Monday, 30 January 2012

Comparison: Nubar Vino vs. Jumpy 140

Heya people! How are you on this cold day? We have a little bit of snow in Ljubljana. Nothing major, but it stuck to the ground for a day. Souther Balkan has some serious snow troubles though, as much as I saw, I'm worried that it will get to us too, brrr. 

So, when I wore Jumpy 140, it looked a bit familiar. I knew I didn't have anything like it for sure, but still, it bugged me. Then I remembered why. I think I wore Nubar Vino just days before and the base colour looked very close. So I compared them. 

 Aren't they cute? ^.^

 On these upper pictures, made outside, you can see the base colour is quite close. They're not the same, Jumpy is brighter, but close enough that when you're not wearing them at the same time, they remind you of each other. But here's the thing that Vino doesn't have and that makes Jumpy own his ass:

The mighty DUOCHROME!! Yes!! Jumpy is a duochrome, Vino is not. Here's a seriously bad blurry picture with a bad position of nails, just to show you the difference better:

See it see it see it?

Although I think both colours are fantastic, Jumpy 140 is cleary the winner for me. It's also enough for me to remove Nubar Vino off my WL. The base colours get close enough for my taste, and well, could you say no to the duochrome on top of everything? :) My thanks go to Tevta for letting me play with her Nubars.:)

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Vipera Jumpy 140 and 155

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I went jogging again today, yay! I miss going out and run at least for a couple of minutes. Although it was so so cold. I guess winter has finally visited our little country. No snow still though. But let me tell you something! I'll be seriously pissed off if there will be snow in March! I want flowers for my bday, it's not my fault if Winter was late on her own time! :P 

Anyway. Nail polish, right? I have two Polish beauties today for you from my swap with Spooky nails. These two are stunning. Especially 140. Oh. My. God. Look!

 The duochrome, people!

Jumpy 140. Are you insane? Seriously?? This is what I find in a 5 ml bottle of strikingly cheap unknown Polish brand!? This polish has to have a significant take in your decision about visiting Poland! Just looooook at eeeettt!!! Also keep in mind this looks about 1526874321 times better on the nails than on pictures. Just FYI. And to keep matters even more perfect - application is without faults. No troubles at all, perfect brush, I had NO FREAKING clean up and i did it while watching something on the computer. Amazing. Three coats. Gorgeous little thing.

Jumpy 155. Such a cute, juicy colour. And look at the golden specks that look like glass-flecked finish! Aaaagh! Love it! Golden specks swimming in rich, warm bright red/berry colour. A happy colour! Application was again a bliss, no troubles whatsoever. Great brush. Two coats only too! It reminds me a bit of China Glaze Ahoy, but this is redder. An amazing one too, really.

So yeah. Vipera Jumpy. What do I have to do to get them in Ljubljana? Why do we have Joy when we could have Jumpy with their SO adorable chubby bottles? Tell me, what have we done wrong? I want them! N.O.W.

Do you have any experiences with Jumpys, do you like them?

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Paket Petek

Oh yes, another Package Friday! You know I'm loving those! This time more make up, less about nails. I've decided I'll clear my secret WL a bit and since I went crazy with eye make up since I got the brushes, I of course wanted to clear my WL of EL. This is what I got in my mailbox on Tuesday: had a cool offer, when you bought for a certain amount of money, you got a present and you could choose which one too! Awesome! I picked the Konad plate and I can't wait to use it. :)) 

4 Beauty UK eyeliners, two pearl, two metallic sparks. I blame the gorgeous Nihrida for those. I think her review on Beauty UK Pearl eyeliners was a bit revolutionary for me. When I watched that smudge test the room got full of strange light and you could hear a distant heavenly 'AaaAAaaAAaahh'. I wanted them. Right in that moment, in my hands. Imagine my happiness when I discovered holds the Beauty UK brand. Yes!! I've ordered three right away and they are in all meanings of the word pure Perfection. No faults. So I knew it's only a matter of time before I order more. This time Oceania and Purple Haze, Oceania being my wild card. That's also why I was drawn to it the most and tried it out right away. I just might created my favourite look of all times with it. It's SO gorgeous!! 
Anyway. When I also saw another fantastic review made by Nihrida (not to mention the eye looks!) on Metallic Sparks my list got a bit long. And even now they had the Bronze one out of stock. *sad sigh* Oh well, I have an excuse for another order, hehe. Right now I got Green and Purple. Yum! Wearing mostly black really pays off. You can have every colour on your eyes and nails and still it's not too much. :D 

Colour wheel I picked for my green shimmer comparison. I don't have the time to do another big comparison on my nails, so I decided I'll try the famous nail wheel, to spot the dupes. 

Are you a fan of EL? Do you prefer gel, liquid or pencil? :) And what was in your latest package? 

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Kiko 255 and 296

Hey people! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day? Hope you're having a good one! As already mentioned, I have tons of stuff to show you, so I'm combining colours of the same brands in one post. It's more interesting that way too, I think. 

Today I have another two Kikos. I've shown you couple of colours before and I must say, their quality still impresses me. The formula and the brush and the colours. All of them awesome. So if you get the chance to grab a few bottles, do not hesitate! 

First the number 255. I dare say this is the star of Kiko line. Everybody seems to love this colour. And so did I on the swatches. On my hands, alas, not so much.

Don't ask me why I didn't like it, I don't know. It's not like I hated it ... just didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Great formula though! I needed three coats. Oh yes, I did a video of all the sparkling for ya too:

And now the second one, called, very originally, 296. A wonderful bright spring green. That was a bit of a diva to photograph. 

Take the first almost-neon photo and then calm it down a bit, but not as much as it is on the other two photos. Then you get the vibrancy that is 296! It's a really bright green, but not neon. My kind of green! Formula, of course, superb. Two coats. I freakishly loved this one. Must wear it again asap.

So yeah ... Kiko is really great. I wish they'd bring them to Slovenia too. What's your experience with Kiko?

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

L.A. Girl Rockstar and Heavy Metal

Hey lovely people. How are you doing? Hope all is well and that you like the polish on your nails. I changed it half an hour ago, because I disliked yesterday's colour so much. That rarely happens.

Today I have two colours for you. Remember how long my L.A. Girl WL got a few months ago? Well, I shortened it a little bit. :) These two are both from their Rock star line, one being Rockstar and the other Heavy Metal (which I'd love totally for the name only, even if the colour wouldn't rock).

First Rockstar. Although it looks like an insane duochrome in the bottle, i knew I can't expect that on the nails, from swatches and all. So I wasn't disappointed in that and I actually seriously adored this on my nails. I *love* blacks with a twist. This is basically a black polish with duochromy particles in it. Love!! Three coats, much better application than on the Color Addict line.

Heavy Metal. Basically a black, with tons of shimmer, making it silvery-black. The thing is, the shimmer is quite colourful, as you can see if you enlarge the last picture of it. That's what makes me love this polish. It's actually more complex than it looks when you only glance upon it. In general you probably noticed already I'm a fan of shades like this so I really enjoyed wearing it. Two easy coats, wonderful application.

Hmm ... I just noticed, whenever I show you more polish in one post, there is a set of longer nails and then a set of shorter nails, hehe. The nail lenght on Rockstar is insane. I haven't had my nails that long in months now. I actually enjoy having nails shorter. I just don't like them breaking all the time.

So! Any thoughts on these two? Do you have any shades from Rock star line?

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bell Spark 1 and 2

Heya people! How are you doing? I have some more Polish polish for you today! I got the two Bells from the swap me and Sabbatha of Spooky nails did a while ago. I've said it before, I'm gonna say it again - I'm really impressed with varnish Poland has. Awesome colours for more than a decent price.

Bell Sparks were limited edition so I was really happy Sabbatha was able to find me the bottles. Pictures!

Bell Spark 1 is an amazing sparkly teal. So gorgeous! Plus the application on Bell is fantastic, the formula and the brush are really great. Three coats on my long nails back then. Totally worth it. <3

I'm sorry to say I did no favour to Bell Spark 2 with my pictures. I couldn't capture the gorgeous shimmer it contains to save my life. Sucks. Here's post Sabbatha did on it, you can see it there clearly. It's a lovely shade of purple. I wasn't so impressed by it as I was with Spark 1, but I'm on a huge teal&green kick, so I'm guessing that's the reason. Two coats on my very short nails, again a great formula.

All in all I can only recommend Bell, judging from these two. Thanks, Sabbatha, for getting them for me!

Did you ever tried Bell polish, do you like them?

Thank you for reading!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Nightly Nails mani

Heya darlings! How are you doing? It's a day from hell for me. Shitload of bad news and a dead, rainy grey day. Oh yes. Bring it on. But I started typing this post yesterday and now I want to finish it so here we go!

I have a cool one to show you today. You know the feeling, when you see a really really awesome mani on a blog and can't wait to do it yourself? I actually get that a lot. Very often for manis I don't have time to do so I slowly let it go. But this one was very simple. And amazing. It was 3 a.m., I was studying and having a break with browsing through the blogosphere, sleepy as hell. And I saw the mani (I think it was the top something of the 2011 post) and I freaking woke up! So it was a good one, no? It was seen on Nightly Nails blog and I instantly went for the original post, to see how it was made. Sinful Colors Seaweed, flakies and matte TC. I have all that. Yay!

So here is what I used. Sinful Colors Seaweed, two coats, one coat of Essie Shine of the Times, and one coat of Essence Matte TC.

First not mattefied:

And then obviously so:

A lousy attempt to try and show you the green hue the flakies have.

I love the combo, it's very unusual, subtle, but unusual. :) And the polishes. Essie did a great flakie, awesome application! Thanks to Nightly Nails for the idea!

What do you think, yay or nay?

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My most worn polishes

Heya people! So, a few days ago I saw this tag awesome Danny created and I loved the idea instantly. But while searching through my stash to find my most worn varnish, I encountered a problem. I'm not in this 'business' long enough to actually have very worn polish! Especially since I get into wearing all my untrieds project a lot of times and ... well, you know, in general wearing something often for me means I wore it in the past year more than twice. 
The other thing is, I lend my polish to my friends. So some of these bottles shown here were not used only by me. But they were worn, so they count. I love seeing my polish actually being worn, so I love lending it too, to keep it in motion. :) 

So here they are, I picked 7 that actually were worn by me many times and 7 that perhaps not so much, but I still feel like they were or have some other story behind their bottle usage. Makes sense?

 LtR: Illamasqua Rampage, Essie Angora Cardi, Zoya Isla, China Glaze Below Deck, Jesse's Girl Confetti, Catrice Back To Black, Zoya Gemma.

LtR: O.P.I. Kangarooby and Suzi says Feng Shui, China Glaze It's Alive, Brucci Sapphire, Catrice Wine-tastic, Zoya Caitlin, Givenchy 739.

The first row is quite obviously worn a lot, right? No need to explain it. About the second row, Kangarooby was like my fifth polish I've ever gotten (along with Isla) from my dear Tevta and of course I wore the crap out of it. Now it's been neglected for many months, but still. 

As for Givenchy, it's almost used up because it's my oldest (and first) polish. It's 8-9 years old, and the bottle contains only 8 ml. It's an awesome polish, at least I considered it to be back then, I need to put it on and show it to ya. But that's the reason why it's so empty, it's rather old. I haven't worn it in years. 

So here ya go! I think this tag is great fun because I'm a huge fan of looking at my bottle and seeing the visible usage of the polish. Am I the only one that likes that? :)

I tag, of course, everyone that finds this fun enough, but just for fun, I'll link a few people, that I'm particularly curious about their most worn polishes:

Parokeets ladies
Alizarine Claws
Nail Crazy
Biba's Beauty Corner
You've Got Nail
Das Experiment

and the rest of you all! It's fun, do it. ;) Or at least write me a comment about your most worn polishes. :)

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Glittering Garland with Twinkle Lights

Is it too late to show you my NY mani? I didn't think of it earlier and now it's January 18th, lol. I loved it, I really did. I remember mentioning this combination when first showing you Twinkle Lights, and it did not disappoint, it looked lovely. Twinkle Lights is a major surprise on my part. I love it so much more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I'll love Glittering Garland, so that's not a surprise, but I didn't even plan to get Twinkle Lights. I love it when polish surprises you. 

Two coats of Glittering Garland and one of Twinkle Lights. Very easy to do mani. I love it how green and red glitter pop out on the green base. They are both part of China Glaze Let It Snow collection for Holiday 2011 and both very easy to work with. Thanks to my awesome swap buddy for getting them both for me!

Did you get any colours from the Holiday Collection?

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nubar Forest

I still haven't shown you Nubar Forest? Seriously? There must be some kind of penalty for keeping these pictures hidden for a long period of time ... oh well, better late than never. Believe it or not ... I actually enjoyed wearing Forest more than I did Greener. Don't believe me? I can imagine. But I did. It's such an amazing, rich and smooth and GREEN green creme. Don't you think? It screams green, and that's such an awesome feeling when you look at your nails. Well, it is for me. :) 

Love it, seriously. Forest is, as you may know, a part of Nubar Going Green  for 2009. I won't even go on about this collection, you probably grew tired of me going on about it like last month. Two coats, application is so easy, it applies itself and sings you your song of the day while doing so.

If you like green and like to wear cremes, this is the polish for you. Eh, you probably have it already. It's just me, I'm always late to the party. 

It's a short one today, I know. I'm a bit sleepy AND I'm in the mood for Dylan Moran and his What It Is show. I love that man.

Your feelings about greens and cremes and the combination of the two? Any Dylan Moran fans out there?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Awesome mani for an awesome day!

Heya my dear, dear people! How are you doing? It's a beautiful sunny day here in Ljubljana and my day just rocks. I passed a very very hard exam today, can I get an invisible high five here? :) I feel 152036 pounds lighter, haha! 
Of course, when I came home I looked at my nails, having a beautiful but so tired mani on them (because of the studying I can't remember the exact duration of it, but I think it lasted for 6 days without chipping (you can imagine my nail-growth showing though)!) I said: today I need a celebration mani! And sunny day just called for a holo polish that I didn't wear for months now, probably. And the awesomest holo polishes in my stash being Nubar Reclaim and O.P.I. DS Glamour, I of course pondered over the two. Glamour won. Just because I've been neglecting the poor beauty for far too long. 

I've shown you DS Glamour before, but I wanted to redo my rookie pictures of it. Sadly, there is no way to rightfully catch the unbelievable beauty of this polish. I even did a video, but failed miserably to catch the awesome holo effect. You just have to see it in person, and I hope you do have a bottle of this goodness!

*dreamy sigh* Two coats of this beauty, plus BC and TC. I hope it lasts, it's so beautiful. The application is so easy it's unbelievable.

What's your 'I feel like a million bucks wearing high heels' polish? :) 

Thank you for reading!