Thursday, 26 March 2015

Special ManGlaze surprise B-day mani

My people! It has been a crazy month so far! Imagine hype at work, birthday, being sick, attending a dance festival and releasing a magazine crammed all in three weeks. Ah yes. Crrrazy. I haven't worn any nail polish for about a week, which is an absolute record of the past 3-4 years for me. 

To more important things - I had a birthday about two weeks ago. It was a lovely day I spent with my boyfriend - after we both finished with work, but nevertheless - a day of relaxation and sauna. Wonderful. We got home pretty late and I was chatting with my mum and I noticed a package for me (my folks don't even mention it anymore, because there is always a package for me on one of the tables) on the kitchen table. Surprisingly, I didn't expect any packages in that period of time and it didn't seem to belong to any of the retailers I usually order from. What the hell, right? I started opening it, and inside the box was a smaller box. A freaking nail polish. Now, I KNOW I remember when I order a new goodie for my collection. And as I am opening the smaller box I see it SAYS MANGLAZE ON IT! Man-fucking-glaze?!! In my home? For MOI??  And I realise one of my friends surprised me with one of my biggest lemmings, ManGlaze Mayonnaise. We talked about nail polish a couple of weeks before that and she decided to surprise me with it. Thanks, gurrl! :) :* 

Now, to explain my lovestory with ManGlaze. ManGlaze is one of my biggest lemming brand of all time, right up there with BB Couture. Their idea of witty names and incredibly awesome bottle designs is just fantastic. Not to mention their matte nail polish always looks sickening. Basically, I want them all, if not for uniqueness of the shade (although all of them are pretty unique, I think), then definitively for the design. Mayonnaise was number one on my list because it is supposed to be this perfect true white matte. Which I always wanted. Not the I-just-put-glue-on-my-nails white, but a nice, wearable white with a decent enough formula to apply (which was mission impossible to get a couple of years back). And now I have it.

Bunch of photos of the bottle!

See how awesome the bottle is? I am sure you already saw it million times before, but bear with me, I just got it! :D

And to make this polish and the present-giver justice, I needed to make this mani especially fabulous without destroying the Mayo. So I did accent mani, with black matte, glitter on top and then mattified it. Because. I. Can.

Besides my mani, I hate everything about these photos. Please take into consideration I have a new camera and no time to figure out how to work with it best. I promise, I will learn! The skin on my middle finger is an abomination, but it is that period of year when I can't do shit about it. 

But I really wanted to show you this beauty! It is not that obvious on my pictures, but Mayonnaise has this tiny tiny tiny shimmer that makes it slightly pearlescence. It is still matte, but not flat, chalk-matte and it gives the whiteness some depht. Gorgeous!

The application was a very nice surprise. I needed two to three coats to even it up, but they applied like a breeze for a matte nail polish. And for a white matte nail polish, that is pretty awesome. The only thing that you need to be careful about is  that it dries slowly comparing to other matte nail polish. I paid for that lesson dearly on my index finger, where you can notice a small dent. How I hate doing that to my fresh mani. 
On my index finger I have Rimmel Velvet Matte Matte-itude that I shall talk more about in one of the future posts. Glitter on top is Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Rochet, one coat, and then Konad Matte Topcoat on top. 

I am in love with this nail polish. Ridiculously love it. Needless to say, I want them ALL. And this little baby convinced me they are worth the money. Desiree, thanks, darling. :*

Do you have any ManGlaze nail polish? Do you like white nail polish (matte or glossy) or are you in "big no-no" camp? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Flormar Matte M06

Another day, another matte nail polish! I discovered the Matte range of Flormar in Bratislava, my flatmate had a couple of shades, but then I couldn't find them anywhere. Luckily, we have a Flormar stand right here in Ljubljana's Supernova, and I gave it a go. I bought a beautiful deep green colour. My skin looks a bit too yellow on the photos, because I wanted to capture the right shade of the varnish, that kept turning out too blue (even if you google the shade, I haven't found a swatch that would be too teal). They are still too much on the teal side, the shade is definitively more green than teal. I am not particularly happy with these swatches, I will try and re-do them.

The brush was good, and I needed three coats to even the polish out. It dries fast, of course. But I wouldn't really call this a matte finish, it is more of a satin finish. Still, I love it, I think I am getting another shade or two. They last a very long time before they start to chip or gain gloss, around five days, I bet I would get another day with shorter nails as well.

The bottle costs 4,50€ on Flormar stand in Supernova, I think it is a good price for a good polish.

Do you have any of these Matte polishes by Flormar? Any shade I really need in my life? :)

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