Sunday, 2 October 2011

3 purple Zoya beauties: Neeka, Rea and Jacy

I've already shown you three green Zoya beauties, how about three purple ones too? Of course, Zoya has a lot  more where these came from, but I only recently started emptying my Zoya WL, thank so the best swap buddy ever. So all of the sudden tons of Zoya! Yay! 

These three have few things in common. First, the application on them all is superb. I'm guessing it's the brush that makes Zoya so totally awesome, with the combination of their formula. Jacy has the runniest formula, runnier than what Zoya usually offers, but I believe there is a good reason for that. Second, the drying time on these babies is awesome. I think I could get away without TC, if I wasn't in a hurry. I should give it maybe 5 minutes more and they would all be ready to go. And third, they are all so utterly beautiful. All totally different, but man oh man, so gorgeous. Pictures!

Neeka. Basically a one coater by her pigmentation, if you put a little effort into it, I did two, naturally. This is the star of Smoke and Mirrors Collection for Fall 2011 for most people, she has to share her throne with Yara in my book. I mean, dusty purple with golden shimmer? Can I please paint my room with this gorgeousness? Maybe not, I prefer it on my nails. How about a painting? Oh man, I need to learn how to make jewellery from nail polish. Anyway. Unless you really can't stand purple polish, this is a must. I actually don't consider a lot of polish to be a must-have, but, honestly, Neeka is. It's without faults, and how many times can you find that anyway?

Rea. I did a sparkle check photo of this one, just to show you how sparkly Rea is. Well, it's a foil, so maybe you already saw it coming (the sparkling I mean). This particular beauty came from Zoya Downtown Collection for Fall 2007, imo a very strong collection, that I'll always remember for bringing me Suvi. But Rea is an awesome little foil! Not really pink, not really purple ... I call this a light purple, and I love it. Two perfect coats. 

Jacy. This time a video to show you that the tiny glitter actually does sparkle. It's not my best video though, sorry about that. Now you probably see why the formula is runnier than usual. It's the tiny glitter! It's like this micro glitter, doesn't texture polish one bit, nor does it make the removal difficult, but it sparkles! So cute! It sparkles in pink, purple, blue, and makes this polish very special, I'd say. Due to the runniness it needs three coats, but it's completely managable. And worth it. Looks so lovely on the nails. Oh, from Zoya Pulse and Vibe Collection for Fall 2008. A collection that isn't really after my taste, Jacy is by far the best of the bunch.

What do you think? What's your favourite purple Zoya?

Thank you for reading!


  1. One vote for Jacy! :D (but they are all beautiful)

  2. Gosh, you're right. Neeka is really beautiful. I should wear it soon :D

  3. All Zoya polishes are great! Neeka is so awesome! I want it!

  4. They're all pretty but I like Neeka the most! :)