Friday, 24 June 2011

Orly - Cashmere Cardigan

Hey everyone! How are you doing? Hope you're alright, since it's Fridaaay! I had my last written exam today and i'm on a break for two months. I still need to study, but not nearly as intensive as I did in the past couple of months. I still have my oral part of exam next week, so don't un-cross your fingers just yet for me! ;)

Today I have for you one of the let-downs. I thought Cashmere Cardigan will be just the thing for me, as I am still in my soft-periwinkle-washed-dusty-blue phase, but I put it on and wanted to remove it right away. I planned to do some scotch tape with it, but after colour disappointed me so much, I lost all creativity. 

The thing that actually bothered me about this one was that it is too purple for my taste still. I'd add less purple and more blue in it and it would probably be perfect. 

I thought it will be a two coater, I needed three to even it up. Mind you, my nails are rather long here. I didn't have any troubles with it, it's still the Orly lovely formula and the brush is fantastic. A nicely behaved polish, I just have the problem of expecting something else. I'm picky, I know, but with so many polishes out there, I kinda can afford to be.
Cashmere Cardigan is a part of Orly Prepster Collection for Spring 2009, a rather boring collection for me, I don't like one colour in it, Cashmere Cardigan is by far the best there. But to each their own, I always say!

Oh, btw, I wondered how close this gets to one of my favourite types of blue I adore lately, Essence Forget-me-not, so I did a quick bottle shot, in case you're wondering about the difference as I did.

I like this photo because it shows them both on sunlight and in the shade. :D

So yeah ... I'm picky, aren't I? Oh well, what can I do. :) What are your thoughts about this particular Orly? Do you like soft, periwinkle type of blues or are they too gentle for you?

Thank you for reading, have a great Friday!


  1. This polish is in my WL for ages, and even if it turns out to be more purple than I expect, I'm sure I will love it! :) Looks great on you though.

  2. čim sam vidila prvu fotku pala mi je na pamet ova usporedba... sad se još baviš i predviđanjem budućnosti!?
    evo iskreno i ozbiljno - na tako zgodnim noktima šta može izgledat loše ;-D

  3. Meni se zdi se kar dobra barva, samo ne vem pa, ce bi jo nosila. Podobno razocaranje sem sicer dozivela zadnjic s tisto svojo Lumene-Nubar kombinacijo. :D

  4. I always love reading your latest posts. I added you to my blogroll cuz you rock!

  5. This is a pretty color. I love how it looks on you. :)

  6. sabbatha, great, good for you. :) I'm glad I tried it on before buying it, I planned to, but now I'll pass.

    ritterbraten, thank you. :) Yeah, I still suspect I'm just being picky. ;)

    nail crazy, ma ja tačno znam šta vi želite. ;) Šalim se, a i mene je interesiralo, kako izgledajo jedan pored drugog i evo, kad sam imala fotoaparat sa sobom, zašto ne slikati. :) I hvala za stvarno lijep kompliment. :*

    kaneli, saj verjetno ni ravno slaba barva ... samo mene je razočarala.

    over40productqueen, thank you so much! I love your posts too, they're really great fun!

    Liz, thank you. :)

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  7. I've got the Essence one and I adore it!

  8. Tudi jaz sem bila razočarana nad tem odtenkom. Na meni enostavno ne izgleda lepo. Isto se mi je zgodilo s Country Club Khaki. Pa tako sem si takrat oba želela in si oba privoščila 2leti nazaj v Ameriki. A sta bila oba razočaranje. :( Tako pač je ...

  9. Oh, too bad! I own this one too, and absolutely love it, somehow it's perfect for my skintone. Maybe you would like China Glaze Secret Periwinkle better? I think it's more blue.

  10. Just me and Hohner, me too, I adore that colour!

    Minty, glad you like it. :)

    Maestra, a ni bedno, ko te takole lak razočara? Jaz sploh ne vem zakaj me je, ampak me je ... vedno se potem počutim malce ogoljufano, hehe.

    Nola, oh yes, I love that polish on you! Especially that combo with Essence Circus topper was to die for on your blog! :) I have no idea why I don't like it on me, though. And yeah, Secret Periwinkle will be a win for me, I think too. :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  11. Sell it to me if you don't like it! I am going crazy looking for one, but it's sold out everywhere!

  12. I'm queuing up to buy it from you - or swap polishes, if you want!