Saturday, 17 December 2011

China Glaze - Love Marilyn

Heya people! How are you doing? I'm drinking my coffee, yes, internet is again down to my coffee breaks only. *sigh* Oh well. :) I planned to write my last road trip moment post, but I feel like showing you this particular beauty. Love Marilyn feels like an upgrade of Ruby Pumps, you know, like someone at China Glaze lab said 'I need even more bling, dammit!' and randomly threw a box of glitter in the mix. So the powerpuff girls were bo- oh wait, wrong channel, sorry. So Love Marilyn was born! A glitter bomb that it completely suited for its name, it is hot and sexy and gorgeous, just like Marilyn was. One of the rare so-called sex bombs I do consider well worth the praise and fame. 

Sparkle check blurry photo, just to show you how insanely glitterish this baby is.

FYI, macro shots really made it look like I had tips half-naked, I didn't, IRL my nails looked completely covered in glitter. 
Oh wow. Isn't this one of the coolest glitters you've ever seen? I mean, seriously, we all had our share of plain red glitter and frankly, I lost my interest in most of them. Then comes China Glaze and does a silvery red glitter and I'm hooked. I love how silver glitter is almost in the same amount as the finer red glitter. I must say, that pictures kinda take away some of the magic of this polish. It looks TONS better on your nails than on this pictures. I feel like it's always like that with seriously awesome polish ...

The application was really easy, I did three coats, because I like good opacity. And three coats only are with glitter always a plus! I put two coats of TC on then, it still felt a bit rough but manageable. It started to chip on the third day, but it might be my nails being weak and all, I can't fix them to save my life. :/
So, as you all know, Love Marilyn is a part of China Glaze Eye Candy collection for Winter 2011, some majorly awesome glitters in the collection too! They're supposed to be 3D glitters, since there are different sized glitters in the mix, if that makes sense to you. All I know is that Love Marilyn is fantastic. I really love it. 
Don't ask me about the removal. It was a major PITA, even for a glitter. This is the first glitter where I actually would do the foil method for 5 minutes. Otherwise I never do, it's just wrong, glitter goes off very nicely even if you keep the nails covered for only 45 sec to 1 min. But with Marilyn, give it a couple of minutes, so you won't have the troubles I did. Still, totally worth it, mind you!

What do you think about this collection? You a glitter fan or not so much?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I ADORE the silver contrast with the red, and that it's a bit more sparse than the base glitter. The polka-dot look is awesome. This is definitely the Eye Candy polish on my list.

  2. It looks so sparkly and just awesome!!

  3. divan je, da ga imam ovo bi mi definitivno bio prvi i idealan izbor za nosit na Badnje vece :)

  4. The last photo...great!
    Looks wonderful, you can wear all black with these nails and feel fully accessorized :D