Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Guest post: "How To Grow Healthy Nails"

Hello darlings. Today I have for you something different, for the first time on Did someone say nail polish? a guest post is published. A while ago I was contacted by super nice Aleya, asking me if I'd be interested in publishing a blog post in the blogger outreach program their Manhattan beauty school-Hair Design Institute is having (I recommend visiting the sites, I loooove some of the pictures and the work they've done on them!).  As I love to interact with you lovely people, I of course loved the idea, especially when we agreed to do a nail care related post. Because I strongly believe that just like a healthy skin is base for a good make up (no matter what high end brand you're using), healthy nails are base for a good manicure. 

The idea behind this is that you now ask questions about anything nail related, since they're in the profession of beauty, they can give also give you a more professional answer about it. So here's the post Aleya prepared for you guys and then we chat some more.


How To Grow Healthy Nails

One thing that most women have in common is that they like to have beautiful healthy nails. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and our nails become or appear to be unhealthy and inevitably break. Here are easy to follow tips on growing healthy nails:

Wear Gloves
Everyone skips putting on gloves from time to time when doing dishes. However, the chemicals in your washing detergent can be very harmful to your nails as well as your skin so you should make a conscious effort to always protect your nails by wearing gloves.

Don’t Bite Your Nails
Whatever your reason is for biting them, just stop. 

Your Nails Are Not Tools
Want to open a soda can? Maybe peel a price tag off something? Be sure to use a pen, knife or scissor instead of your nails. When you use your nail as a tool, you’re putting pressure on it and bending it backwards. You’re nail will have no option but to eventually break.

Don’t Cut Your Cuticles
Your cuticles are very important! They keep bacteria out of your nail matrix so that they remain healthy. If you want your nails to look clean, simply push them back.

Just like your skin needs care, so do your nails. Apply moisturizer to your hands and use it to massage your nails and cuticles. This will get the blood flow going and will help you grow longer, healthier nails.

Polish Properly
When applying nail polish, first use a base coat, then apply two thin coats of nail polish and finally apply the top coat. Thin coats of polish will help make your nail polish last longer.

Take Your Vitamins
This is especially important if you don’t follow a healthy diet. You can even find over the counter vitamins that help to promote the growth of nails.

For the most part, your nails should be doing most of the work.

Aleya Bamdad writes the beauty blog for a cosmetology school that has branches in New York and Florida.


If you have any questions you'd like to ask, let me know in the comments! I think the tips are a nice general sum up of basically all the secrets you need to follow in order to keep your nails healthy (I would only add that two thin coats of polish are not always enough). So if you have anything to add or ask more specifically, don't hesitate to write a comment, e-mail is of course also at your service  (did.someone.say.nailpolish (at) gmail dot com).

Thank you for reading!


  1. Very helpful! These are really great tips. Thank you! (:

  2. Super info that I can definitely use!

  3. Thank you for the post. All these advices are very useful.
    I've got one question. Some of my nails tend to intertwine and they look ugly because of it. What shall I do to escape this problem? I have been looking for the answer for many ears. They say that this problem is connected with moistening, but I use moisturizing base coat, cuticle oil and hand cream every day and problem is not solved.
    Thanks a lot for the answer and for your blog, of course.

  4. Thanks for the great tips (no pun intended)!

    I would also like to add a couple of my own if it's OK with you. :-)

    My nails used to always break as soon as they got any length to them, and I could bend them all the way back. Here are the things I've done differently, and now they're long, supple and rock-hard:

    1) I stopped buffing. Unless your nails are very thick and can withstand the loss of layers, you should not buff. All buffing does is remove layers of nail plate, leaving the nail thinner and weaker.

    2) I stopped wearing artificial nails. No matter how fancy or how skillfully applied, fake nails of all kinds (tips, acrylics, gels, etc.) always end up damaging and weakening the nail - creating a vicious cycle where you're forced to keep wearing fake nails to cover the damage.

    3) I stopped soaking my nails for extended periods. I used to *live* in the bath. I still take my bubble baths, but now I steep with my hands out of the water. I also wear gloves to wash dishes.

    4) I made a point of always having four layers minimum of protection on my nails at ALL times - base coat, 2 or more coats of polish, and topcoat. Polish is like armor for the nails. And it is absolutely not true that nails have to "breathe". I have checked with dermatologists and been reassured that the nail plate has absolutely no use for oxygen or fresh air of any kind because it is dead keratin. The nail bed does need oxygen, but gets it from the blood supply feeding it.

    5) I started filing my nails rounded. Sharp corners, or even slightly squoval ones, had a tendency to snap off, snag, crack, etc. An engineer will explain why rounded nails are the hardiest: "The arc (think: circle) is the strongest structural shape... The reason being is that stress is distributed equally along the arc instead of concentrating at any one point."

    My two cents! :-)

  5. Great info....I am using my nails as a tool all the time....I should definitely stop doing it, but it is so easy to open things with your nails!

  6. Super post!
    Mene pa zanima, zakaj se nohti začenjajo ukrivljat pri določeni dolžini, sama imam probleme le z kazalcem in me zadnje čase preveč moti, ker je preveč očitno (vsaj zame :D). Se da tu kaj storit? Sicer malce pomaga, če nanesem nadlak pod noht še posebej po tuširanju, ko je v normalnem stanju ampak ne za dolgo. :/
    Druge oblike nohtov pa nočem met... Upam, da najdem kdaj rešitev za to. :/

  7. Minty, no problem, I'm glad you find them useful!

    over40productqueen, great, I'm happy to hear that!

    Janine, wow, thanks so much! I love you advice! Thank you for taking time and putting them down. :)

    ligata, I stopped doing that, but I understand the habit. It really helps if you break it, it really shows on the nails, they're much stronger. :)

    pchelka217 and Ivana, I've forwarded your questions to Aleya, when I get the answers I'll make another post about it. Thanks for them!

    Thank you all for your comments and cooperation!

  8. caneriva, thank you! I've missed your comment on my previous answer, I didn't refresh the site before posting it. :)