I wrote about Jaw drop findings tag on my first entry:
The idea behind the theme of today is simple and I wonder if it will stick. The thing is, sometimes I find something on beauty blogsphere and I just die a little, I like it so much. Either a look, a shade, a product ... whatever. And I often think to myself: I have to mention that in my next post on blog! But then a day or two pass, I write a post, it seems already long enough or that any other news in it would stick out a bit, and I leave it behind. And now I will try with this, we'll see how it turns out. :) I know there are many ways on the internet for similar things, Pinterest, Twitter and so on, but I'm not drawn to it. I hardly ever use Facebook too. I have my blog and that's my piece of internet I like to use. :)

A few days ago I was going through my favourite blogs and Talasias Dreamz post stole my heart. I am a big fan of German bloggers in general, they have some amazing ones, really, and Talasias Dreamz is easily one of my favourite beauty bloggers in entire world. Not only are her make up creations awesome, she makes them with affordable make up that I can most of the time easily get in my local drugstore. Score!

The look I am talking about was made with Manhattan Supernova palette called Mission to Mars. I. Love. It! I loved it so much, I asked my BF, who was in Germany that weekend when I saw the make up look, to  buy it for me (just in case the LE would not reach Slovenia), but alas it was Saturday evening and he was returning to Slovenia first thing in the morning on Sunday. No joy. Now I am crossing my fingers that it will arrive to Slovenia as well! 

Talasia was incredibly kind and she allowed me to post a picture of her look here on my blog as well. Thank you! For close ups of the make up look, and detailed swatches of the colours, visit Talasias Dreamz, you won't regret it!

Which are your favourite beauty bloggers? What make up look stole your heart lately?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Slovenian bloggers - a bit of blog love

Heya people! I have joined the Slovenian bloggers group. I think Slovenia has some very good bloggers, I suggest you explore their sites if you don't know them already. :) These are also the posts in which you can share your blog in the comments section (no matter where are you from). Let's share some blog love!

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Taya continues with her Once Upon a Time series and did a Blue Fairy make up and nail art.

Velvet blue hearts on nails? You can see them on Katiee's blog! 

Ulmiel received some products from Bioderma and all Slovenian readers can see how they can get them too!

Thinking of buying Tartre mascara? Read Maja's review!

Matejas started with Taya's Once Upon a Time challenge.

Zala was lucky enough to catch a Catrice Neo Geisha polish! Check which one.

Dee did a rosegold glitter mani, see how it looks.

Maja Ena is still continuing with her exercise, check her February calendar

Erika wrote about preservatives in cosmetics

Do you want to get something special for Valentine's day? Check pumpkin*'s giveaway!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Paket Petek

Heya people! Another package! This one is again MUA, yes, I took advantage of their -50% offer. I waited for the main hype to be over and then ordered without a problem. I did not get lipsticks, they were completely sold out, and brushes as well, but no matter, MUA is so good and so cheap that I will order them soon. I mean, a good lipstick for a pound? Yes please!

I bought this with two other gals, here is just my part of the package. :)

 Group photo. 

 Something for my eyes ...

... lips ...

... and face. 

When I got Glamour Nights palette I could not believe I got something so good for such a small amount of money. I dislike the fact that I cannot open it without tweezers, but everything else is everything I expected and much much more. So I got Glamour Days as well. For lips I got the intense gloss in shade Stolen kisses (I dislike glosses in general, but the intense coloured one are more like a liquid lipstick, which I love) that I adore and Lip Boom in LMK shade, because I fell in love with it in one of Lisa Eldridge's videos. The rest is clear from the photos. I have yet to try the primer, I am hoping for the best. The loose powder is awesome! 

I am really happy with MUA products so far. With their low prices and a rather decent shipping costs (they are usually much higher from UK from my experience) I am already planning my next purchase.

Did you catch any of the MUA offers? What was in your latest package?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sea Blue by Kelly Cris over Illamasqua Phallic

Hey people! Two in a row, yay! Here in Ljubljana is snowing so hard. I can't remember the last time snow was falling so thick, it's like someone up there tore their pillows in a pillow fight. It looks nice when you are inside, covered with a blanket and drinking warm tea. 

I put this combo on yesterday and I absolutely love it. Illamasqua Phallic has been waiting for me to reshoot it again for a while. First pictures turned out really bad. I like the new ones much better, although I doubt any photo can capture the amazing shimmer Phallic has. It is one crazy ass gorgeous blue. 
Then I put on top another Brazilian beauty. I had some troubles figuring out who is the artist behind the polish, as it is an indie brand and only Sea Blue is written on the bottle. With an adorable bow on the handle too! As it seems, Kelly Cris is the creator and she does not have a blog, at least I could not find it. But Esmaltes da Kelly (not the same Kelly from what I can see, as Esmaltes da Kelly has her own polish line called EDK) shows the collection [HERE] and the polish looks amazing! BTW, Brazilian girls really know how to make nail polish. EDK also has some amazing colours, Morning Dew stole my heart. <3 
So yeah ... Eveline was so awesome she sent me Sea Blue and I am in love with it. It looks absolutely stunning over Phallic, and the irregular sized blue glitter (there is a holo glitter thrown in there as well) makes it even more perfect, I love love love it!

The light was too poor to make a decent video, so I made a blurry sparkle check photo, to show you all the wonderful colours of sparkle. 

This is just one coat of Sea Blue. It is a tiny bottle, but the brush is great and it is not hard to get glitter on the nails to spread nicely. You also need only one coat of TC to get smooth nails, another extra point for Sea Blue!

And to show you Illamasqua Phallic alone. It is a beauty. Two to three coats, depends on the nail (and my clumsiness).

There you have it. Two blue beauties.I love them. Eveline, thank you for Sea Blue, you are awesome for sending me these Brazilian gems! 

Do you like the combo? What is your favourite Illamasqua colour?

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Paket Petek

Hey ladies. This post will be in Slovene. Why? I decided I will post about Slovene stores in Slovene language, because it is rather irrelevant for the rest of you where I got the product and what my opinion of the store is, when you can't really shop there. I will talk about the products in English as well though. This week I'm introducing Bioderma products for skincare, only as a haul post, but if you wish to hear my opinion on them (because Bioderma is available elsewhere, of course), let me know in the comments. :) 

Torej ... kot rečeno zgoraj, bom od zdaj naprej o slovenskih trgovinah pisala v slovenščini. Ker, roko na srce, nekoga izven Slovenije pač ne zanima moja izkušnja z Mojo kozmetiko, ali z Lič, ali s katero koli drugo slovensko trgovino, morda pa bo katera lažje zgooglala informacijo, če bo spisana v slovenščini. :) In ja, morda s tem podzavestno poskušam popestirti bloganje, katerega zadnje čase grdo zanemarjam ... in morda se moram malce odpočiti od angleščine odkar večina mojega dela poteka v tem jeziku. ;)

Paket Petek tega tedna skriva v sebi testerje kvalitetne znamke za nego kože Bioderma. Slovenska spletna stran ima na voljo, po mojem skromnem mnenju, odličen sistem, kjer se vpišeš v njihov program, označiš tip kože in lasišča in ti pošljejo testerje izdelkov, primernih tvojemu tipu kože. Zdi se mi odličen sistem, ker se mi je v preteklosti velikokrat zgodilo, da so mi prodajalke sicer prijazno zmetale v vrečko en kup testerjev, ki pa so se izkazali za popolnoma neuporabne. Ker je Bioderma dražja znamka, je super preizkusiti izdelke, ki so dejansko namenjeni tvojemu tipu kože, preden žrtvuješ večjo količino denarja za eno kremo, za katero se izkaže, da je neprimerna za tvoj obraz. Tako je v mojem nabiralniku pristalo naslednje:

Iz dobljenega lahko sklepate, da se je mati Narava pri meni počutila zelo razdvojeno ... želela bi mi dati malce zahtevnejšo kožo, vendar ni bila čisto točno prepričana, ali bom hodila okoli zafarbana ali svetleče mastna ... pa je rekla, oh, saj to gre pa lepo skupaj, če malce porazdeliš po obrazu in sem fasala oboje. ;) Imam mastno T cono z razširjenimi porami za katero je kot naročena Sebium linija Bioderme, in občutljiva, k rdečici nagnjena lica (v bistvu tanko kožo, zaradi česar zelo hitro zardim, tudi če se ne počutim neprijetno) in suho spodnjo čeljust (sploh brado), za katero bo očitno linija Sensibio. Zraven še krema za oči in, česar sem bila izredno vesela, njihova micelarna raztopina za odstranjevanje ličil, o kateri berem samo najboljše. 

Ker sem že nekaj časa v iskanju boljših izdelkov za nego kožo (trenutni mi ne ustrezajo najbolje), držim pesti, da bo Bioderma zame. Je dražja, vendar obljublja zelo dobre rezultate. Zaenkrat sem preizkusila obe kremi za obraz (vsako na svojem delu obraza) in Sebium krema je pravi mali čudež, prisežem. Če vas zanima kaj več, sporočite v komentarju. :) Vsekakor pa priporočam, da se vpišete na Biodermo, testerji, sploh dobrih izdelkov, so zmeraj dobrodošla stvar preden se odločiš za nakup. :) 

Hvala za branje in vaš čas! :)