Sunday, 7 September 2014

New In ~ A Haul Post

Hey everyone! How are you doing? It is a beautiful day here in Ljubljana and I had a great family gathering for most of it, it was fun! And I am totally going jogging after I finish this post. :) 

These are the things I got in August. I am really happy with them, I finally got a few things from I really wanted to buy for a while ago, and a few surprises I bought on a whim.

Let's start with my orders, yes?

I made two orders there last month. First one because of the nice offers, I got Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in Desire, becuase I adore the Rush shade they send me for a review. From Makeup Revolution I also got nail polish in Are You Still Available?, because the swatch Nihrida made really stole my heart and I wanted to see if the brush is the same in every bottle. Alas it is. 
I Heart Make Up Wow Gloss No Need To Panic I bought on a whim, because I Heart Make Up lipstick really convinced me to buy more make up made by them. And it is a great lip gloss, more like a liquid lipstick (I generally dislike sheer glosses), I just wish it would be a tad bit less pink and more purple. Still, it is a great, really nice wearable colour. 
Barry M Liquid Eyeliner (shade is simply called 03) was my substitute purchase for Beauty UK Blue Lagoon that was out of stock ATM of choosing my items. It is a matte eyeliner, so I said I need it anyways. And it is utterly gorgeous. It does smudge easier, comparing to Beauty UK, but nevertheless. It is a matte cobalt blue eyeliner, that looks gorgeous on the eyes, I got tons of compliments wearing it. 
Konad Matte Topcoat was on sale and as my Essence matte TC is turning into a toothpaste, I decided to get it. Hopefully I will be able to stamp with it too.

Aaand then I got an email that Beauty UK Blue Lagoon was back in stock (the page has this option, that they notify you when the item you desire comes back in stock, quite neat). And I couldn't resist, even with Barry M eyeliner romance I was having at that moment. And I do no regret buying them both, not one bit. Blue Lagoon is more vibrant and it stays on the eyes just as permanently as its sisters. 
I decided on a whim to get the Beauty UK Posh Pout Sugar Plum Fairy tinted lip balm, because I am trying to get something for the lips that I could wear to work without too much correcting over the day. Still, I kind of felt like I just bought an overpriced lip balm. So it is quite ridiculous how much I love this product. It gives a bit of colour, actually more than I expected, it is moisturising, and insanely easy to apply and re-apply. The colour actually stays on for quite a while. Total love. I am discovering the usefulness and beauty of the subtle lip shade. 

And some swatches. Barry M and Beauty UK eyeliners are insanely inaccurate. All the gals that have H&M Blue My Mind nail polish shade, you know, the vibrant blue creme? Both are in that vein of blue, with Blue Lagoon being a bit more deeper blue, less pastel comparing to Barry M. The rest of swatches are accurate, that's why I am posting them.

I did a quick comparison for you of Makeup Revolution Liquid Blush in Rush and Desire, from top to bottom: Rush, Desire, Barry M Liquid Eyeliner (totally inaccurate!) and I heart Makeup Wow lipgloss in No Need to Panic.

Natural daylight:
Beauty UK Posh Pout in Sugar Plum Fairy and Beauty UK Blue Lagoon (again inaccurate, it is by far more deep and vibrant blue).

A shot of both Vivid Blush Lacquer. See how it looks like Desire (on the right) is more used than Rush? I already thought my bottle is a dud, because I pumped it for two days, every days for a couple of minutes, and nothing happened. Then all of the sudden it jumped to one quarter of the bottle and the product came out without a problem. As I do not use a lot of it (even with regular use, as you need just the tiniest blob of blush), I do not mind, but it did surprise me, like the bottle had air inside or something. Anyway. I adore Desire, it is less pink blush and a lot more wearable. I am buying a lot of blushers for someone who thinks two to three are more than enough for one person. :) But I love how good these are, they stay on the cheeks the entire day. Ever since I got my stippling brush to apply them they are pure magic.

I also got three sets of water decals and stickers from Born Pretty Store, I am already making some manis with them, swatches will follow.

I couldn't resist, I needed to buy the Balea Mango Mambo Bodylotion, even though I have waaaay too many body lotions at home. I adore mango and this lotion is actually really good, it smells divine. 

Radenska Naturelle is a water spray refreshener for the face, when I saw it in store I was so curious I needed to buy it, plus, I thought I will need it regularly, as I worked outside whole day and I expected a very hot August (ha ha. hahahaha. ha). It is actually a lovely thing, very refreshing. 

And that is it. If you want any special reviews, let me know in  the comments!

What is the favourite thing you got in August?

Thank you for reading and commenting, have a lovely start of the new week!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I heart Makeup - Brow Kit ~ Fairest of them all

Hey girls! How are you doing? Every time I write that I say that in my head with Joey's voice, hah, it cannot be unheard. :) Today I  have for you the Eyebrow set I <3 Makeup did, called Fairest of them all., slovene online makeup store kindly sent me the set and I have been using it every day since the day I got my hands on it. I do not think I will search for another one ever again, this baby is just perfect for me, I am really happy with it. 

I did a look a while ago, when I started testing the set, and took some pictures with it, to show you how it works on my brows. I have naturally strong brows, so I just fill them a bit, and then put the wax on and I really love how it sets the brows, they stayed this way whole day long, even when it was really hot. Usually when sweating the "browshadow" kind of disappears in couple of hours, but Fairest of them all stays put.

Package and what it contains

As you can see, there are three different shades in the set and a wax to fixate your brows. You get a small brush and small tweezers with it. The brush actually works very nicely. I tried tweezers just for fun, and they are not meant for a precise work, but if you missed a hair and it got longer, you will be able to pull it out with them. I think it is meant more for emergencies than anything else. I actually like the tiny mirror there as well, it works great for looking at your eyebrows only, but I do not really use it.
The package itself is sturdy, I move it twice a week with my luggage and the only thing that happened is, that the writing on the palette faded a bit. The eyeshadows do not break and the lid closes nicely, but not so hard you would need to struggle to open it. 

How it looks on me
I use the darker brown for my eyebrows and then I put the wax on them to fixate it. This is a look I did a while ago, I adore my blues. :)

Wow, sorry for the bitch-please eyebrow on my second photo, haha. :)

Comparison with other eyebrow sets

And then I decided to try to make a comparison with other eyebrows sets, so you can compare the shades. From left to right it is I <3 Make up Fairest of them all, Makeup Revolution Lock&Load palette, Essence  Eyebrow set (the one with horrible package) and on the top is the Catrice Eyebrow Pencil Date With Ash-ton.

As you can see, the two lighter shades in the set are indeed very light, comparing to the other shades in other sets. For me the brown one works perfectly, as it is a mixture between Ash-ton and dark Essence shade. Plus it is not as dusty as the ones in Makeup Revolution and Essence sets nor does it fade away as quickly as Date With Ash-ton. And none of them are shimmery, that's just my ArtDeco primer. 

 You can get I heart Makeup Brow Kit Fairest of them all at for 4,95€ or their official site for £3.99. I am really happy with it, I can only recommend it.

What do you use for your eyebrows? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Monday, 25 August 2014

NOTD: OPI Take The Stage and Zoya Myrta

Heya guys! Today I have for you a quick NOTD I am wearing right now. I already showed you I got O.P.I. Take the stage mini and it was about time I wore it as well. I wanted to do a simply accent mani, as I seriously lacked time to do something more innovative. I thought Zoya Myrta might be a cool bright accent, only to realise when putting it on, it is way to close to Take the Stage. Oh well. :)

I really like the sparkly Take the Stage. It is a part of O.P.I. Burlesque Collection for Winter 2010 (omg, really, I feel like it was released two years ago!!) and I remember everyone went mental for the collection and I didn't get why. Take the Stage is actually a gorgeous copper foil, I love it, so I am glad I got it. I takes 3 coats to be opaque on my really short nails, I imagine I would need to work for it to be opaque on longer nails.

Zoya Myrta is a part of Zoya Surf Collection for Summer 2012, full of bright foils and definitively one of my favourite collections out there. I adore Myrta as well, such a rich orange. Two coats and you are done. 

Yeah. The combo seems a bit pointless, but I love both nail polishes, so it is all good. :)

What's on your nails today?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spotlight on my favourites: Maybelline 24/7 Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! Another Spotlight moment. I fell in love with Maybelline Color Tattoos when trying them as an eyeshadow base for eyeshadows. I bought first the black and the white one for that purpose, called Timeless Black and Infinite White and they worked absolutely fabulous. The eyeshadow colour is deeper, or brighter if you put it over white, it lasts forever and doesn't fade or crease. Naturally I started buying more shades when I saw how awesome they are. Next were the bronze and copper ones, called On and On Bronze and Metallic Pomegranate. The last two I bought were the purple Endless Purple and Mauve Crush.

The only thing that bothers me about these Tattoos is how inconsistent Maybelline is, with naming them and supplying them. If you go online, there are many shades we do not get and again some of the shades that we did get are renamed for some reason, or we have them in different colour but same colour group. Just ... what the hell, Maybelline, give us all the Tattoos and be done with it!

As mentioned before, I use them as secondary eyeshadow base, over a regular primer, to enhance the colour of eyeshadows. They work perfectly for that. The only shades I wear alone are Mauve Crush, On and on Bronze and Metallic Pomegranate and they work wonderfully like that as well.

As far as packaging goes, I like it, glass jars, big enough not to struggle with the application, whether you use your fingers or a brush. If you drop them on the tiles, they shan't break. I checked. :)

Timeless Black started to dry a bit in the jar, but it still gives great colour payoff. Mauve Crush is actually slightly duochromy, but my camera didn't capture that. It is why I bought it in the first place, the duochrome in it is yummy!

Swatches on the skin, in shade and on direct sunlight. All are done with two swipes, I used my fingers, although I like to use brush for them, especially when my nails grow longer.

From top to bottom:
Endless Purple: its pigmentation is the poorest, also application the hardest. I wouldn't wear that as an eyeshadow, simply because it applies patchy. It works well for under purple eyeshadow, though, it makes it pop out more. But don't buy it if you are looking for an eyeshadow in this shade, I wouldn't recommend it.

Infinite White: it is a very sparkly white base. I use it for under my brighter eyeshadows, to really make them stand out and it works wonderfully, no creasing, the application is easy, no problem. I actually wore it once as a combination with black eyeshadow, to make the big contrast, it worked great. A good sparkly white eyeshadow.

Mauve Crush: it is a cold cold icy blue, made of colourful shimmer, utterly gorgeous. I love this one, really. The only glitch in the Matrix with this one is, that it can crease a bit on a hot day, I wear it alone only in Fall and Winter. Works amazing with a black eyeliner. 

On and On Bronze: a gorgeous bronze colour, that is really popular. The shade is great for neutral make up, it looks subtle, applies like heaven and stays on the lid for hours. Not a problem child. I like to use it as secondary base for neutral shades too.

Metallic Pomegranate: utterly gorgeous reddish copper with golden flecks. My favourite secondary base for MAC Cranberry, they work great together, but as an eyeshadow it looks amazing too. It has the same problem as Mauve Crush on me, though, it can crease a bit.

Timeless Black: a classic black matte. Does wonders for black/vampy smokey eyes, it really deepens the colour, either black or some sort of vampy colour, dark purple shimmer or dark blue shimmer. On my swatch it looks like it has a poor payoff, but I do not do it justice, even if it started to dry up a bit, it still works great, especially with a brush.

As far as I remember, I paid around 5 euros for each. A steal, really, they last forever and they are dead useful. I love them, I hope we get more shades soon (or I find them in a drugstore somewhere, as i did with Mauve Crush :)).

Do you like Maybelline Color Tattoo, do you recommend any shade in particular?

Thank you for reading and commenting!