Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nfu Oh magic for a week off

Hey darlings! How are you doing? I'm posting this later than usually, busy but a very pleasant day. I passed the exam today with wanted mark, yay! Now I don't have exams until September. Doesn't mean I don't have to study, but I don't have to study THAT hard, which means more time for more pleasant stuff, yay! Thank you so much for putting with me all these months, I know I must have gotten annoying at some point, always talking about how much I have to study and all. 

I'm behind with my replying to comments and emails, sorry to all, I will get back to that as soon as I get back! If everything turns out the way it should I'm off to a small vacation, rather a half-week off tomorrow and I can't wait, I really need a nice long break from looking at all the study books and feeling rushed and out of time. 
So I thought about what mani should I do today, in case I won't change it all the way to Sunday. That's something that should not feel boring on my nails, not even on 6th day of wearing. Naturally, Nfu Oh flakies came to mind. And here is my NOTD and what probably will be for the longest on my nails in quite a few months. :)

 To point out the green sparkles 52 has, on my blurry ring and little finger-nail.

This is two coats of Kiko 266 with two coats of Nfu Oh 52 over it. Ah, gotta love the numbers. 
What do you think, will it awe me with its beauty for 6 days? I will have some polish with me, just in case it doesn't. I hate being annoyed with what's on my nails so I tend to avoid it. :) 

When I get back I'm finally doing the long overdue Eveline Holografic Shine week. Are you still up for it? :) Hope so!

Have a lovely week! *muah*

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Top 10 award

Hey darlings. How are you? I'm really tired, I had a night of seriously weird and vivid dreams, like I usually have in my study period, being stressed out and all, but this night it was ... weird even for me. So I'm a bit slow today, walking around like I have a hangover, which i don't, I haven't drunk much yesterday. :P Right now I want to do an award I was given and haven't done before. I got a few awards in past couple of weeks, but most of them I've already done on my blog. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate them, when you link me for an award that means you actually consider my blog worthy of mentioning on your blog, and that is a compliment for me, a major one! 

Top 10 award was given to me by Ina from My Nail Polish Online blog. Check her out! She has a very original way of posting swatches, which I really like!

Here are the rules:

-Link back to the person who tagged you
-Pick 10 other bloggers to give this award to
-List your favorite 10 products

10 bloggers I link:
These are all bloggers that I regularly read, every day really, so defintively one of my favourites, along with a couple more, but I kept to the limit of 10 bloggers. Really great bloggers with great blogs, so I do recommend you click on the links for more if you don't know them yet.

Ok, my 10 favourite products ... I will keep in my make-up department. I'm sure every single one of you knows otherwise my 10 favourite products do include my toothbrush, a toothpaste, shower gel, my face cleanser, daily creme, sunscreen, make up remover, nail polish remover and so on and so forth? I thought that list would be a tad bit boring so I decided to to my 10 favourite make up products I'm raving about for the last few weeks or even months.

In no particular order:
  • Nail polish. Any colour i feel like wearing. I didn't have naked finger- or toenails for like two years or something like that. So you won't catch me without nail polish on my fingernails, unless I'm just about to put a new colour on them. 
  • Nfu Oh Base Coat. What a discovery. I just don't polish my nails without it anymore. 
  • Lily Lolo: Ripe Plum mineral eyeshadow. I absolutely adore this one.
  • Overall Beauty: Dust Bunny mineral eyeshadow. Since I tried it for the first time, I can't do a make up when I go out without including this baby. It's so insanely gorgeous, thanks a million for this one, Holly!
  • Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trio: Gris Dandy. The set for black smokey eyes for me. I wear black smokey eyes quite often when I go out at night, since I love strong eye make up. I usually add something more to it, another colour perhaps or something, when I'm playing around, but this is the base every time.
  • Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting Concealer. Magic stuff, I used to have one for purple tea-bags under my eyes and another for the rest of my face, but this one covers them all.
  • Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturelle lipstick in 07 Framboise Exqusie. I'm a big fan of strong red lipstick, but this one is my everyday lipstick for college and also a safe combination with a very strong eye make up I usually do, so it's by far my most used lipstick. 
  • Bourjois Levres Contour, lip liner number 11. Goes perfectly with F. E. lipstick, so ...
  • ArtDeco All in One Mascara. I tried many mascaras, but I always return to this one. 
  • ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base. This product was revolutionary for me. I can wear eyeshadow for hours and it won't go all pale or hide into my crease? No kidding! So it's the fountation for my eyelook.
Hope that wasn't too boring. :) Again, thanks to Ina for giving me the award, it was fun writing it! Hope all of you who I linked will participate. :D 

And thank you all for reading!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Essence - Choose me! with Halley's Comet comparison

You're probably really sick of this one, aren't you? Plus I'm an era or two late with this comparison, but I did it a long time ago and I said what the hell, let's show it for the 64132158th time. Choose me! was the first Essence I actually tried. Crazy, eh? So you can imagine my immense surprise at the facts that the brush simply rocks, the formula of the polish is wonderful and it is a beyond awesome colour. All for 1,49€. FTW

No idea how, but I somehow managed to pick the insane duochrome effect up to a maximum, it looks insane, on the first pic is looks like I did a gradient mani with green and blue. Well, I didn't. No words neccessary for this one, you know it well, together with all the dupes. It's gorgeous, it needs three coats to be fully opaque and it stains, two coats of base coat are highly recommended. It also dries really fast, i didn't use any top coat and I had it on for a couple of days, smudge free.

The comparison with Orly Halley's Comet was made when I got my Choose me! bottle, hence the different nail lenght. I did the comparison because back then I was comparing the Cosmic FX collection and I wanted to see how close they get. They are rather close, the blurry picture only shows the minor difference between them. Still, I don't think you need them both, unless you're really crazy about the colour and would want a back up, since Essence bottle is small. Both brushes are fantastic and both need three coats.

Which one of the Charla-Catch Me In Your Net-Halley's Comet-Choose Me!-two or three more I can't remember from the top of my head-dupe circle did you get? Do you have more of them? Which one do you use the most often then?

Thank you for reading, have a great Saturday!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Orly - Cashmere Cardigan

Hey everyone! How are you doing? Hope you're alright, since it's Fridaaay! I had my last written exam today and i'm on a break for two months. I still need to study, but not nearly as intensive as I did in the past couple of months. I still have my oral part of exam next week, so don't un-cross your fingers just yet for me! ;)

Today I have for you one of the let-downs. I thought Cashmere Cardigan will be just the thing for me, as I am still in my soft-periwinkle-washed-dusty-blue phase, but I put it on and wanted to remove it right away. I planned to do some scotch tape with it, but after colour disappointed me so much, I lost all creativity. 

The thing that actually bothered me about this one was that it is too purple for my taste still. I'd add less purple and more blue in it and it would probably be perfect. 

I thought it will be a two coater, I needed three to even it up. Mind you, my nails are rather long here. I didn't have any troubles with it, it's still the Orly lovely formula and the brush is fantastic. A nicely behaved polish, I just have the problem of expecting something else. I'm picky, I know, but with so many polishes out there, I kinda can afford to be.
Cashmere Cardigan is a part of Orly Prepster Collection for Spring 2009, a rather boring collection for me, I don't like one colour in it, Cashmere Cardigan is by far the best there. But to each their own, I always say!

Oh, btw, I wondered how close this gets to one of my favourite types of blue I adore lately, Essence Forget-me-not, so I did a quick bottle shot, in case you're wondering about the difference as I did.

I like this photo because it shows them both on sunlight and in the shade. :D

So yeah ... I'm picky, aren't I? Oh well, what can I do. :) What are your thoughts about this particular Orly? Do you like soft, periwinkle type of blues or are they too gentle for you?

Thank you for reading, have a great Friday!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

O.P.I. - Baguette me not

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm drinking my cup of coffee and before I hit the books again I have another one to show you. :) Baguette me not is a not-me colour. It's too gentle, too soft, too ... boring? Perhaps. But I really liked it on my nails. I felt like wearing something softer for once and even though it's a very work-appropriate colour, it's still a cool one. It called to me from Tevta's helmer and, well, that's usually the sign for me to try the colour out.

Again I'm writing this in the old format of Blogger. You have no idea how much can Blogger piss me off. Why do I keep bothering with it anyway, I'm seriously starting to wonder since this picture problems started coming up, because they just don't seem to get to fixing it. Don't tell me there isn't one person over at freaking Google that can fix this nonsense!

But yeah, Baguette me not. As Scrangie and The Polish Addict (anyone else misses her gorgeous nails? *sigh*) nicely put it - this salmon creme is a mom colour. The thing is, I like both mom colours in this collection, Crepes Suzi-ette perhaps even a bit more. Oh yes, it's a part of La Collection de France for Fall 2008, an immensly popular collection, I'd say. It has some seriously strong colours, like You Don't Know Jacques, Yes, I can-can!, Parlez-vous OPI? (man, I totally want this one) ... I know the reds and the vamps of this collection are very popular, at least.

Baguette me not needs two coats, I put the third one on some fingers due to my clumsiness (i write this a lot lately, maybe I'm getting sloppy with my application). It dries extremly glossy and fast, I didn't use TC with this one. So if you need a nice, well behaved subtile colour this might be it. I got bored of it in a day, but hey, it's not really up my alley much, and for the day, I really liked it.

What do you think? How many "mom" or "work appropriate" colours do you own? Do you agree with the label on this colours, do you think it affects your decision on wearing it?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nubar - Vino with Raspberry Truffle accent

What a beautiful day are we having here in Ljubljana and I feel like a zombi. Really sleepy and tired, plus a little bit grumpy. Yeah, I'm going to be the cliché whining girlfriend and complain about how my BF is going away again for a week. I hate not having him around. And yes, I do have to study all the time he'll be away, but still, you know, it's easier for me to see him at least for a couple of hours if he's in this half of freaking Europe. -.- I better get some seriously awesome nail polish from this trip.
But anyway! Enough with the Moaning Myrtle act, to the nail polish! Now I'm showing them chronologicaly because of broken nails.

I finally put on the two Nubars left from Tevta's Nubar part of her bday box. I realized, as I was editing the pictures, I wore a lot of Nubars for someone who owns only one. These two looked so insanely close when I looked at the bottles in the coffee shop where we sat, I was surprised she got both of them. Seriously, so close, I was shocked to see how they differ on the nail. They're completely different, even the bottle shot shows that. So I don't know, I guess it was the poor lightning in the café, making Raspberry Truffle more purple than it actually is. So this quickly changed from a comparison to an accent mani. 

See, the poor light really brings out the purple in RT, so perhaps that's where I made my mistake.

Nubar Vino is a part of Nubar Venetian Glass collection for Fall 2010, giving us also Verde, probably my favourite Nubar I've ever worn. It needs three coats to be opaque, but look at that glass flecked finish! My favourite one! Vino is definitively on my WL now, I didn't consider it buy-worthy before. Now that I look at the swatches of Venetian Glass Collection, I'm thinking I need the orange one too ... Vino is a gorgeous dark red-purple colour, seriously awesome stuff. Nothing can beat Verde to me, but hey, it got close! One warning though. Seche Vite causes major, and I mean major (!) shrinkage on Vino! I wouldn't believe it if I haven't seen it myself. It's like it picked up entire polish off my tips and the oval on the start of the nail. It just disappeared off the nails! Crazy. I needed to remove this beauty really fast because of it, and I wasn't happy at all about it.

Raspberry Truffle is a part of Chocolate Truffles Collection for Fall/Winter 2009, a collection not really after my taste, since it consist mostly of browns, that I still don't see myself wearing. But there it is, Raspberry Truffle. Such a kick-ass colour!! The only one in the collection I'd get and it is totally, totally awesome! It also needed three coats and SV didn't caused so much shrinkage on it. As you all know, O.P.I. Tease-y Does It is a dupe of this little fellow. I'd prefer Nubar one, just because it got out sooner. Then again, O.P.I. is *a lot* easier for me to get, so perhaps I'll just get that one. My Nubar WL isn't moving anywhere. *sigh* One day, I tell you! Oh, Raspberry Truffle obviously has a slight duochrome effect, goldish-purple one. Not a major strong one, but it's there and it makes the colour even more beautiful.

So ... I actually loved the combination of them both. RT sometimes flashes purple, that was going really well with Vino and the purple in it. Too bad SV ruined it for me so soon. 

What do you think? Do you own them? What's your favourite Nubar, that you have or want? 

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Essence - My Yellow Fellow + p2 crackle

Evening everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend! I had to study my butt off, but I was with my BF, away from all computers, TVs and so on, so I actually studied more than ever, with more pleasant surroundings and a very nice company that even cooked for me. :) Now I'm back, and I feel like chatting about polish.

This one is older, my nails grew quite long and snaped back to this lenght in all this time. I haven't picked this one up for me, but then tried it at home and loved it so now it's mine (with the premission of the nail polish junkie that ordered it from me, of course ;)). Me, liking yellow? Yes! I guess there are no limits now anymore! The application was less than nice, but from what I've read on other blogs, yellow doesn't get on the nail easily in principle.

Later on I put the black crackle on, getting the ultimate contrasting combination. I've already shown you this one before, now with TC over  p2 Black Explosion and without.

My Yellow Fellow needed fout coats to even up at least a bit and still on some fingers it was an utter disgrace. I love the brush on Blossoms etc. LE, it's flat and wide but it didn't help with this little diva. It just wouldn't even up on the nails. Oh well. Can't say I didn't expect some sort of troubles, since a well-behaved yellow is a constant lemming of yellow-polish lovers. 
Still, surprisingly I looooved the colour on me! It is so damn bright, but I still loved it! Very springy, perhaps that's why. :) It's probably not a colour I'd feel like wearing very often, but when I wore it this time, I felt awesome wearing it. :) One regret though - the awesome shimmer that the bottle promises is visible on the nail only on direct sunlight, as my 'off direct sunlight' photos show.

One coat of p2 Black Explosion crackle polish over, a day later, I think. I like how p2 crackles, luckily I don't have the need to buy Black Shatter from OPI. :) 

What do you think about My Yellow Fellow and the combination? Did you get any of the colours from Blossoms etc. LE?

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Catrice - It Blue My Mind

Heya people. Today is a good day! I passed another exam, with the mark I hoped for, so woohoo! I have to study already for my exam next week, but I don't even care much right now. :) The stress of the entire study period finally started to show on my nails though, today I snaped two of them, so I needed to shorten them quite a bit. But I actually expected this to happen a lot sooner, it wasn't a major surprise, stress has a great influence on my nails and hair. 

Today's manicure was worn only a couple of days ago. It Blue My Mind has been standing in my untrieds box for a year or so. It looked nice, but I just never felt like wearing it. Then I finally put it on, since my BF always suggested the colour, when asked what should I put on, and I haven't seen him in a week at that point, so I wanted to do a mani for him. And I don't know what the hell was I thinking, leaving it be for so long. This colour has to be one of the best blues I have in my stash.

 The lightbox shot, to bring out the shimmer more, although most of the time It Blue My Mind is darker, but with nicely visible shimmer still.

Natural, off the sun.

Awesome, right? It's also one to two coater! I have one coat on a couple of fingers here, don't ask me which ones, I don't remember. But you can easily get away with one coat, you know that's true, if I did! I have two coats of BC, just in case of staining and my ol' Essie Good To Go TC.

As much as I love the colour and the ridiculously easy application (no, seriously, a monkey could do it), I really dislike the really fast tip-wear on this baby. The very first day i already had a tip-wear of a couple of days with any other polish, to the point I already consider removing a polish because of it. Not cool! By accident I wrapped my tip on my middle finger and it really showed on the tip wear, it was minimal. So if you have the same problem, i suggest wrapping your tips, I will the next time I wear it, because it's such a cool colour I want it to last a couple of days on me. I actually regreted removing it the next day, I still felt like wearing it, but the tw was too big. 

It is a beauty. Catrice has some really awesome colours. Don't you think? :) 

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Deborah Milano Pret a Porter - Celestial Sky

It's me again! Nail polish is doing wonders for my nerves in this period of time, but it isn't very good for my wallet, I have to say. ;) Hopefully I'm not too annoying with the constant "i need to study" litany, if I am, do not hesitate and say so! 
Today I have a relatively new member of Slovene nail-polish family to show you. I don't think we were able to get Pret a Porter line of Deborah Milano before a few weeks ago. Since we were told it is a limited edition of 40 colours I of course went hunting them down like a madman and so did half of Ljubljana, so it seemed by the speed with which the shelves and jars were emptied. Luckily they restocked them and now I still see them around, so I'll probably buy a few others too. They aren't really cheap, with 2,50€ for only 4,5 ml of polish per bottle, but some colours are really awesome and I like the brush, so hit me with them! 

The first I tried is Celestial Sky. It called to me from the jar it was lying in, I noticed it even before I noticed the greens. I really love this colour. It's tricky to photograph it though. The only light my camera wanted to capture the real colour with the details was the inside of a bright room light that makes my hands look yellow. The closer you get to the sunlight with this beauty, less the silver particles are visible and the brighter the blue is.

 How it looks most of the time.

The last two closer to direct sunlight, you can see how the silver particles are fading away and on direct sunlight it looks like a really bright blue with shimmer. Still gorgeous tho!

It's an inside polish and I don't mind that one bit. The dusty blue colour is really amazing and the silver paricles give the impression of stars, although I think the blue is too bright to be called a starry night polish. :)

Application wise I liked the brush, which is good, I thought it's going to be too short for my long and wide nails, but it's not troublesome. The first coat is really sad, making you think you'll need 4 coats at least, but it ends at the third one. I do think you need three with this one, unless you apply your polish fairly thick. It dries fast though, even for a three-coater.

Celestial Sky was a nice start for my and Deborah Milano Pret a Porter. I still have a few to go before my final verdict. If you find Celestial Sky I do recommend it (it was the last bottle in the jar and I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore). 

Which Pret a Porters did you buy? 

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Eyeko - Cosmic Polish

Hey darlings. How are you doing? I'm tired, nerves from the exams always get to me. But I want to show you this beauty. It's actually a part of my long overdue post about my new toys, but I guess I'll show it to you before I introduce it in that post, since I can't seem to find time to get all the bottle shots. This one was one of my big wishes, definitively my number 1 Eyeko I wanted to get. I've already told you before I'm a big sucker for this type of polish, black with colorful glitter in it. Eyeko seemed particularly awesome and luckily it didn't disappoint.

Inside pic, soft light, and you can still see a bit of the colorful play in the glitter. When there isn't enough light this one is still a stunner, as the glitter particles turn silver and so really create the starry sky look, that I absolutely adore.

Yes, also a video, so you'll see just how sparkly this beatuy is. :)

Cosmic Polish needed only two coats, awesome! I expected it will need three. It dries a little bit rough, but with one coat it's practicaly smooth. Two make it completely smooth, if you're picky, like I am. 
The brush was a bit weird though. Some bristles were longer than the rest and in general it isn't my favourite brush in the world. But nothing too big, one can handle it, especially for a colour this awesome.

I seriously love this colour. It's all I expected it to be. Major thanks to Daltonista Polish for selling it to me! I've admired her nails long on our favourite beauty forum, now she's started with her own blog, you should check it out, awesome pictures with awesome nails! 

What do you think about Eyeko and Cosmic? Do you own any Eyeko polish?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Essence - Love, Peace & Purple

Frankly, I need a break. Study overload is resolving into a lovely headache, so I'm waiting for the pill to kick in. So I'm here, listening to music and why not post another mani? 

This one was made soon after the LE came out, so it's a bit older. It's a proof of how many stuff I have piled up for show + some extra posts I still want to do. I think I have enough material to post till the end of the year, lol. Anyway. I'm sure you know this one, if not by Essence then by the bazillion other dupes. It started with Chanel Parodoxal and then I've soon lost count of all the dupes that were made. It's a seriously popular colour. I wasn't hooked though. Perhaps I do this subconsciously with the extremely expensive (better said overpriced) polish, I convince myself I don't like it. Well, this one didn't appeal to me even with all the dupes that were by far less expensive and good too. 
Then I saw the You Rock! full counter - lately I'm getting lucky with these Essence LE, I caught three full counters of Blossoms etc., full You Rock! and full Meet.me.nonsence. Not that I wanted the full collections, but I grabbed one or two each time. From You Rock! Love, Peace & Purple was the only one that I found good enough to buy, and since I think the bottle is SO adorable and the price was more than nice, I said, why not, lets jump on the Parodoxal dupe wagon.

 Natural everyday grey rainy light of smogy Ljubljana.

Oh, of course I absolutely love it. Figures, eh? This little fellow will do, though, I don't think I'll ever buy a backup bottle of any kind of polish. If I run out, there are dupes out there anyway. 

This is two coats, I needed third one on a few nails for touch-ups, since the brush is really small and my nails not so short. The application was easy though. I was impressed by how well this polish behaved. It also dries incredibly fast, no need for a TC (which is for me, being SV-less now, quite important). And I still adore the bottle. :)

Did you get any colours from You Rock! collection?

Thank you for reading, have a great Saturday!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Comparison: Zoya Ki vs. Essence Where Is The Party?

Evening people. I haven't posted a comparison for a while now, I know. And this one bugged me quite a bit. When the word got out Essence made a complete dupe of Ki, I was of course very interested, having Ki on my WL for ages. But experiences thought me most of the time I'm not satisfied with how close the so-called dupes are, when I put them on my nails. I don't consider them dupes at all. So I prefer to check them out myself. If I have the chance, of course. Since my dear Tevta has a really awesome stash, I often have that chance, the same was with this comparison. Where is the party? is mine and Ki is Tevtas. Thank you, darling, for letting me play with them!

 You can see here that if I would made just normal pictures, without the major close ups and pointing out the differences, they would look the same. They do, basically, on the nails. 

As you can see, I split the comparison by coats too. It was made by accident, I smudged Zoya on my index finger and wanted to fix it simply by putting another coat on and then I saw the colour went darker a bit, so I decided to put another on Essence too. 

To compare them:
  • The main subject, the colour: if you look really close, you'll see Zoya is a tad bit darker. Ki has less purple part and the edges are darker. The difference is more obvious with three coats (while the first coat is completely identical). But the duochrome effect is the same on both. I went jogging just after putting them on and they both reflect the same on the everyday lightning.You really have to look carefully to see the slight difference in brightness and even that I suspect only a nail polish junkie would notice IRL. 
  • Both are two coaters, unless you want a bit darker colour. 
  • Essence is much more brush-stroky, especially with the third coat (i acutally needed to redo it), while Zoya is basically brush-stroke free. 
  • Zoya has runnier formula, but both glide on nail easily, no major complaints. 
  • Both dry really fast, no need for a top coat, although I'm experiencing a rapid tip-wear with both of them, so perhaps TC wasn't a bad idea. 
  • Brush with Zoya is thinner, rounder, Essence has flatter, wider brush, but both are really easy to work with. 
  • Price and availability I can only judge for Slovenia, but Zoya is undoubtebly a higher end brand, while Essence the cheap department store one. Zoya goes in Slovenia for around 14€ (roughly 20 american dollars) and Essence 1,50€ (rougly 2 american dollars). We can, of course, get Zoya a lot cheaper with a little imagination. (And I don't mean stealing!)
Hm, have I forgotten anything? I think not. Frankly, I think it's safe to say if you have one, you don't need the other. Essence is a very good substitute for Zoya, price-wise. Yes, the formula is not as superb as it is with Zoya, but it's not bad either. I actually like Color & Go line formula very much. It just gets beaten comparing to Zoya's, at least when it comes to the brush strokes on these specific colours, but I'm not complaining about it either. 

I don't know about you, but I'm erasing Ki from my WL. I think Essence gets close enough. I love deals like this. :) 

What about you, close enough for you?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Guest post: "How To Grow Healthy Nails"

Hello darlings. Today I have for you something different, for the first time on Did someone say nail polish? a guest post is published. A while ago I was contacted by super nice Aleya, asking me if I'd be interested in publishing a blog post in the blogger outreach program their Manhattan beauty school-Hair Design Institute is having (I recommend visiting the sites, I loooove some of the pictures and the work they've done on them!).  As I love to interact with you lovely people, I of course loved the idea, especially when we agreed to do a nail care related post. Because I strongly believe that just like a healthy skin is base for a good make up (no matter what high end brand you're using), healthy nails are base for a good manicure. 

The idea behind this is that you now ask questions about anything nail related, since they're in the profession of beauty, they can give also give you a more professional answer about it. So here's the post Aleya prepared for you guys and then we chat some more.


How To Grow Healthy Nails

One thing that most women have in common is that they like to have beautiful healthy nails. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and our nails become or appear to be unhealthy and inevitably break. Here are easy to follow tips on growing healthy nails:

Wear Gloves
Everyone skips putting on gloves from time to time when doing dishes. However, the chemicals in your washing detergent can be very harmful to your nails as well as your skin so you should make a conscious effort to always protect your nails by wearing gloves.

Don’t Bite Your Nails
Whatever your reason is for biting them, just stop. 

Your Nails Are Not Tools
Want to open a soda can? Maybe peel a price tag off something? Be sure to use a pen, knife or scissor instead of your nails. When you use your nail as a tool, you’re putting pressure on it and bending it backwards. You’re nail will have no option but to eventually break.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles
Your cuticles are very important! They keep bacteria out of your nail matrix so that they remain healthy. If you want your nails to look clean, simply push them back.

Just like your skin needs care, so do your nails. Apply moisturizer to your hands and use it to massage your nails and cuticles. This will get the blood flow going and will help you grow longer, healthier nails.

Polish Properly
When applying nail polish, first use a base coat, then apply two thin coats of nail polish and finally apply the top coat. Thin coats of polish will help make your nail polish last longer.

Take Your Vitamins
This is especially important if you don’t follow a healthy diet. You can even find over the counter vitamins that help to promote the growth of nails.

For the most part, your nails should be doing most of the work.

Aleya Bamdad writes the beauty blog for a cosmetology school that has branches in New York and Florida.


If you have any questions you'd like to ask, let me know in the comments! I think the tips are a nice general sum up of basically all the secrets you need to follow in order to keep your nails healthy (I would only add that two thin coats of polish are not always enough). So if you have anything to add or ask more specifically, don't hesitate to write a comment, e-mail is of course also at your service  (did.someone.say.nailpolish (at) gmail dot com).

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