Monday, 4 May 2015

New In ~ A haul post

New month, new haul post! This month I was a good girl and wore the nail polish I already have. However, I finally, finally put my hair treatment to a full circle, meaning, I bought new shampoos and conditioners. Naturally now comes the testing phase. But, honestly, I do not think it can get worse than what my scalp looks and feels like now.

Like always, a group photo. A bit of make up (a very nice surprise there as well), mostly stuff for hair and a bit for my skin as well.

Hair and skin
oh look, you can see my lightbox lamp here! say hi, lamp!

Let's do the big haul first. It was actually gradual, but it happened in this month. I mentioned several times before that I need new products for my hair and I ran out of toner and night cream, so I guess it was the month to really buy the stuff I actually needed. Which is good!

Paul Mitchell Spring Loaded Fizz-Fighting Conditioner
Ok, so my first encounter with Paul Mitchell was not the best. But I went to my awesome hairdresser again and I checked her stash again and I checked the ingredient list REALLY WELL and decided to pamper myself with another expensive-as-hell (24 EUR and do not dare to judge me) conditioner. I used it twice now and it is pure magic. Hair like silk, especially when combined with Redken Anti-snap leave in treatment. Ah yes. I will let you know after I am at least down to one third of the bottle, how it worked in the long run, ok?
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo
I got this in Germany, it was on sale for 4,99€ , an extra big tube and I remembered Mateja praising the thing, so I bought it on a whim. Later on I realised she was talking about the conditioner of the same line, not shampoo, but hey, I already have it, might as well use it. And so far so good. I use it on my lenght, not scalp and it is a good shampoo. I have it for about a month, so I'll get back to you after a while on the decent review.

Derma E Scalp Relief Shampoo 
You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this new thingie on Iherb. I adore Derma E. It is the brand that works for my skin best, and not just mine, but my mother's as well, which is probably the biggest test you can give to a cosmetics line. It is awesome, and this is their brand new shampoo for fighting dandruff. I have no idea how it works, I got it today and I am washing my hair after I post this. It cannot possibly be a bigger disappointment than La Roche Posay Kerium. Cost an arm and a leg and was worse for me than washing my hair with ... well, anything, really, anti-dandruff or no. My scalp and my dandruff at this point are in the worst state of the past two years and I thought at the end of the year 2014 that I cannot get any worse. 
So I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one! It actually a good price, I got it for 9,40 USD or little under 8,50€ EUR, of course I need to add the shipping and the customs, but it is still a good price for a higher range shampoo. Let us hope it works as well.

Omnia Botanica Argan Oil
DM had 50% off coupon for this baby, so I gave it a go, otherwise I deem it too expensive. I use this for everything, dry spots on my face (although these will probably disappear now that I bought the face toner), for my hair ends and whenever I need some high end oil. I love the package, it comes with a dropper, for a really precise usage. I got it for 7,00€.

Derma E Soothing Toner
Like I said, huge fan of Derma E. This is my third toner I am trying from their line, and I am excited about it. Iherb had 20% off beauty products and naturally my favourite one got sold out, so I had perfect excuse to try this one (got it for about 9 €). If my previous experiences with Derma E are any indication, this will rock my world. Or skin, at least.

Derma E Visibly Clear Moisturiser
I am planning to use this at night. You could say my facial skin is demanding. I say it is a little diva bitch. It is dry on some areas, but if I use anything too moisturising, I get spots on other areas of my skin, not to mention the constant struggle with black spots. So I will give this a go during night. For 11,20€ is is actually one of the more affordable facial creams I bought in the past few years.

iHerb file for nails. I realised as I updated the photos it really looks like a free advertisement for the page, when I put it on like this. I like that it is green though. And I really like iHerb, I order there all the time. 

Makeeee uppp!

Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX definition
So. IsaDora Big Bold Lashes is crap. Do not buy it, it smudges like crazy, and nothing EVER smudges under my eyes. Very disappointed. When Müller had its 20% off make up, I bought my favourite mascara so far, the monster-pink Bourjois and I am happy again. I think it is around 12€ normally, I got it for under 10€.

Essence Love & Sound black eyeliner with three points I bought because I thought it can be either really weird and bad or phenomenal. It is actually a good eyeliner! And I love the three lines. It doesn't actually show on my eyelid, but on the outer line it shows nicely. It was really cheap, especially with the 20% off it was under 2€.

And now for the biggest surprise I got from TODAY! I never expected it, and they wanted it that way. I <3 MAKE UP I <3 obsession eyeshadow palette. JUST LOOK AT EEEET! Utterly gorgeous everyday colour set, that can be turned also in a nice soft smokey eyes for night (especially with a bold red/purple lip!), I cannot imagine a girl that would hate wearing these. I cannot wait to play with them, I will do a decent review ASAP. And another picture of I <3 obsession, because I lahv it.

Thanks, team!:)

Drage moje bralke, lič pa podarjajo tudi kodo za 15% popust na neznižane izdelke (z izjemo Sigma Beauty, Kardashian Beauty in Anastasia Beverly Hills) s kodo BRALKABLOGA15. Izkoristite jo! :)

So yeah, looks like May is going to be a fun month, with all the new gems and toys!

Why gorgeous thingies have you gotten for yourselves lately?

Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading and commenting!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Catrice ~ Doll's Collection ~ Playing in Lavender Heaven

Hey everyone! Another Catrice polish. I am sort of re-discovering my love for Catrice nail polish. I have some true beauties in my stash by Catrice, I need to wear them again. Playing in Lavender Heaven caught my eye on the shelf because of the shimmer that was nicely visible when moving the bottle, plus it looked like a very nice subtle lavender shade, great for office as well, so I grabbed it. 

The application was good, this is three coats, as my nails were a bit longer at that point. I think Playing in Lavender Heaven will appeal to many, as it is a very wearable colour. I am a bit on the fence about it, I feel like shimmer is almost brush-strokey, even if it is really not. I don't know. It held beautifully on my nails, almost a week. 

Did you get any of the shades from Doll's collection? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

~ Ulmiel

Friday, 17 April 2015

Catrice Luxury Lacquers ~ Sandhopper

Ok, honestly, people, the whole hype around sand finish never got to me, I just did not find that finish appealing. Typical of me that I am slowly discovering it now, with perhaps more affordable brands. I kind of like it, especially if it is glittery. I found Catrice Sandhopper in one of the "on sale" jars in Leclerc and it looked stunning in the bottle so I took it. Apparently it is from a limited edition called Sand'sation, I do not remember this one at all. :)

Sandhopper looks amazing on the nails too, I love how shiny, glittery metallic it is. The finish is very sharp comparing to other sandies I already tried, and it lasts really, really long time. I am very pleasantly surprised about that - I do not have top coat on and it is still on my nails after 6 days of wearing with only two minor chips. 

Oh, my pinky nail got really badly broken right before we went to a music festival in Germany, and at that point my nails were really long and I really didn't have time to file them down, so I used the Nail Crazy advice and tutorial with fast drying glue and it works like magic! Thanks, Žana, you saved my life that day, when I didn't have enough time to eat, let alone do my nails!

What else? Oh yes, this was three coats, you know me, better one coat extra than a visible nail line. ;) The brush is OK. Still not the old Catrice I remember, but it is ok. The polish dries really fast, and, as mentioned, has really good staying power. I might look for another one from this limited edition, Sandhopper was a good surprise!

Have you gotten anything from Sand'sation edition? Any sandies you would recommend?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Essence Love & Sound LE ~ Glastonberry

Heya my lovelies! Today I have another new polish for you from the LE you already met on the  
shelves, probably, Love & sound LE. I am loving the matte and I am still on the fence about the sand finish, but this shade kind of called for me from the stand and I gave it a go. It is this fleshy-nude colour and desert-matt finish sounded interested enough to give it a go. I do not regret it, as I really loved wearing this colour.

The sand finish on this particular shade is not as sharp as it can be on some of them - I am wearing Sandhopper by Catrice ATM and I could file my nails with it - probably because it is not a glittery polish. The colour I love. No idea why, I can imagine a lot of people hating it, and it was more of a boring colour comparing to others in the collection, but it intrigued me. And I loved wearing it. Plus, it lasted for a long time for a nail polish sans top coat, especially considering I had longer nails on this photo, I think it went 5 days without a single chip. Very nice! 

On photos I have two to three coats on my bigger nails, the formula and brush were good. Actually the brush is major improvement from the last Essence nail polish I tried out. If this is their new brush, I am starting to buy Essence again! 

Did you get anything from LOVE & Sound LE? Do you recommend anything I should try and find on the shelves?

Thank you for reading and commenting!