Thursday, 13 October 2011

My day just got 230 times better

Hey everyone! How are you doing? Yes, I know, my blogging sucks lately. But you know why and I think we can all agree that family comes first. My mom is doing well, but she got ill right after the surgery, so I'm still on full duty, which usually means I get home after my classes, cook, clean, run to my dance classes, come home, clean the rest of the house, take a shower and fall dead on my bed. The days are literally flying past me, I can't believe my last post was posted on Sunday! 

But anyway ... I want to post this one, because you stuck with me when I was whining my keyboard off about all the studies I have and how sick and nervous i am about it, and now I have to share the good news. As from yesterday I'm officially in my last year of studies. It feels incredibly good, my studies mean a lot to me, so all in all it was a wonderful day just with that. I decided I'll celebrate the sign up with a gift that my wonderful swap buddy sent me a while ago, but I waited for a special occasion on wearing it. That's right, Clarins 230. Kris (My Lucid Bubble) sent me a decant of her bottle. How geneours can one get anyway? I was *so* surprised adn honoured she actually thought I deserve something like that. Come on, we're all nail polish junkies here, we all know how much that can mean to us! I would otherwise never got the Clarins, I can't afford to give so much money for a nail polish nor do I want to feed the ebay scalpers with my money. And now I have this beauty and I'm trully thankful. Kris, you've gone beyond awesomness with this one. 

Some facts. 1. This is two coats of Clarins 230 over two coats of Brucci Sapphire. I like how the blue shimmer adds to the Clarins gorgeousness. 
2. Unfortunately I'm extremely disappointed with my photo skills (and my camera) with this beauty. The photos will be all sorts, blurry, weird finger angles, just everything in order to show you the most colours of 230 and yet I still feel I failed to accomplish that. Even the videos didn't turn out as I wanted them. As you all know multichromes look their best off direct sunlight, 230 looks marvelous in softer light, but my camera doesn't work properly in that conditions. Sad face. The best photos of all the colours Clarins 230 shows, has Fashion Polish, her work with this baby is amazing, check that out, if you haven't already! 
3.A lot of pictures! Duh! Excuse the quality of some, again, for the most perfect review of 230 colours, check Sam's post!

I decided I'll show you just one video, all the rest were too poor of a quality and I really want to show just how sparkly this actually is! We all rave on the multichromness of it, but what really greatly surprised me was how unbelievably sparkly this baby is. The combination of both makes this really the best polish ever.

I usually don't see the point in the "famous" lemmings, I'm always positive I can get something better or at least similar and cheaper. You all know I don't see the point of lemming Nars Zulu, same goes for OPI Rainforest, same goes for La Boheme and others. But Clarins 230 ... here I can understand the lemming. And I think this is one of the rare polishes worth the hype they're getting. Still, if you think this is just too much, you can get Nfu Oh 51. I recognized the fraction of the look 51 gets in a fraction of the look 230 gets. Both really different, but in a certain light they will get a similar look. So you can have a fraction of 230 right there in the Nfu Oh bottle. 

Personally I can't imagine getting tired of my mani. Today it still feels new and fresh. It's like having 6-7 different amazing polishes at once on my nails. Yesterday on my dance classes it felt like the polish was dancing with me, it was insane. Yes, this baby does make you stare at your nails every second you can. Maybe I look like an idiot doing it, but heck, I love it! 

What do you think about Clarins 230 and the HTF lemmings in general? Do you think 230 is worth the hype?

Thank you for reading! 


  1. I love this color! I don't know about the hype though. I always feel like I can find a similar color for cheaper. I'm a bargain shopper.

  2. 230 is so gorgeous; I just can't stomach the idea of paying eBay prices for it. How lovely you were able to get a decant! I managed to get a few very HTFs before I knew they were HTF, and I can't say I love them more for knowing.

  3. lijep jest, ali toliko lijep da dam velike novce za njega nije ^_^

  4. This is SO freaking awesome!

  5. 230 is ridiculously beautiful, but you're's SO expensive. As badly as I want it, I probably will never be able to justify paying that price for one bottle of nail polish. I don't even want to buy higher end brands like Deborah Lippman or Rescue Beauty Lounge because of their prices. I won't pay more than like 12 bucks for a bottle (anything even nearing that price is rare). Anything else is just far too out of my budget.

  6. Things like this makes me feel there is still hope for humanity :) No, seriously.. just being NICE to eachother you know. We humans rock! Oh and yes this polish rocks too :D :D

  7. 230 is so worth the hype! I love mine. I try not to wear it very often because I don't want to have to track down or pay for another bottle, but omgggg love itttt!

  8. čista krasota u bočici :-D
    sretnice :-p

  9. @ lackynails, amen! It's an awesome feeling, really. :)

    Thank you for your thoughts, ladies! :)

  10. Veliko sem mislila nate in kako se bo izteklo glede faksa, zato sem izredno vesela, da je vse, kot mora biti. Čestitke!
    OMG, imaš 230! Itak, da ti ga totalno privoščim! In ne bi mogla izbrati boljšega dneva zanj. Bravo!
    Včasih me kar osupne, kako je lahko človeška prijaznost brez meja. <3

  11. Maestra, hvala ti! Res lepo od tebe, da misliš tudi name. :) Ja, včasih kar težko verjamem, da ga imam. Kris je res neverjetno radodarna. :) Ko mi je sporočila svojo odločitev kaj mi še doda v naslednji paketek sem kar osupnila.

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentar! :)