Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blog under construction

Hey darlings,

just a quick notice, I am trying out new layouts for blog, because I am utterly sick of the last greenleaf-y one, not just visually but there also some settings that I disliked for a while now, and it is time they went. So if you see Did someone say nail polish? in million different layouts with some tabs missing etc. in the next week or so, that's the reason behind it. :) I will still post in the meantime, so stay tuned and patient with me. :)


PS: If you really liked any of them, when you see it, do let me know it is easy on the eye! :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Spotlight on my favourites: Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliners

Heya my beauties! Today I want to start with a new thread, that I was planning on starting for quite a while. I'm quite excited about it, to tell you the truth. :) I always love to read about your favourite product. I always learn about awesome products, usually if I try them out as well, they are really great and all in all it is a great system of letting each other know about the products that rock. 

As my make up collection expanded, I tried million things. Lots of them are already re-sold, since I didn't use them or I threw them away, since they were such a disappointment. But every once in a while I find a real gem. And it gets into my regular routine and it stays there. For years. My first thought, when I think about gems like that certainly are my Beauty UK Pearl Eyeliners

I discovered them on Nihrida's blog, she made this amazing post on them, including the video, where she put them on her skin and literally tried to rub them off and they didn't even smudge!! Needless to say I purchased them as soon as I had the money. And this was two years ago and I still use them almost every day. They are my go-to make up, when I do not have enough time for eyeshadows, I just do a line in a colour I feel like wearing that day and that's it.

The package is awesome, best looking eyeliners out there. If you think it is hence impractical, you are mistaken - the handle fits into your palm nicely. On this picture you can actually see how much I already used them, Rich mahogany is half full, same goes for Oceania, the other three are down to two thirds. 

They do not smudge in hot weather and I have quite oily eyelids. I do not need to use primer at all. Once they are dry on the eyelid, they won't go anywhere. In fact, if you have a bad make up remover, they will make you work in order to remove them. They are that good (my Bioderma micelar water removes them quickly though, without any tugging). 

The application is really easy, as their point is stiff and pointy enough that you can make a precise line. They are really well pigmented, the only one that demands a bit more attention and perhaps three swipes on the eyes is the turquoise Oceania. Of course that is also my favourite, as I have brown eyes, the contrast they make together is quite nice. :)

When it comes to pigmentation, Rich Mahogany rules the set. One swipe is enough with it, dead easy to apply and a true rich brown, it looks amazing for everyday make up, alone or with eyeshadow.
Eclipse is a really nicely pigmented sparkly black, not a true black, it feels like a night sky, not pitch black and full of stars. Sorceress is a rich dark purple and Purple Haze a rich bright purple, and also my second favourite. They are both fairly nicely pigmented, the line is full with two swipes. 

On sunlight:
 In shade:

I usually pick Rich Mahogany for more subtle make up, and the rest for just about anytime I can. I love the set. The only real question now is, why on Earth haven't I purchased Blue Oceania yet! I need it in my stash ASAP. The other two colours are silver Stardust and gold Sphyx, but those two I really shan't use anytime, not really my colours, I think. Although I can imagine you can do wonders with a silver one. I just might buy it, these eyeliners are worth every penny.

And you would think they are expensive, since they are so good, but they are really cheap. I bought them back then at, now the price for one is 5,95€. At Beauty UK official site they cost £3.49. Either way - a total bargain, especially when you think I use them practically every day for two years now and they are still at least half full. If you are in search for a good eyeliner, I recommend you look them up. 

What is your favourite eyeliner? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

NOTD of three colours

Heya everyone! How are you doing? It is hot here, a proper summer. I'm not the one for the hot weather, but I guess most people love it. The coffee shop where I'm right now has an amazing ice cream, pure fruit, water based ice cream, it is just heavenly. :) 

Today I'm back with a NOTD. I do not normally post them, but I played with different colours yesterday and I loved the way this turned out. 

And one without the lace, so you can see the colour more properly.

So yeah, I picked three colours I thought might look good together. Zoya Zuza is on most of my nails, on my middle fingernail Deborah Milano Pret-a-porter Stardust and on my index finger a The New Black mint shade I got at the blog event a week or so ago. On the mint shade I put the Born Pretty Store water decal (I showed them already in a few manis, here's the first post) and then mattefied it with Essence matte top coat. It is getting quite lumpy, sadness! Anyway. I love how it turned out! :) It's on my nails now, hopefully it lasts. :)

What's on your nails today?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Blue matte with flower accent nail

Hey everyone! It's hot in Ljubljana! Hope you're reading this somewhere in a nice shade with a big bowl of ice cream. :) I'm going to show you a quick mani I did some days ago. I love this Deborah Milano matte nail polish. It's number 10, and I cannot find it anywhere anymore, so I'm guessing it was discontinued back when they were on sale? I don't know, nor can I figure out why Deborah Milano decided to discontinue its matte line right before the comeback of matte finish. :) Oh well! I combined it with a water decal I got from Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, for some reason I thought they will look good together, but I didn't like it much in the end.

The water decals are called Chic Flower Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Splendid Water Decals Sticker (item ID 14474). Say that really fast three times, I dare you! Basically it is a whole sheet of a flower pattern, you get four different ones to choose from. And then you can shape it however you wish, I decided to try and do a whole nail with it, but I think it would look better with a smaller pattern. ATM they are on sale for only 1,59$. Not my favourite water decals from Born Pretty Store, I think they have toooons of much much better ones. 

This is how the whole sheet looks like:

Deborah Milano Sense Tech needs only two coats for full opacity and is utterly gorgeous and lasts really long for a matte-no-top-coat mani! Love it! If you can find it anywhere, I do recommend you grab it. :)

If you are shopping at Born Pretty Store, do not forget about my 10% discount code. And remember, free worldwide shipping! :)

Do you have any suggestions for these types of water decals, your favourite shape to cut it into? Do you know about any place where we can still get Deborah Milano Sense Tech?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.