Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Road trip moments: a little bit of Czech Rep., tea and Call to Arms

Heya people! It's still all about travelling! I was planning to write one more post on my road trip in November and here it finally is.

First an awesome coffee, I forgot to show you in Žilina post! Yum, coffee, it was so good!

The candy was good too. But coffee was better.

So in my last entry we left Žilina, Strečno Castle and Slovakia and went to visit their neighbours, Czech Republic. Ah, Češka ... I love that country. This time we stayed only a little bit and planned only to spoil ourselves in the wonderful spa of Savannah hotel. O-M-G! Savannah is an amazing hotel. They spoil you SO much, the rooms are amazing, the staff is amazing, the food is amazing, everything is so good! It's the hotel I'd gladly pay full price for, even if we didn't have the certificate. I totally recommend it, you won't be sorry. It's basically on the border with Austria, you get the feeling it's made just for Austrians, to go spoil themselves abroad. Next to it is a giant complex of stores of basically everything, from food to jewellery. We went only to one, there were just too many of them and we didn't want to lose time there. But Savannah is amazing for relaxation, really. We spend the day like kings, by luck we had the pool for ourselves, and very few people were at sauna, and the day ended with the most amazing dinner. After few days of hectic travelling that felt really good. 

The washbowl in the bathroom. Doesn't it look awesome? Marble mani in these colours would be neat. ;)

We visited Znojmo the next day, for a short while, we didn't have much time anymore. We went to Albert, one of the bigger stores there, for Czech beer and Krivoklatska mead, because they simply rock. And something else. Tea!! Loads of tea! For some odd reason we don't have the choice of tea they have in Slovakia or Czech republic. It sucks, because I LOVE tea and so I piled it throughout entire travelling. This is what I brought home. 

Tea!! They're really good too!

And so we went to Austria, Vienna, where *the* concert of this travel occurred, Saxon on a tour with Anvil, I couldn't wait to see them! Although at first I wanted to go for Anvil, after a few weeks I couldn't wait for Saxon too, their music is fantastic, not to mention their energy on stage is simply ... beyond awesome. Really, to this day only Primordial could mesmerise me so much as Saxon did. Awesome, awesome concert! And don't get me wrong, Anvil were really great too, I just regreted their very short set list, they skipped some great songs.

BTW, if you're in Vienna, I recommend hotel roomz. Cheap for Vienna and very nice! We had like 10 min walk to the concert place, great location, it's rather close to the city centre too.

So yeah ... the concert was so amazing, we came to hotel, almost missed the check-out in the morning (we're the definition of  a not-morning person, especially after a concert the night before) and headed for Slovenia. 

It was beyond awesome, seriously. I'm in a better mood if i just think about that trip. I have the best boyfriend in the world, have I ever mentioned that? Thanks for everything, dearest. :*

Any thoughts on this entry or on road trip in general, any favourites, any places/hotels you saw differently if/when you visited them? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love seeing these snippets from you trip! Someday I hope to see more of Europe myself.

  2. What you need is some tea :)

  3. Biba, ja, res je bilo perfektno. :) Upam, da kmalu preberem kaj o tvojem obisku Dunaja!:)

    KarenD, I'm really glad that you do! :) And of course, if you get the chance, Europe is beautiful, especially for historic geeks such as myself. :)

    Biberlee, hehe, I'm having a cup just now! :D

    Thank you for your comments!

  4. Wow koliko caja na jednom mjestu, ja nikad ne stignem popit svoje kutijice do kraja

  5. Super popotovanje in hvala za nasvete, mogoče mi pa pridejo prav ;)