Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 7

Hello! It's Sunday, but it's not the end of the weekend for me, woohoo! Two extra free days! And it feels goood! :P It's the last day of the challenge ... I hope you had fun with it, or at least found it a little bit interesting. :) As for my part ... I loved how it pushed me to do more art work. I did serious stamping for the first time, i did dot manicure for the first time and I had tons of fun making up new manis and combinations. So it's a good thing! The only thing I had problem with was the time. I just don't have so much time as I used to for blogging, it sucks. But I love a good reason for thinking up new ideas, so the challenge has been awesome. And challenging with a colour I don't normally wear. At all, let alone for so many combinations. Pink is out of the box for me. Or going inside the box when I'm mostly out of it? Haha xD Anyway ... this was a pink that actually grew on me, but I need a serious break from pink now. :D But i discovered some awesome combos. My favourite mani of the week was the one with Deborah Milano layering, I'll do that one again for sure. And the flakies, of course, but what else is new.

I loved my flakie mani (day 6) so much, I decided I'll built from that. I mattefied it with Essence Matt Top Coat and then I decided I'll do some serious scotch taping. And I went to my favourite accent finger style, diagonal stripes. Of course I failed miserabily at attempt to make them all at the same angle, but I like it anyway. :) The top colour is Catrice Plum Play With Me. I don't recommend it for this kind of work, it needs two coats to be opaque enough and the coats need to be really thick, which can result, as you can see on my ring finger, in bubbling. Still, hell, I like it!

Mattefied flakies. I don't normally like it, but I wanted them to really pop out on this rather bright base colour, and matte TC makes them more yellow. :)

What do you think about this combination? Which of the manicures of this challenge did you like the most?

Thank you for reading & don't forget to check the others too. Ladies, it's been fun! :)

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 6

Hey darlings! Welcome new people! :) How is life? Mine ... hectic but fun. Due to the hectic part I'll need to make this extra short again, which kinda bothers me, for some odd reason I prefer to make my posts more personal than this. But here we go ... I knew I'll do a mani with Nfu Oh flakies since the beginning of the challenge, I just think they're the perfect option for making the mani more interesting. I left it until the final days, since I suspected I'll want to build it for another mani and I did. But I didn't want to ruin the combination because I really loved it. Mind you, it looks TONS better IRL. Seriously. Especially since Give Pink A Chance darkens a bit in yellow artificial light and flakies really pop out. Love it. The pictures, sadly don't do this combo justice.

Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance (three coats) with two coats of Nfu Oh 49.

The flakies are much more visible IRL. Sorry I can't show you this, but the weather is just unbearable here, if I didn't have my lightbox I wouldn't be able to make a decent picture for a week now. 

What do you think of this combo? I got pretty far for an ex not-a-flakie-fan, eh? ;)

Thank you for reading, check the other participants of the challenge too!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 5

Hello! Day five! I hope you're enjoying this not so typical week here on my blog. Today I decided I finally have to try the dotting technique I so love on all of the other blogs. I hoped I'll do a good job, but as it seems, even the simple dots need some pratice. I'm seriously not happy with how sloppy some of my fingers look, but alas I lack time to redo my mani into something better. The dots are not the same shape and some look like I wasn't paying attention when dotting, which I was! Oh well ... I wish all my nails would look like the pinky one, I like it the most. Practice makes perfect, or so they say and I hope you'll cut me some slack. ;)

This was Give Pink A Chance (Finger Paints), the dots are made with Cotton Candy (Diamond Cosmetics), Rea (Zoya) and Kenyan Sunset (Funky Fingers). I like the combination, although I think it would perhaps look better if I'd skip Rea. 

Do you like doing dots? I love the manis our ladies on blogsphere do with dots, the combinations are awesome! I have to do this more often, it's really fun. :)

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check the masteripeces other ladies did in this challenge:

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 4

Hey guys! Today I'll be quick, I don't have much time, I'm working on another project, I'm really excited about it, I'm planing to show it to you too. :) So now our fourth day of pink challenge. I'm glad you liked my yesterday's mani, I liked it too! But this one just might be my favourite, I loved how it turned out.

I layered Deborah Milano Pret a Porter Purple Batik over my base colour Give Pink A Chance (Finger Paints) and I used simple scotch tape design on my ring finger. I think it turned out pretty sweet. :) I love the glass flecked almost duo chrome look Purple Batik gives to the whole mani. 

Like I said, I like it! How about you?

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check other creations in this challenge:

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 3

Heya darlings! Another day, another combination for the challenge! This one is kinda special. Because it's my first real attempt at stamping. I got the chance thanks to Born Pretty Store who kindly sent me a Bundle monster plate for a review that i have yet to post, but I will, I promise! I actually love how this turned out. 
I'll try to do an accent mani in these posts too, so my ring finger will tend to be a bit different from the rest. Here is the same. I used Color Club Hot Like Lava for stamping on most of my finger and Color Club Cold Metal on my accent finger. Then I mattefied the whole thing with Essence Matt Top Coat and I love how it looks. Pictures!

 See how the pattern still shines due to the foil finish of Color Clubs? Love it!

And how it looked before getting mattefied ...

As you can see, I have miles to go before I get the stamping thing. My lines were not perfect at all and it bothered me quite a bit, but then it sort of grew on me with the imperfections and all. Sure, some just might call it sloppy work. We live and learn.

What do you think about this one? 

Thank you for reading & check the art of other lovely participants:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 2

Hello people! So the only pink week on Did Someone Say Nail Polish? has begun successfully. :) I hope you like my base colour! Today we continue with day 2. This idea isn't my best. I rather disliked it and it actually looked better IRL than on pictures. The inspiration I got from a certain Fashion Polish post, when she layered white crackle and blue polish and so created the image of clouds on the nails. It was totally gorgeous and fantastic and I said it should be the same with pink, no? Well, the problem was, I think, that Give Pink A Chance is a bit too well pigmented. Yes, it needs three coats, but not because it's sheer, it's because it won't even up on the nail. So the whiteness of the Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt was completely covered, it only brightened the pink a bit. And added a funky texture, that was more prominent IRL on the nail. But let's see the pictures anway.

And the first, or rather the second step - one coat of Crackle Glaze over two coats of Give Pink A Chance.

It's an interesting mani, but I think it would look even better if the pink was a bit more sheer. With polish more sheer this is an awesome thing to do!

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check other ladies too! 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 1

Heya darlings! How are you doing today? It's finally the Monday! When we start our Nail polish blogger Challenge! Let's start in the beginning, when I got an email from Caroline, asking me whether I want to join a nail polish challenge. And of course I was all up for it. I love challenges and a way to interact with more nail polish bloggers and fans.

The awesome logo.

This week the colour of the challenge is pink. As you probably know by now I'm not a pink fan, in fact, I had hard time picking a pink from my stash. So this will indeed be a challenge! The point is to make six different manis with one base colour, the only rule is that the base colour needs to be seen on the mani, so not completely covered. The first day we show you only the base colour we chose. I chose Finger Paints - Give Pink a Chance, the name that is quilte suited for me and my attitude towards pink polish too, don't you think? ;)

Let's meet the other ladies also participating in the challenge!
So ten nail polish fans in this challenge, awesome! I hope you'll check their posts too, I'm sure the girls will do an awesome work. Some already posted for the first day, and I must say I'm looking forward to their creations!! 

My "wand" for this challenge is, as I mentioned before Finger Paints, Give Pink A Chance. It's from Finger Paints Peace, Love & Color Summer Collection and I actually like it. Sure, pink lovers will argue this is not really a true pink, it has a lot of orange or red in it. Oh well. My kind of pink then! 
On the first day we're only introducing the base colour, I added a cute Joby Nail Art Sticker that wonderful Kim from Overall Beauty added to my giveaway prize (that I still have to show you!), just to spice it up a little bit.

It needs three coats to be even so I'm not sure how much I'll love it after this week ... but at least I'll have one really empty bottle in my stash. ;)

Stay tuned for a week of manis, and don't forget to check out other blogs!

Thank you for reading! 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Petites Color Fever - 24k Gold scotch tape accent mani

Hey guys! How about a little bling bling for today's grey day? I got this in one of our swap packages and I was surprised Kris sent 24k Gold (appearantly a dupe for Milani Gold Glitz) to me. It didn't feel like me, I normally don't wear gold at all, but then I saw the orange/copper glitter mixed with the gold one and I was immediately drawn to it. And when I finally put it on it was love. Come on, look at the orange/copper glitter in the mids of all the gold!! It's fantastic!! I did a scotch tape accent nail for fun, with Catrice Wine-tastic, as always my inspiration for scotch tape is the wonderful Erica from Chloe's Nails. 


Isn't it amazing??! The copper glitter totally makes my day! And ladies, this was only two freaking coats! The application was amazing, really, so so easy. The polish is quite blingy, but in a good way. I needed two coats of TC, it was still slighly rough, but nothing one can't handle. I freakishly love it. Like I usually love all the "wild cards" Kris sends me, she knows my colours. This one was on my nails for three or four days. So you know I loved it, the whole package. Awesome!

What do you think about 24k Gold? 

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

L. A. Girl Color Addict Idol and Intoxicate

Hey guys. How are you doing? Thank you all for your cute comments on my previous post, I am quite surprised you loved it so much, hehe. :) Yesterday was a perfect autumn day here in Ljubljana. It was a cold morning but it warmed up during the day so you could dress enough not to be cold (that also means boots wearing time for me which is a major win!) all the time (like I am in winter), it rained a few drops, so the air was full od smell of the rain, the leaves have finally started to fall down and the day had this bright grey feeling, not the dead smog full winter grey, but the good cloudy day that I love so much. Plus the hot chestnuts are smelling divine all over the city ... 
... and today we have rain mixed with bloody snow in freaking October. I'm cold in my house, wearing two sweaters and the beautiful autumn grey has turned into the heavy depressing grey of winter. 
In short, I'm not particularly happy today. 

How about I show you two cool colours then? Tevta surprised me with these two. We both fell in love with them back at Biba's Beauty Corner when she showed us her beautiful swatches and I was really happy to get them (thanks, dear!). L.A. Girl, Color Addict line, Idol and Intoxicate, I have yet to wear Disorder, and I suspect it might be my favourite of the three. 

Color Addict Idol, two coats. I had problems with the application, the brush was really stiff, so I had trouble covering the edges of the nails and the base nail curve isn't so nice as I'd like it to be. Quite odd, since I don't remember ever reading about bad application on these. Still, utterly gorgeous colour, I love it! I wish the gold shimmer would be even more noticable, but even as it is it's gorgeous.

Color Addict Intoxicate, again two coats again bad brush, I had the same problem with it. When I tried Idol I thought that maybe I got a bad bottle, but two in a row? I don't know ... Maybe two bad bottles, hehe. Well, this one is *perfect*. The gold shimmer is very nicely visible and it gives the polish the "glow inside" effect, I love it! This one reminded me of Catherine The Grape darker sister. It has the same feeling of awesomness to me. :)

L.A. Girl USA has a few colour lines, that I'm sure you're all very familiar with. Color Addict line has altogether 16 shades, as do all the lines. After browsing through a couple of blogs I dare say they all have the gold shimmer, but the visibility of it varies quite a bit. 

My problem though is, that I want quite a few from their other lines. I want 6 out of 16 of the Glitter Addict line, 6 out of 16 Metal line, from Matte line Alpine Green is sitting on my WL since forever. The one I want the most colours from is Rockstar. I love some bottles for the names themselves, but also the colours are beyond awesome! I already have two (yay!), I seriously need Addict, Groupie, Head Banging (seriously now, I'd want this even if it was pink because of the name, but it's also this amazing teal, yes!), Punk and I wouldn't say no to Party Animal either. Seven out of 16, lol. Ok, I don't think you find this paragraph praticularly interesting, but I'm realizing now I need to refresh my L.A. Girl WL! They have a couple of lines more (Disco, Crackle, Scented polish, Nude etc.), but I don't find those particularly interesting. 

All in all I love the two shades, I really do, I'm just surprised with the brush. Even the formula itself was good, it's just the brush that ruins the application. Funny, since the Rockstar line doesn't give me troubles one bit. Oh well. The colours are well worth it. 

What are your thoughts on L.A. Girl polish? What's your favourite colour and line? 

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Protecting nail polish

I have a nail polish table in my room. Basically a place where I can polish my nails, and put all the untried polish and other nail polish related stuff. Before I had it all over the house and it just wasn't working for me. The problem I'm having since the increase of number of my little beauties is that no matter where in my room I put the bottles, the sun will always get to them one time of the day, that's why I need some sort of box or a drawer to finally put them in and protect them.

Today I got home, walked in my room and saw how my mom protected the bottles from the sunlight and I was so amused I had to take a picture of it.

It's a good feeling though, knowing at least one person more takes care of them when I'm not at home. ;) 

Wibo 49 and 311

In one of my previous posts Elf asked me when will I show more Polish nail polish. And I thought to myself: "That's right! Where are all my Polish polish swatches??". I wore most of them already, so it's about damn time I show them to you (I did show you one after Elf asked me about it, but the superstars are yet to be shown!). Because there is not a dud in the package Sabbatha sent me. Polish polish is amazing. Yes, I do like that word play and shall use it a lot. Bear with me. ;)

Today I'm showing you two Wibos, the two I got and the two I absolutely adore. The colours are amazing, but the thing that impressed me the most is the brush. Oh. My. Gosh. The brush is perfect. Oh, you'll notice the bottles are different, so are the names. I'm guessing this is similar to Essence having multiple lines of polish, as it seems so does Wibo.

Let's start with Wibo Express Growth 49. It is the surprise part of the package and it's perfect. The colour reminds me of the perfect sea green, that I really wanted since forever. Most sea greens are too blue, this one isn't. It's gorgeous, really. And the golden specks make it even more perfect. 
The perfection aside, it's really hard to photograph. I did so many pictures and videos and in the end only two are so good I am confident enough to call them colour accurate, but they lack the details of the polish. So the first two photos are lightbox and are still a tiny bit too blue. They already capture the colour nicely, but not the best. The second two pictures are the most colour accurate, but as you can see, the details get lost a bit. The video was meant to show you how the golden specks sparkle, but I think i should unfocus it to show it properly. Oh well.

Isn't it amazing? I love this colour, I really do. Plus the formula and the brush make this seriously one of the best polishes in my stash. Polish polish is good! 

The second is Wibo Extreme Nails 311. I think I asked Sabbatha for this one in the last moment, when I saw how beautiful it is on her blog. I'm glad I did. Again, in my notes, the first thing I wrote down was: THIS BRUSH IS AWESOME! Yes, that's how awesome these brushes are. Don't think I'm crazy please, but I'm seriously surprised at the quality of these babies. And the colour is divine, bright blue with silver glass-flecks. Yummy!

I put the blue Depend crackle on Wibo later on, just because I love this colour combo.

It's a perfect summer colour, but I know I'll be wearing it during Winter too. This kind of colours always cheer me up in that dull grey winter mornings. 

What do you think of Wibo and these two? Have you ever tried the brand? I do recommend it!

Thank you for reading!