Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture ~ Lavish

Like I said, I am on the matte waggon lately. Sally Hansen seemed like a pricier version of the Rimmel I first bought, but then I saw swatches and I just had to have it. Lavish is basically like having velvet on your nails. Utterly gorgeous, my pictures do not do it justice. The risk I also took with this baby is that it is a slightly textured polish, which I am not really fond of. But it was definitively a good purchase.

On this photo the colour is too dark, but you can really see the texture of the polish.

Excuse the dent on my last photo, as I changed the settings on the camera I also conveniently forgot I am obviously wearing a rather fresh mani with no top coat.

You can see I changed the settings while making these quite a lot, in want of finding perfect shade of the colour. It is also a bit of changer, at least to my eyes it goes from perfect wine red to sometimes almost a purple undertone, so there you have it. My photos are almost too crisp, as they sharpen the velvet-y feeling too much, the texture of this polish is really brilliant in that aspect, it does look like velvet. 

The application was easy, I used three coats on my longer nails. It also dries very fast, as most matte nail varnishes do. The brush is also great. I kind of wish I bought more shades, but in Bratislava, where I purchased this baby, they had only 3 other shades that I didn't particularly want. In Vienna, they had the rest of the collection, but they almost doubled the price and I thought that was madness. I bought Lavish for 4,99€ in DM in Bratislava, in Müller in Vienna Velvet Texture Collection costs around 8€. 

Still, I think it is a great collection, if I could, I would buy Plush as well. But Lavish is a must, if you like this sort of finish. :)

Did you get any colours from Velvet Texture collection?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Uf, tole zgleda top! Bo za poskusit :)

  2. da prilicno slici rimmelu i moram rec da mi je rimmel ipak ljepsi :)

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  4. Meiner Meinung nach ist das wirklich die schönste Farbe der Kollektion. Ich liebe ihn auch, auch wenn ich mit dem Auftag nicht so glücklich bin.

  5. super bojica, i krasno ti stoji :D