Monday, 17 October 2011

Wibo 49 and 311

In one of my previous posts Elf asked me when will I show more Polish nail polish. And I thought to myself: "That's right! Where are all my Polish polish swatches??". I wore most of them already, so it's about damn time I show them to you (I did show you one after Elf asked me about it, but the superstars are yet to be shown!). Because there is not a dud in the package Sabbatha sent me. Polish polish is amazing. Yes, I do like that word play and shall use it a lot. Bear with me. ;)

Today I'm showing you two Wibos, the two I got and the two I absolutely adore. The colours are amazing, but the thing that impressed me the most is the brush. Oh. My. Gosh. The brush is perfect. Oh, you'll notice the bottles are different, so are the names. I'm guessing this is similar to Essence having multiple lines of polish, as it seems so does Wibo.

Let's start with Wibo Express Growth 49. It is the surprise part of the package and it's perfect. The colour reminds me of the perfect sea green, that I really wanted since forever. Most sea greens are too blue, this one isn't. It's gorgeous, really. And the golden specks make it even more perfect. 
The perfection aside, it's really hard to photograph. I did so many pictures and videos and in the end only two are so good I am confident enough to call them colour accurate, but they lack the details of the polish. So the first two photos are lightbox and are still a tiny bit too blue. They already capture the colour nicely, but not the best. The second two pictures are the most colour accurate, but as you can see, the details get lost a bit. The video was meant to show you how the golden specks sparkle, but I think i should unfocus it to show it properly. Oh well.

Isn't it amazing? I love this colour, I really do. Plus the formula and the brush make this seriously one of the best polishes in my stash. Polish polish is good! 

The second is Wibo Extreme Nails 311. I think I asked Sabbatha for this one in the last moment, when I saw how beautiful it is on her blog. I'm glad I did. Again, in my notes, the first thing I wrote down was: THIS BRUSH IS AWESOME! Yes, that's how awesome these brushes are. Don't think I'm crazy please, but I'm seriously surprised at the quality of these babies. And the colour is divine, bright blue with silver glass-flecks. Yummy!

I put the blue Depend crackle on Wibo later on, just because I love this colour combo.

It's a perfect summer colour, but I know I'll be wearing it during Winter too. This kind of colours always cheer me up in that dull grey winter mornings. 

What do you think of Wibo and these two? Have you ever tried the brand? I do recommend it!

Thank you for reading!


  1. This green Wibo is also very close to NYX Jungle (less sheer and less gold, but very similar). Blue one looks amazing on your nails :)

  2. damn, I was holding 49 in my hands for several times and I realy think it's time to finally buy it!!!

  3. I love them too ;)
    Wibo is very cheap brand and they have lovely colors ;d

  4. Both are gorgeous colors :)
    Love the combination with the crackle!

  5. uf, prvi je res lep. <3
    ful so mi všeč tvoji komentarji, ker res dobiš neko pristno oceno laka. :)

    pst pst, kje to kupiš??

  6. These are really pretty! I have not heard of this brand before!

  7. totalno sam ljubomorna, uvijek se divim njihovim lokalnim brandovima :-D

  8. ajme obozavam sve tri manikure, nisam nikad cula za brend, ali ako se ikad nadjem u poljskoj znam sto cu trazit

  9. @ Sabbatha, awesome, I have that one on my WL, so now I can cut if off. :D Thank you for the compliment. :) And the polish! :D

    @ gina_deville, oooh, girl, you have to buy it!!

    @ Annie, I like it too, I think it's the one I do most often. :)

    @ Martinček, tole sem pa dobila v swap paketu s Sabbatho (njen blog je linkan gor), jaz sem njej poslala naše lakce, ona pa meni poljske, ker sem se čisto zaljubila vanje na njenem blogu. :))

    @ Fingers, it's a rather unknown one, accesible only in Eastern Europe, we don't have it either. If it wasn't for Sabbatha's Spooky Nails I wouldn't have heard about it either. But it's a good one!

    @nail crazy, jel' da? Daj, ima puno poljskih blogera, uhvati jednu za swap. :)

    @ Lendoxia, drago mi je, da se ti sviđa. :) I ja ću sigurno gledati za Wibo kad jedan put navratim u Poljskoj. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  10. These are gorgeous! Wish I had these in TN :)

  11. I love both of those polishes and they look SO great on your nails!

  12. Prvič slišim za to znamko. Oba sta zelo lepa!

  13. That green one is gorrrrrgeous!:)

  14. #49 je prekrasen! <3
    Pravi odtenek za jesen/zimo.

  15. @ Withney, me too, I wouldn't mind having them in Slovenia one bit!

    @ imfeelingnail-venturous, thank you!

    @ Maestra, meni bi bila tudi čisto neznana, če je ne bi opazila pri Sabbathi. Poljska ima očitno malo morje znamk lakov za nohte. Ne vem zakaj imamo potem mi ravno en dolgočasen Vipera Joy, od vseh res fajn znamk. Ah ja. :)

    @ Lindsey R, it sure is!

    @ Krvava Meti, meni je takisto čudovit, spominja me na morje, katerega obožujem. :)

    Thanks for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!