Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nubar - Vino with Raspberry Truffle accent

What a beautiful day are we having here in Ljubljana and I feel like a zombi. Really sleepy and tired, plus a little bit grumpy. Yeah, I'm going to be the cliché whining girlfriend and complain about how my BF is going away again for a week. I hate not having him around. And yes, I do have to study all the time he'll be away, but still, you know, it's easier for me to see him at least for a couple of hours if he's in this half of freaking Europe. -.- I better get some seriously awesome nail polish from this trip.
But anyway! Enough with the Moaning Myrtle act, to the nail polish! Now I'm showing them chronologicaly because of broken nails.

I finally put on the two Nubars left from Tevta's Nubar part of her bday box. I realized, as I was editing the pictures, I wore a lot of Nubars for someone who owns only one. These two looked so insanely close when I looked at the bottles in the coffee shop where we sat, I was surprised she got both of them. Seriously, so close, I was shocked to see how they differ on the nail. They're completely different, even the bottle shot shows that. So I don't know, I guess it was the poor lightning in the café, making Raspberry Truffle more purple than it actually is. So this quickly changed from a comparison to an accent mani. 

See, the poor light really brings out the purple in RT, so perhaps that's where I made my mistake.

Nubar Vino is a part of Nubar Venetian Glass collection for Fall 2010, giving us also Verde, probably my favourite Nubar I've ever worn. It needs three coats to be opaque, but look at that glass flecked finish! My favourite one! Vino is definitively on my WL now, I didn't consider it buy-worthy before. Now that I look at the swatches of Venetian Glass Collection, I'm thinking I need the orange one too ... Vino is a gorgeous dark red-purple colour, seriously awesome stuff. Nothing can beat Verde to me, but hey, it got close! One warning though. Seche Vite causes major, and I mean major (!) shrinkage on Vino! I wouldn't believe it if I haven't seen it myself. It's like it picked up entire polish off my tips and the oval on the start of the nail. It just disappeared off the nails! Crazy. I needed to remove this beauty really fast because of it, and I wasn't happy at all about it.

Raspberry Truffle is a part of Chocolate Truffles Collection for Fall/Winter 2009, a collection not really after my taste, since it consist mostly of browns, that I still don't see myself wearing. But there it is, Raspberry Truffle. Such a kick-ass colour!! The only one in the collection I'd get and it is totally, totally awesome! It also needed three coats and SV didn't caused so much shrinkage on it. As you all know, O.P.I. Tease-y Does It is a dupe of this little fellow. I'd prefer Nubar one, just because it got out sooner. Then again, O.P.I. is *a lot* easier for me to get, so perhaps I'll just get that one. My Nubar WL isn't moving anywhere. *sigh* One day, I tell you! Oh, Raspberry Truffle obviously has a slight duochrome effect, goldish-purple one. Not a major strong one, but it's there and it makes the colour even more beautiful.

So ... I actually loved the combination of them both. RT sometimes flashes purple, that was going really well with Vino and the purple in it. Too bad SV ruined it for me so soon. 

What do you think? Do you own them? What's your favourite Nubar, that you have or want? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I don't own any Nubar and have no idea what colour I would pick if I had to choose, they are all beautiful. :)

    I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog for details!

  2. opet ona s nubarima ;-p
    raspberry truffle mi je ipak ljepši :-D
    a moj najdraži nubar je još uvijek knight's armor :-D

  3. Uf, a mi lahko kar posodiš tvoje nohte za jutri? :P

  4. What a gorgeous colour! They are just starting to sell this here in France.. and it' very expensive.

    You have a little award on my blog! ;)

  5. A Polished Touch, I know what you mean, actually, I have the same problem, I always think of at least three I adore. :) Thanks again for the award! :)

    Jost me and Hohner, both of them are, I agree. :)

    nail crazy, haha, ne brini, neće jih sad dugo biti, ako jih ne dobijem u kojem swap paketu. ;)

    Biba, če veš kako bi to izvedle, komot. :D Kaj pa je jutri, če ni skrivnost? :)

    Cristina, I know, we don't even have them here, but Nubar is expensive as heck for me to get, anywhere. :/ Thank you for the award! :)

  6. Čisto vsi nubarčke ki si jih do sedaj pokazala bi imela =).Ta dva in pa Torrid red so mi pa še posebej pri srcu. Tevta je res zakon!

    P.S. Bom držala pesti, da dobiš najboljše in najlepše lake od fanta=)

  7. colorfulbottle, res je, ja. :) Nubar me pa še čaka, na WL jih imam cel liter. Hehe, sicer pa je bilo tisto z laki mišljeno bolj za šalo kot zares, dvomim, da bo utegnil nakupovati lake zame. :D Bi bilo pa lepo. ;)

  8. Heh, ja, mi ni uspelo naštudirat, kako bi to izvedle :D

    Eno zanimivo popoldan je bilo - tvoji nohti bimi sicer vseeno prav prišli, ker se mi je na koncu že tako mudilo, da sem šla samo s podlakom od doma :S

  9. That´s a very pretty color :)

  10. Biba, wow, dobro, da si lahko šla samo s podlakom. Moji nohti so kljub podlaku tako zelo močno obarvani, da ne bi mogla, tudi če bi morala it samo s podlakom. :/ Me veseli, da je bilo fajn popoldne! :)

    Binara, thank you!:)