Wednesday, 22 June 2011

O.P.I. - Baguette me not

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm drinking my cup of coffee and before I hit the books again I have another one to show you. :) Baguette me not is a not-me colour. It's too gentle, too soft, too ... boring? Perhaps. But I really liked it on my nails. I felt like wearing something softer for once and even though it's a very work-appropriate colour, it's still a cool one. It called to me from Tevta's helmer and, well, that's usually the sign for me to try the colour out.

Again I'm writing this in the old format of Blogger. You have no idea how much can Blogger piss me off. Why do I keep bothering with it anyway, I'm seriously starting to wonder since this picture problems started coming up, because they just don't seem to get to fixing it. Don't tell me there isn't one person over at freaking Google that can fix this nonsense!

But yeah, Baguette me not. As Scrangie and The Polish Addict (anyone else misses her gorgeous nails? *sigh*) nicely put it - this salmon creme is a mom colour. The thing is, I like both mom colours in this collection, Crepes Suzi-ette perhaps even a bit more. Oh yes, it's a part of La Collection de France for Fall 2008, an immensly popular collection, I'd say. It has some seriously strong colours, like You Don't Know Jacques, Yes, I can-can!, Parlez-vous OPI? (man, I totally want this one) ... I know the reds and the vamps of this collection are very popular, at least.

Baguette me not needs two coats, I put the third one on some fingers due to my clumsiness (i write this a lot lately, maybe I'm getting sloppy with my application). It dries extremly glossy and fast, I didn't use TC with this one. So if you need a nice, well behaved subtile colour this might be it. I got bored of it in a day, but hey, it's not really up my alley much, and for the day, I really liked it.

What do you think? How many "mom" or "work appropriate" colours do you own? Do you agree with the label on this colours, do you think it affects your decision on wearing it?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Also ich finde die Farbe nicht langweilig! :) Hatte auch schon öfter überlegt, ob ich ihn mir kaufen soll, aber irgendwie habe ich immer andere Nagellacke bevorzugt!

    Viel Erfolg beim Lernen weiterhin.
    Immer schön fleissig sein! :-)

  2. meni baš i nije napet :-(
    ali zato su ti nokti u vrhunskoj formi ;-D

  3. Točno to ... takšen mamski odtenek... imam ga ... kupila sem ga dve leti nazaj v Ameriki. V steklenički mi niti ni bil všeč in morda me je ravno to pritegnilo. A na nohtih mi je zelo všeč. Super običajna barva z malenkost čudaškosti v sebi. Kaj pa vem, težko opišem. Meni je zelo všeč!

  4. Meni pa so prav simpatične - te oma barve :D

    Ne vem, mislim da imam nekje dve taki barvi - Essie In Stitches in American Apparel Rouge. Je pa tale tudi na moji wish listi (no, kaj pa tam ni... LOL).

  5. Actually, I find the colors to be very warm and inviting. Not boring at all.

  6. it is a strange color and i won't buy it...

  7. OMG this is so pretty! *.* OPI are so expensive here in Portugal x(

    Take a look at my post about Essence top coat again! I uploaded some photos ;)

    I'm now following your blog ^^

  8. I use the "mom" color label too even though it makes the color seem less appealing much like the idea of "mom jeans." I do have a few mom colors myself (only ones that somehow come across as more chic to me) despite my rainbow of colors and finishes, and this is actually quite a favorite of mine. There is just enough orange tone in this one to keep it interesting to me. It's got a tiny bit of fiestiness to it even though it is very subtle. It's one of those colors that goes on really well for me and always makes my manicure look clean and polished. Sometimes it is nice to have a few colors such as these for such moods.

    I'm actually quite a fan of that collection as pretty much every color mom or not is the perfect balance and comes across as chic to me.

  9. Danny, ja, ich auch nicht, aber nach einen Tag es kann ein bisschen langweilig werden. ;) Dankeschön für + Wunsche, das hilft! :)

    nail crazy, ti bi sigurno stavila još glitter i bio bi super. Tako kad pomislim, nije ni loša ideja ... :) Hvala, al sad su već kraći. :/

    Maestra, ja, je kar nenavaden, čeprav jaz izgubim interes po kakem dnevu. Crepes Suzi-ette mi je v tem oziru veliko bolj zanimiv.

    Biba, na tebi te barve izpadejo fantasično, me zmeraj prepričajo, da so chic, ne samo mamske. :D

    Aleya, great, it's actually a nice point of view!

    Kelly, thanks. :)

    elenaeris, great, more money for other colours. ;)

    Just me and Hohner, really? Then get it, if you don't have it!! :)

    Ana Rita, so are they here, I mean seriously expensive. :/ That's why I usually get them over the internet, even with the shipping costs, it's tons cheaper. Thanks for the update, I'll check it out! :)

    miremusings, thanks for your thoughts on the subject! And I really agree, sometimes you just feel like wearing a colour like this and it feels great. And the collection was a great one, yes!

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!