Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Deborah Milano Pret a Porter - Celestial Sky

It's me again! Nail polish is doing wonders for my nerves in this period of time, but it isn't very good for my wallet, I have to say. ;) Hopefully I'm not too annoying with the constant "i need to study" litany, if I am, do not hesitate and say so! 
Today I have a relatively new member of Slovene nail-polish family to show you. I don't think we were able to get Pret a Porter line of Deborah Milano before a few weeks ago. Since we were told it is a limited edition of 40 colours I of course went hunting them down like a madman and so did half of Ljubljana, so it seemed by the speed with which the shelves and jars were emptied. Luckily they restocked them and now I still see them around, so I'll probably buy a few others too. They aren't really cheap, with 2,50€ for only 4,5 ml of polish per bottle, but some colours are really awesome and I like the brush, so hit me with them! 

The first I tried is Celestial Sky. It called to me from the jar it was lying in, I noticed it even before I noticed the greens. I really love this colour. It's tricky to photograph it though. The only light my camera wanted to capture the real colour with the details was the inside of a bright room light that makes my hands look yellow. The closer you get to the sunlight with this beauty, less the silver particles are visible and the brighter the blue is.

 How it looks most of the time.

The last two closer to direct sunlight, you can see how the silver particles are fading away and on direct sunlight it looks like a really bright blue with shimmer. Still gorgeous tho!

It's an inside polish and I don't mind that one bit. The dusty blue colour is really amazing and the silver paricles give the impression of stars, although I think the blue is too bright to be called a starry night polish. :)

Application wise I liked the brush, which is good, I thought it's going to be too short for my long and wide nails, but it's not troublesome. The first coat is really sad, making you think you'll need 4 coats at least, but it ends at the third one. I do think you need three with this one, unless you apply your polish fairly thick. It dries fast though, even for a three-coater.

Celestial Sky was a nice start for my and Deborah Milano Pret a Porter. I still have a few to go before my final verdict. If you find Celestial Sky I do recommend it (it was the last bottle in the jar and I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore). 

Which Pret a Porters did you buy? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Prekrasan je,u boćici izgleda tako obično,ali na noktima;wow!

  2. Aw! That one looks amazing! Why why why don't we have Deborah here in Germany.. :(

  3. Wow, what a beautiful colour. :)

  4. Joj k sm dons vidla te micene flaške. :D Na slikcah sploh ne zgledajo. :D

  5. krasna bojica :-D
    ja definitivno apstiniram, prošli mjesec sam prekardašila i imam brdo neisprobanih lakova :-(

  6. Tudi meni je tale takoj padel v oči. Tako sveže deluje. In ravno prava kombinacija modre in lila + tisti srebrni delci = zmagovalna kombinacija.

  7. Predivna boja :)
    Ali ništa od novih lakova do daljnjega, skupila mi se poprilična koičina onih ne isprobanih.

  8. Nina, ja sam ga već u boćici zavoljela. :)

    ritterbraten, you don't have it? What a pity! You can always swap for it, Germany is the land of nail polish! :D

    A Polished Touch, yes, it is, isnt't it?

    Ivana, lol, ane? Sem komaj mela kaj za prijet ko sem swatchala. :D

    Nail crazy, nemoj o tome, molim te ... toliko koliko sam ja swapova od jednom poćela sad i koliko nakupila lakova ... malo se već sramim.

    Maestra, a ne? Morda me je zaradi tega pritegnil. Nimam veliko takih lakov v zbirki. :)

    Lalica, i meni. Stavim jednog na nokte i dva sata poslije kupim još jednog, i kako da onda sve isporbam? o_O

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  9. Beautiful and unusual shimmer - I like that! It's not your typical heavy or subtle shimmer. The colour looks fab on you :)