Thursday, 20 October 2011

L. A. Girl Color Addict Idol and Intoxicate

Hey guys. How are you doing? Thank you all for your cute comments on my previous post, I am quite surprised you loved it so much, hehe. :) Yesterday was a perfect autumn day here in Ljubljana. It was a cold morning but it warmed up during the day so you could dress enough not to be cold (that also means boots wearing time for me which is a major win!) all the time (like I am in winter), it rained a few drops, so the air was full od smell of the rain, the leaves have finally started to fall down and the day had this bright grey feeling, not the dead smog full winter grey, but the good cloudy day that I love so much. Plus the hot chestnuts are smelling divine all over the city ... 
... and today we have rain mixed with bloody snow in freaking October. I'm cold in my house, wearing two sweaters and the beautiful autumn grey has turned into the heavy depressing grey of winter. 
In short, I'm not particularly happy today. 

How about I show you two cool colours then? Tevta surprised me with these two. We both fell in love with them back at Biba's Beauty Corner when she showed us her beautiful swatches and I was really happy to get them (thanks, dear!). L.A. Girl, Color Addict line, Idol and Intoxicate, I have yet to wear Disorder, and I suspect it might be my favourite of the three. 

Color Addict Idol, two coats. I had problems with the application, the brush was really stiff, so I had trouble covering the edges of the nails and the base nail curve isn't so nice as I'd like it to be. Quite odd, since I don't remember ever reading about bad application on these. Still, utterly gorgeous colour, I love it! I wish the gold shimmer would be even more noticable, but even as it is it's gorgeous.

Color Addict Intoxicate, again two coats again bad brush, I had the same problem with it. When I tried Idol I thought that maybe I got a bad bottle, but two in a row? I don't know ... Maybe two bad bottles, hehe. Well, this one is *perfect*. The gold shimmer is very nicely visible and it gives the polish the "glow inside" effect, I love it! This one reminded me of Catherine The Grape darker sister. It has the same feeling of awesomness to me. :)

L.A. Girl USA has a few colour lines, that I'm sure you're all very familiar with. Color Addict line has altogether 16 shades, as do all the lines. After browsing through a couple of blogs I dare say they all have the gold shimmer, but the visibility of it varies quite a bit. 

My problem though is, that I want quite a few from their other lines. I want 6 out of 16 of the Glitter Addict line, 6 out of 16 Metal line, from Matte line Alpine Green is sitting on my WL since forever. The one I want the most colours from is Rockstar. I love some bottles for the names themselves, but also the colours are beyond awesome! I already have two (yay!), I seriously need Addict, Groupie, Head Banging (seriously now, I'd want this even if it was pink because of the name, but it's also this amazing teal, yes!), Punk and I wouldn't say no to Party Animal either. Seven out of 16, lol. Ok, I don't think you find this paragraph praticularly interesting, but I'm realizing now I need to refresh my L.A. Girl WL! They have a couple of lines more (Disco, Crackle, Scented polish, Nude etc.), but I don't find those particularly interesting. 

All in all I love the two shades, I really do, I'm just surprised with the brush. Even the formula itself was good, it's just the brush that ruins the application. Funny, since the Rockstar line doesn't give me troubles one bit. Oh well. The colours are well worth it. 

What are your thoughts on L.A. Girl polish? What's your favourite colour and line? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Copper Alloy iz LA Girl Metal kolekcije je moj <3. Ta lak vsekakor hocem. :P

  2. These are really pretty!! I hate when you get a whonky brush!

  3. Tale Color Addict Intoxicate izgleda magičen ;)

  4. O, me veseli, da so vama bile moje slike tako všeč :D

    Meni so vsi moji L.A. Girl laki všeč, tako tisti iz Rockstar kot iz Color Addict linije.

    Intoxicate pa se je, žal, razbil na poti k meni...

  5. Ahh! I have both, and a third, from this collection - but still in my untrieds! O.o I love the LA Girl polishes, they seem very inventive in their laboratory and sometimes beat the h*ll out of the big brands when it comes to originality. I also love the consistency of the lines, that they do ONE thing for an entire line and print the bottles accordingly. It's like you know what you're getting that way. During times when Cherry Culture have those massive discounts I like getting msyelf a huge package with these. :)

  6. @ Kaneli, ja, Copper Alloy je tudi na moji WL, božanski je. :)

    Fingers, me too, but the colours are worth it! :)

    MissDoll, ja, Intoxicate je res fantasičen, me je izjemno lepo presenetil.

    Biba, tvoje fotke so me čisto navdušile takrat. :D Res škoda za Intoxicate, meni je zelo všeč. Rabim še ostalih milijon! :D

    Feline, I sooo want to make a giant order on Cherry Culture, now that I've refreshed the LA Girl WL I have 20 bottles on the list. I guess sometimes it's good that I don't have the right credit card for online shopping, I'd go bankrupt in a second. ;) Still, I have to get them, I love the ones I have. They're cool! And I agree, I really like the idea of a line that is consistent and a unity of some sort. Plus, 16 colours pretty much cover all tastes.

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  7. These polishes are nice! It's a shame they are not sold in my country...
    Am also a massive boot wearer :)

  8. dobro si izabrala, super izgledaju :-D

  9. Oh come on!!!!! Not you too! I also fell in love with these shades because of Biba. And now I'm drooling over them again. They look wonderful and they'll remain on my WL (even if the application is a PITA). This colors are to die for... *enchanted*

  10. Both of these polishes are stunning! I have two polishes from this line and I adore both of them. I have uninhibited which is so awesome!

  11. i meni su rockstar najdrazi, ali imam problem s prozirnoscu i vremenom susenja, tako da sam sad nekako rezervirana oko kupovanja njihovih lakova

  12. I like them all, but my favourite one is that one from first photo :) Yes, we can all hope, all the cancer patiens will be fine :)

  13. I've never tried any L.A. Girl polish but they look gorgeous here! I love the golden glow ;D

  14. greeneyespinknails, yay for the boot wearers! And I hate that we can't get them in Slovenia either. :(

    nail crazy, aha, znam, a izabrala jih je Tevta. :)

    nihrida, oh yes, she made some really awesome droolable swatches back then. Don't even get me started on the WL ... I'll have to empty it eventually! And the Rockstar line applies really nicely for me, so maybe it's weird brush only with these two.

    imfeelingnail-venturous, Uninhibited ... that's the bright blue one? Love that one too!

    Lendoxia, quick dry TC ne pomaže? :/

    ss fashion world, thank you! :)

    Nailderella, the golden glow is *the* stuff in these beauties, IMO. :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  15. Po swatchih iz te kolekcije sta mi najlepša Disorder in Idol. Intoxication je pa po enih swatchih po mojem okusu - bolj rjavkasto rdeče, na drugih pa čisto vijola. Čuden lak. V flaški pa zgleda precej podobno kot Zoya Jem. Zadnjič sem skoraj histerično pograbila Jem v Maksiju. Še dobro, da je bil poba z mano, ki mi zbija impulzivnost s tem da mi naglas bere cene :D

  16. ne znam, nemam QD top coat, pretpostavljam da pomaze, al nikako da se upustim u kupnju preko neta, a ovdje po drogerijama nema nijednog funkcionalnog

  17. Sabbatha, me too! :)

    S. Disorder me še čaka ... skrajni čas, da ga spravim na nohte. :) Sicer se mi zdi, da je Intoxication dokaj realen na mojih fotkah, se zmeraj potrudim da je barva taka kot je na nohtih, rjavkasto rdeč pomoje postane če je fotkan pod rumeno lučjo ... vem pa ne. :) LOL za Jem! :D Če imaš že Valerie, je ne rabiš, sta praktično dvojčici. :D

    Lendoxia, cure hvale Essence TC u crnoj boćici. Ja ga nisam isprobala, al možda bi bio bolji ... a da swappaš za amerićke QD? Meni je tako najlakše. :D

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!