Saturday, 25 June 2011

Essence - Choose me! with Halley's Comet comparison

You're probably really sick of this one, aren't you? Plus I'm an era or two late with this comparison, but I did it a long time ago and I said what the hell, let's show it for the 64132158th time. Choose me! was the first Essence I actually tried. Crazy, eh? So you can imagine my immense surprise at the facts that the brush simply rocks, the formula of the polish is wonderful and it is a beyond awesome colour. All for 1,49€. FTW

No idea how, but I somehow managed to pick the insane duochrome effect up to a maximum, it looks insane, on the first pic is looks like I did a gradient mani with green and blue. Well, I didn't. No words neccessary for this one, you know it well, together with all the dupes. It's gorgeous, it needs three coats to be fully opaque and it stains, two coats of base coat are highly recommended. It also dries really fast, i didn't use any top coat and I had it on for a couple of days, smudge free.

The comparison with Orly Halley's Comet was made when I got my Choose me! bottle, hence the different nail lenght. I did the comparison because back then I was comparing the Cosmic FX collection and I wanted to see how close they get. They are rather close, the blurry picture only shows the minor difference between them. Still, I don't think you need them both, unless you're really crazy about the colour and would want a back up, since Essence bottle is small. Both brushes are fantastic and both need three coats.

Which one of the Charla-Catch Me In Your Net-Halley's Comet-Choose Me!-two or three more I can't remember from the top of my head-dupe circle did you get? Do you have more of them? Which one do you use the most often then?

Thank you for reading, have a great Saturday!


  1. Hmm, da vidim... Imam tega Essence in Zoyo Charlo, se mi zdi :D

    Zoyo sem imela enkrat, Essence pa mislim da še sploh ne - ha.

  2. I've got Choose Me and I adore it. One of the craziest polishes I own and Essence cosmetics is awesome overall.

  3. imam choose me, tj bolje receno imala sam ga jer je prakticki skroz potrosen, divna mi je teksturom i bojom, ali ga nekako ne mogu bas cesto nosit, ne znam zasto pa nisam sigurna da cu uzet drugu bocicu

  4. I have only choose me and this is enough whe I see this!
    They're absolutely the same!

  5. Imam ovaj lak za nokte i obožavam ga! Kada nanesem dva sloja, teško mi se skida ovaj glitter pa nekad poludim :D

    Imaš predivne nokte! Predivne!

  6. Stunning polish! I so wish I could get my greedy little mitts on some Essence!

  7. How can you get tired of seeing this polish on blogs? ;) It's a classic colour, especially gorgeous in the sun <3 And your pictures rocks! Wow, it really glows :) I have this version (the cheaper the better! And the brush is perfection, yes) but I am thinking of getting Halleys Comet (I've heard it should be more opaque).

  8. Biba, Essence je lahko za backup. ;)

    Gina, thank you!

    Just me and Hohner, I agree, my opinion on their products really got insanely great during these last few months.

    Lendoxia, možda pošto se stvarno teško skida? Ja imam taj problem sa nekoliko lakova, voljela bi jih nositi češće al zbog skidanja ne mogu, izgubim živce totalno. :/

    rock-or-not, I'm glad someone found the late comparison useful! :)

    Melody of Beauty, da, baš kažem Lendoxii, imam isti problem, skidanje stvarno nervira. Sad pokušavam ovakve lakove stavit na base boju, možda če biti bolje. :) I hvala za divan kompliment!

    The Nail Buff, no problem, swap, my darling, swap for them! :)

    Jette Fromm, hehe, well, I felt I'm a bit late with this little one. :D And yeah, I have no idea what's with my pics, my camera had a good day that day, as it seems! :) Hm, I wore them both, and I think they both need three coats, otherwise you have VNL ... I hope you won't be disappointed if you get the Orly one!

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! Hvala za super komentarje!

  9. so pretty!!! i love colors like this :)

  10. lak mi uopće ne izgleda loše, ali ova boja prestrašno izgleda na meni :-P

  11. gorgeous shots! i love those polish :) but if ever there's a dupe of polish i'm always with the opaque one :) by the way im your new follower :) visit my blog :)

  12. i like the glittery effect! :)