Saturday, 11 June 2011

Essence - Love, Peace & Purple

Frankly, I need a break. Study overload is resolving into a lovely headache, so I'm waiting for the pill to kick in. So I'm here, listening to music and why not post another mani? 

This one was made soon after the LE came out, so it's a bit older. It's a proof of how many stuff I have piled up for show + some extra posts I still want to do. I think I have enough material to post till the end of the year, lol. Anyway. I'm sure you know this one, if not by Essence then by the bazillion other dupes. It started with Chanel Parodoxal and then I've soon lost count of all the dupes that were made. It's a seriously popular colour. I wasn't hooked though. Perhaps I do this subconsciously with the extremely expensive (better said overpriced) polish, I convince myself I don't like it. Well, this one didn't appeal to me even with all the dupes that were by far less expensive and good too. 
Then I saw the You Rock! full counter - lately I'm getting lucky with these Essence LE, I caught three full counters of Blossoms etc., full You Rock! and full Not that I wanted the full collections, but I grabbed one or two each time. From You Rock! Love, Peace & Purple was the only one that I found good enough to buy, and since I think the bottle is SO adorable and the price was more than nice, I said, why not, lets jump on the Parodoxal dupe wagon.

 Natural everyday grey rainy light of smogy Ljubljana.

Oh, of course I absolutely love it. Figures, eh? This little fellow will do, though, I don't think I'll ever buy a backup bottle of any kind of polish. If I run out, there are dupes out there anyway. 

This is two coats, I needed third one on a few nails for touch-ups, since the brush is really small and my nails not so short. The application was easy though. I was impressed by how well this polish behaved. It also dries incredibly fast, no need for a TC (which is for me, being SV-less now, quite important). And I still adore the bottle. :)

Did you get any colours from You Rock! collection?

Thank you for reading, have a great Saturday!


  1. If anyone can pull off classy, gorgeous colours - it's you! I love this one on you :) I have Paradoxal but I've only used it once - I don't feel classy enough for the colour, lol. My clothes doesn't match up! :)

  2. I think I just passed out...
    That color...BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

  3. I love this polish, for this price... ^^ Looks great on you!

  4. meni bez obzira i na jeftine duplice boja jos uvijek ne sjeda, nije od mojih favorita sto cu, ali super je za ljubitelje da mogu kupit jeftini dupe

  5. Tudi mene Paradoxal ni obnorel. V bistvu se mi kombinacija ni zdela posrečena, a ko sem dobila Barry M-ovega dupe-a, pa sem ugotovila, da sploh ni švoh. :D Zdi se mi, da praktično na vseh lepo izgleda.

  6. Jette Fromm, thank you dear. :) Hehe, it is a classy colour, yes, and I think it suits everyone! :)

    Minty, it is, isn't it? :) Hope you have it!

    AmyGrace, I know, it was too good to skip it! :) Thank you for the compliment. :)

    Lendoxia, pa kažem i ja da se mi uopšte nije dopala boja, al evo, vidi je na mom blogu. I sad mislim, da je super, al da bi kupila Chanela zbog nje? Nikako.

    Maestra, hehe, se strinjam. :D Zelo "flattering" barva (lahko me je sram, ker se ne morem spomnit slovenskega izraza). :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  7. stari lakić, ha!? nisam sigurna je li još iti stigla do hrvatske, do dalmacije nije ;-)
    ma chanel ne bih kupila da mi daju tri za tu cijenu, ali imam i ja duplić - pastel 69 ;-D
    stalno sam si gledala ruke, baš djeluje profinjeno, ali naravno, na tvojim noktima izgleda bolje :-D

  8. great color!!! love the swatch! :)

  9. Nail crazy, kod Essenca sve je staro dok si rekla 'keks' pošto toliko žure sa ovimi LE. Malo me nervirajo sa tim, al šta ći. :) Hvala za kompliment! :(

    carissakuo, thank you! :)