Thursday, 16 June 2011

Catrice - It Blue My Mind

Heya people. Today is a good day! I passed another exam, with the mark I hoped for, so woohoo! I have to study already for my exam next week, but I don't even care much right now. :) The stress of the entire study period finally started to show on my nails though, today I snaped two of them, so I needed to shorten them quite a bit. But I actually expected this to happen a lot sooner, it wasn't a major surprise, stress has a great influence on my nails and hair. 

Today's manicure was worn only a couple of days ago. It Blue My Mind has been standing in my untrieds box for a year or so. It looked nice, but I just never felt like wearing it. Then I finally put it on, since my BF always suggested the colour, when asked what should I put on, and I haven't seen him in a week at that point, so I wanted to do a mani for him. And I don't know what the hell was I thinking, leaving it be for so long. This colour has to be one of the best blues I have in my stash.

 The lightbox shot, to bring out the shimmer more, although most of the time It Blue My Mind is darker, but with nicely visible shimmer still.

Natural, off the sun.

Awesome, right? It's also one to two coater! I have one coat on a couple of fingers here, don't ask me which ones, I don't remember. But you can easily get away with one coat, you know that's true, if I did! I have two coats of BC, just in case of staining and my ol' Essie Good To Go TC.

As much as I love the colour and the ridiculously easy application (no, seriously, a monkey could do it), I really dislike the really fast tip-wear on this baby. The very first day i already had a tip-wear of a couple of days with any other polish, to the point I already consider removing a polish because of it. Not cool! By accident I wrapped my tip on my middle finger and it really showed on the tip wear, it was minimal. So if you have the same problem, i suggest wrapping your tips, I will the next time I wear it, because it's such a cool colour I want it to last a couple of days on me. I actually regreted removing it the next day, I still felt like wearing it, but the tw was too big. 

It is a beauty. Catrice has some really awesome colours. Don't you think? :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats on your exam! I have passed an important one too today, woohoo! I love the color, I have spotted a new Catrice stand in my city, seems like I really need to go get a closer look at it soon.

  2. You can't go wrong with a blue this great! It looks stunning on you, and the fact that it works as a one-two coater is such a nice bonus :) Huge congrats on your exam!

  3. Čestitam za izpit!

    Joj, ja, tile shimmrasti modri odtenki tudi mene vedno pritegnejo :)

  4. great color!!! looks great on you! :)

  5. Simply amazing colour and your nails look perfect.

  6. Nola, thank you dear, and congrats to you too! :) Oh yes, Catrice put out some pretty nice colours!

    KarenD, I agree!

    Jette Fromm, thank you! :) And yes, it's a lovely blue.

    Biba, hvala. :) Ane? Jaz imam tudi šibko točko nanje.

    carissakuo, thank you!

    Just me and Hohner, thank you for your lovely compliment!

  7. I love the color! I love nail polishes in fact I am into nail arts nowadays and with bright colors too. I posted some nail art tutorials on my site too.

    I am a new follower of you.

  8. sram te bilo, godinu dana si ga držala na čekanju ;-p
    meni je ovo najdraža plava odnosno modra nijansa koju imam :-D
    čestitam na položenim ispitima, bravo!!!

  9. Catrice ima res dobro izbiro za moj okus in tale je res čudovit, najraje ga nosim poleti na nogah, ker sem opazila da je na meni zelo obstojen (tudi v morski vodi), zato ne vem zakaj ne deluje na tebi