Saturday, 1 October 2011

3 greens for the green month

Evening everyone! How are you doing? Today Feline (Alizarine Claws, as you probably all know) reminded me that today is actually first of October (I lose track of time or rather dates when I'm studying) and October is Depression Awareness Month. The colour for this month is thusly green. You all know I'm a green freak, and so I wear green at least twice a week, but I decided I'll too post about it. I wore teal on Ovarium Cancer Awareness day (or however you prefer to call it), but didn't post on it. 
Today I'm posting on depression awarness month, simply because I do believe depression is an illness and should be considered carefully. Why? Because I didn't know one of my closest persons was in deep depression until she started to feel better. You just think somebody is "down" because they have problems and after a while you get used to them being that way and you want to help, but since you don't know how to get rid of their problems, you don't know what to do. And it goes on. Thankfully, she climed out of that, but a lot of people don't or don't know how. So basically, people, just be there for them, sometimes just sitting down with your loved one and telling them to spill it with no holding back can help so so much. And be observant. I still regret to this day that I didn't recognize it sooner, perhaps I'd spare her a few weeks or months of it.

Nubar Reclaim, amazing green holo, one of my biggest lemmings, now finally mine. Two coats, could be a one coater easily, with a bit of VNL. Our apple tree helped with this photoshooting. Apples were still green back then, now they are ripe and red. 
As for Reclaim ... I was so happy when I finally got it. It's totally up my alley. Then again, Nubar Going Green collection for 2009 (fall collection?) is one of the two collections in the world I want as a whole. Yes, entire collection is an utter perfection and I want it. If you have any from that collection that you wish to get rid off, I'm the right person to contact! I'm one down and 5 more to go!

S-he 310, with the new bottle already. I have no idea why my pictures turned out horrible, this is actually a very cool spring green with visible (!!) green shimmer. My camera didn't capture one bit of that shimmer, not even in the bottle. What the heck?? I'll probably redo this one. Two coats, I needed the third one on some nails, the formula was a bit thick and the brush left bold spots. Nothing major though, lovely shade of green.

Essence Barefoot Through The Moss, from NATvenTURista LE Collection. This and the green eyeliner were the only two things I wanted from this LE, and I'm glad I bought them. Eyeliner is perfect and I love the polish, it's very soft and the silver shimmer looks awesome. Actually this is probably how Gemma would look like if the shimmer wouldn't be blue/purple but silver. The base colour reminded me of her. Three coats, my application was a bit shaky because I was starving while applying it and my hands shake when I'm hungry. Nice brush and good formula though.

Take care of each other, darlings! And for all of you who suffer from depression, hold on in there! *hug*


  1. Depresija je pri meni zaenkrat izgubila bitko, upam da tudi vojno in da se ne vrne nikoli in nikdar več. Drugače gre danes verjetno kar Hectic gor, ki je in verjetno vedno bo favorit med zelenimi. Res taka rawr barva :D Ampak je tudi Reclaim na moji WL. S-he si bom pa zapomnila za spomladi. Čeprav nisem sezonska, se res ne vidim, da bi jo nosila jeseni in pozimi. :)

  2. depresija je prestrašna sama po sebi - još strašnija uz razmišljanja 'ma kakvi ljekovi, samo se trgni i sve će to proći'... kao da bi čovjeku koji ima upalu pluća rekli - digni se, prošetaj po suncu i odmah će ti biti lakše :-(
    ljudi nisu ni svjesni da je to prava a ne izmišljena bolest :-(
    a lakovi su predobri, nisam primjetila ovaj s-he na policama, morat ću sljedeći put malo bolje pogledat ;-D
    drago mi je da si se i ti dočepala reclaima :-D

  3. I like the most the one from Essence. If only this collection was available in my country.. :(

  4. All of these are awesome! Great photos too!!

  5. navijam za Nubar! tudi na moji WL :) ta essence tudi preseneca...
    glede depresije pa ja...te razumem in socustvujem.. mi se tudi borimo..