Saturday, 3 December 2011

Born Pretty Store review m69 plate

Hello people! How are you doing? I'm finally posting this review. I am so late with it I actually feel bad about it. After I got the plate (the package appearantly got lost somewhere on the way and it took longer for it to get to me) I went on my blogging break due to the studies and now that I got back to blogging I still didn't have enough time for my plan on this review. I planned to do each pattern in seperate post, having at least 3 manis done with it. Since now I'm back to my studies, I realize this is not going to happen this year. So let's make this the official Born Pretty Store review with extra linking on every design I'll do from now on with the plate, making them little reviews too, deal?

I'm showing you what I already created with this plate and my experience with stamping. With this plate it's basically the first time I tried stamping and liked it. Since I'm sure you all know your stamping and are admiring the same bloggers simply rocking the whole stamping deal as I am (yeah, I'm looking at you, Ohh Shinies!), you'll immediately notice my stamping is still rookie stamping. 

So let's see some observations of a rookie that just might help another rookie out. :)

  • Stamping actually takes a lot less time than full scotch tape mani.
  • Practice makes perfect. Seriously, the more you do it, the better will you get.
  • Born Pretty Store plates have the design cut deep enough you actually pick up the pattern.
  • It's fun! I used to think it's just a lot of work, but it's really fun! :)
All in all, I can only recommend buying from Born Pretty Store. They're really really nice and helpful and their prices are very low. Plus the choice they have of plates is almost endless: click! IMHO they also make a very awesome place for your Chirstmas/NY gift shopping. 


Misa Grey Matters with Brucci Sapphire. My latest mani too, I loved it. :)

Misa Hot Couture with Catrice Back to Black. This is the pattern I don't really understand. What is it suppose to be? Well, Hot Couture reminded me of Winnie The Pooh and the pattern of honeycomb, so this is what came out. 

Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance with Color Club Hot Like Lava and Cold Metal. You've already seen this. I wish I would do the blue pattern on all my nails ... oh well, next time!

Essence Barefoot Thorugh The Moss with BB Couture Clyde. My very first try and I disliked how I couldn't capture the tiny dots.

The funny thing about the whole deal is, I didn't use my favourite pattern on this plate, wanting to do an awesome green combo and ran out of time. That one is waiting for the proper moment, the idea is running in my head for way too long. 

What do you think of stamping? Are you a fan? Did you shop at Born Pretty Store yet? Any suggestions what I should buy when I place my order?

Thank you Born Pretty Store for providing me the plate for the review! 


  1. Wow, that is a very nice plate. It has some designs I've never seen before. But my favorite thing about this post is the Misa Hot Couture polish color. I need this polish!

  2. zvjezdice su mi super, pogotovo sad za zimu :)

  3. Meni su super ovi uzorci, imam nekoliko pločica ali nikako ne nalazim dobar lak za stamping, svaki uzorak mi ispadne preblijed ili se lak brzo osuši i ne preslika.

  4. Pojelo mi pola komentara :)

    Kako ti procijeniš koji lak će biti dobar za stamping?
    Ja ne znam zašto ovo procjenjuješ kao rookie stamping, izvrsne su manice!

  5. I have this plate from the set I got from born pretty. I think your stamping is very nice. Like you said practice makes perfect!

  6. Tale zebrasta mi je popolna. :) Še dobro, da to platko imam, ker če ne bi zdaj romala na WL. :)

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and compliments! :) I'm glad you liked it. :)

    Biberlee, ako je skoro 100% prekrivan u jednom sloju, onda je odličan za stamping. Takva je bar moja procjena, i obično djeluje. :)