Monday, 5 December 2011

Road trip moments: Strečno castle, Slovakia

Hey people! It was a gorgeous day here in Ljubljana! I went on foot wherever I could and then even went jogging, it was so awesome. Right now I'm hungry as hell and have to work on a paper, but I still owe you a few road trip moments that I'd love to share with you!

We left Spiš Castle rather late, being so impressed with it, and were rushing to Žilina, a town close to the Slovak border with Czech Republic, where our first concert on this trip occurred. Honestly, it was more of my BF's interest than mine, 4 local (3 Slovak & 1 Czech) metal bands, I didn't know any of them, but the ticket was cheap and well, I don't say no to a good night out.
The hotel Grand in Žilina was so-so. Very cheap equipment, better said - very old and it showed. A lot. But the restaurant next to it was awesome. Seriously awesome, one of the best Caesar salad I ever had and the coffee was amazing! It's an open restaurant/bar, it's not hotel-only, so I really recommend it. 

But I'm skipping things, let's start with our arrival to Žilina, being very late for the concert that started at 6 p.m. already (4 bands and all). When we realised we'll have to walk around 20 minutes just to the place where they were playing I totally saw us missing half of the concert. Since there was one band that my boyfriend wanted to see particularly, that wasn't the best position for us. In the end we missed one band, and luckily it wasn't the most wanted one. I must say the band itself REALLY surprised me, it was fantastic! They don't even have a web page or a CD out yet, but the concert was freaking awesome. Plus the beer was 1 € only, ah, the good old low prices that are no where to find in Slovenia anymore. :)

Žilina wasn't interesting for us just because of the concert, it was also interesting because of the Strečno castle, Slovaks call it Strečniansky hrad, that is located nearby Žilina. Again info on the net told me the thing closes up at 4 p.m. and that there are no guided tours in November. As we came there, we saw naturally there are guided tours but that we missed them. Figures. Then again, they were in Slovak language, as far as I could figure, but we could at least go inside the castle with a guide. Luckily, the castle itself was beautiful on the outside too. Pictures!

 IMHO this view alone was worth the walk up hill.
 The path to the castle is gorgeous. 

 The view from the castle hill.

A poor picture of otherwise awesome scene. This is where you have to park your car and then walk up to the castle, off the road it looks kinda like this. 

Strečno castle is beautiful. Really, I want to go there again and take the tour too. Slovakia, like Czech Republic has a lot of castle, that's why I'm probably a fan of both forever. :) 

I have one more post prepared. From Žilina and Strečno castle we went to the Slovak neighbours, Czech, very close to their border with Austria, where *the* concert happened. :)

Hope you liked the entry, thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. I share you passion for castles! That's why I love your travelling posts :)I've never been to Slovakia before, but I would love to visit it. The problem is that no one of my friends wants to go there and I don't want to travel alone :(
    I think you should visit Romania someday! Last year, I had the chance to go there. It was amazing <3

  2. This is absolutely beautiful!! I am a huge fan of old castles. They're so magical! That first picture when you can see the castle coming up the path is breathtaking! I have seen castles in Ireland and Scotland, and now you have me wanting to travel to Slovakia to see this one. Gorgeous! I love vacation pics =)

  3. magla dodaje dojam opsjednutosti dvorca... nije u njemu stolovao neki od potomaka grofa drakule!? ;-D

  4. I've been to Žilina twice in winter but have never visited any of the castles here. I love castles too. There are still so many of them here in the Czech Republic (am expat in CZ) I'm yet to visit :)

  5. Too bad the weather was so dull, it's a great castle, hope I'll see it some day!

  6. Thank you darlings!

    Nail crazy, hm, znaš da neznam. :D Zato bi i trebala jedno guided tour. :D

    MissA, Strečno castle is a 15 min drive from Žilina, so it's not exactly in Žilina, maybe that's why you missed it. :)

  7. Čudovite slikice in pokrajina