Sunday, 1 March 2015

Flormar Matte M06

Another day, another matte nail polish! I discovered the Matte range of Flormar in Bratislava, my flatmate had a couple of shades, but then I couldn't find them anywhere. Luckily, we have a Flormar stand right here in Ljubljana's Supernova, and I gave it a go. I bought a beautiful deep green colour. My skin looks a bit too yellow on the photos, because I wanted to capture the right shade of the varnish, that kept turning out too blue (even if you google the shade, I haven't found a swatch that would be too teal). They are still too much on the teal side, the shade is definitively more green than teal. I am not particularly happy with these swatches, I will try and re-do them.

The brush was good, and I needed three coats to even the polish out. It dries fast, of course. But I wouldn't really call this a matte finish, it is more of a satin finish. Still, I love it, I think I am getting another shade or two. They last a very long time before they start to chip or gain gloss, around five days, I bet I would get another day with shorter nails as well.

The bottle costs 4,50€ on Flormar stand in Supernova, I think it is a good price for a good polish.

Do you have any of these Matte polishes by Flormar? Any shade I really need in my life? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Uf, ta barva ubija :-)

  2. Awesomeeee nail polish! Flormar seems to be a nice brand :D