Friday, 28 October 2011

Nail polish blogger Challenge day 5

Hello! Day five! I hope you're enjoying this not so typical week here on my blog. Today I decided I finally have to try the dotting technique I so love on all of the other blogs. I hoped I'll do a good job, but as it seems, even the simple dots need some pratice. I'm seriously not happy with how sloppy some of my fingers look, but alas I lack time to redo my mani into something better. The dots are not the same shape and some look like I wasn't paying attention when dotting, which I was! Oh well ... I wish all my nails would look like the pinky one, I like it the most. Practice makes perfect, or so they say and I hope you'll cut me some slack. ;)

This was Give Pink A Chance (Finger Paints), the dots are made with Cotton Candy (Diamond Cosmetics), Rea (Zoya) and Kenyan Sunset (Funky Fingers). I like the combination, although I think it would perhaps look better if I'd skip Rea. 

Do you like doing dots? I love the manis our ladies on blogsphere do with dots, the combinations are awesome! I have to do this more often, it's really fun. :)

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check the masteripeces other ladies did in this challenge:


  1. I love the dots-but the one time I tried, I failed horribly and have been afraid to try again!

  2. I'm not dot fan, but yours look lovely ... and way better than mine. :D

  3. O, prav zanimivo je, kakšne ideje vse imate! :)

  4. moonchild, thank you! :)

    Fingers, if I had the time, I'd redo most of my nails, I just love dots, but I did them quite sloppy. :(

    Gejba, nah, come on, it's the pink factor. ;) I liked yours!

    Biba, hvala. :) Ideje niso problem, mene predvsem čas hudo baše.

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Are you kidding me? You REALLY think this is a sloppy job? You must have something in your eye, because it looks amazing!!!!

  6. ne grintaj, manikurica je super :-D

  7. OMg! These are awesome! Nice color choices and great dots!

  8. Very pretty!!! And yes, dots are fun, I love both painting them and watching other bloggers' creations! :)