Sunday, 30 August 2015

I Heart Makeup Nail Geek ~ Wild at Heart (39)

Hello everyone! How is your Summer finishing up? August was great for me, I went to the seaside, plus we had an amazing week of camping with our Society, so it was just awesome, holidays usually are. That is why I am a bit late with this post, I wanted to show it to you earlier, but nevertheless.

This was two coats. Nail Geek Wild at Heart was given to me by team as a surprise package and the second I saw the colour I knew it is going to be love at first nail. The brush is OK, a little wonky, but nothing too problematic. The colour is great, classic sexy red that probably everybody loves. Finish is standard creme, nothing jelly-esque about it. 

The Nail Geek polishes are extremely affordable, they cost 2,95EUR at, and at the moment they are actually on sale for only 1,95EUR. A real bargain, go check them out: I heart Makeup

Do you own any Nail Geek colours? Do you recommend any I need in my collection?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


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